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Sied van Riel presents Rielism Volume Four (2017)

Sied van Riel presents Rielism Volume Four (2017)

Sied van Riel presents Rielism Volume Four (2017)

Artists: Various Artists
Genre/Style: Progressive Trance, Tech Trance, Trance
Release Year: 2017
CD Info: Sied van Riel presents Rielism Volume Four
CDs: 2 (two, mixed)
Length CDs: 02:26:44
Tracks: 39 (thirty-nine)
Label: Black Hole Recordings
Product Number: CD 160
Buy Here: Black Hole Recordings – Webstore
More Information: Sied van Riel – Facebook Fanpage

It’s not often that I’m amazed by something that you hear only short clips from. Sometimes you do get so extremely excited, you have to contain yourself and your happiness. In this case I’m talking about a highly anticipated album by the mighty Sied van Riel, and it’s his fourth instalment of his succesful ‘Rielism’ series. I’ve been pulled back into the Trance scene for a couple of months now, and when I was searching for excellent music on Soundcloud, I remembered the name, and searched for it (the name being Sied van Riel). I wasn’t disappointed, and when I scrolled through his Soundcloud page, it was a dream coming true!

His Soundcloud page was (and still is) filled with hours of music. From records released on his own label, to mixes, to livesets. I’ve been a fan of him for quite a while now: I stumbled across him by accident. But it was worth the stumble. His first album was ‘In Riel Time’, and it blew me away. The quality of the tunes were astonishing. It’s been played too many times, it has scratches so deep, I could fit my own hand nearly in it. It was time for me to purchase new music. I simply had to. But no online buying, that’s just insane. I’m an oldschool fan of CDs, and I like to have a physical copy in my hand.

For weeks I’ve been looking and listening to bits and bobs of the album, and I was touched by the quality of the music. According to Black Hole Recordings’ website, this album was a year overdue. A year? Yes, but it was bloody well worth it! When I got it yesterday, it made me smile, and secretly admitting to myself that this album has to be the best birthday present ever. But also the fact that Sied doesn’t hold back on quality, and it might take some time to find a jewel, but when he finds them, he signs them, and now they have appeared on this beautifully made album.

I love the fact that when music is good, it becomes emotional. And I’ve never had so many emotions running through my body like after hearing this album for the first time. It’s bloody good, I’ll tell you.

Let me show you the tracklist. And whilst you are looking at it, why not click on the link above, where you can purchase it?

tracklist TCD

Disc One 
01. T.F.F. & Steve Carniel – Cyclone
02. Eloquentia – Space Invader
03. RAMiNiO & Sam Laxton – Ximena
04. Sied van Riel – Rush (Sied van Riel Rielism Remix) 
05. Perrelli & Mankoff feat Sara Houston – Lingering Mind
06. Michael Kaelios – Just Another Story
07. Exouler – Changes
08. Nikolauss – Avalon
09. XiJaro & Pitch feat Artifi – Maple Valley
10. Global Mind – Close To The End
11. Garry Moon – Magna
12. Steve Dekay – Nyctophilia
13. Miroslav Vrlik – Impact
14. Omniks & Wonder Element – Elantria
15. Stream Noize & De Cima presents Forces – Blackout
16. Dark Fusion feat Amy Kirkpatrick – Be There For You
17. Bryan Summerville – Helios Exposure
18. Chris SX – Reflections
19. Sam Laxton – Product Of The Devil

Disc Two 
01. Sied van Riel & Leaving Atlantis – Solitaire
02. Andres Sanchez – El Ultimo Dia
03. Tasso – Break Down
04. James Kiedis – Here I Stand
05. Ryan K – Dihydrogen Monoxide
06. Robert Nickson – Heliopause
07. Alex van ReeVe – Full Speed Ahead
08. Para X – Steps Of Eternity
09. Jak Aggas & Matt Noland – Rejuvenation
10. The Avains & Fisical Project – El Collabro
11. Rene Ablaze feat Aylin – Break Away
12. Type 41 – Ascension
13. Sied van Riel feat Nicole McKenna – Stealing Time (Perrelli & Mankoff Remix) 
14. Fredd Moz – Broken World
15. Eryon Stocker & UP3 – Only You
16. Steve Dekay – Eros
17. Richard Durand & Sied van Riel – Rivella
18. Curtis Young – No Guts
19. Sied van Riel – Sirena (Mike Sanders Remix) 
20. Amine Maxwell – Her Soul

You might not understand the strength of this tracklist, but the beauty is coming through your speakers once you’ve pressed play. The names are 99% unknown to me, but it’s nice to hear music coming from a different angle, not the commercial side of Trance. And it’s good that he balanced this album out beautifully: a few of his own stuff, but the majority records by others.

There are too many great anthems in here, from pure Trance records (just heavenly music without vocals) to beautifully vocal records. It must have been a daunting task for Sied to find the finest records, and make sure that there’s an ongoing flow, which causes emotional waterfalls. It simply keeps pouring on you, non stop. The music is so freakingly good, it’s makes you wonder so many things. Deep thoughts ponder, but the one that makes me stop and wonder is the fact that I wonder how music can touch someone so deeply, it becomes surreal?

Disc one and two are equal in strength. Equal when it comes to amazing records. On disc one you’ve got ‘Impact’, ‘Lingering Mind’, ‘Nyctophilia’, ‘Be There For You’, ‘Elantria’, and ‘Rush’, which stand out. On disc two you’ve got ‘Dihydrogen Monoxide’, ‘Here I Stand’, ‘Solitaire’, and of course the biggest anthem of them all ‘Rivella’. Fudge me, that bassline is filth. The drop immense. The build up astonishing. Breathtakingly beautiful. It hints back to the early years, around 2004-2005. And it does have a lot of other influences, but the main focus is Trance, and you do get exactly that!

This fourth instalment is pure genius. It’s so well balanced, well composed, well mixed together, and everything, and I do mean everything, is beautiful. Looking at the actual physical side of things it makes me smile. The colours are really beautiful. Not a lot of as we Dutch would say ‘poespas’. Sied in the middle, looking indeed like Ross from Friends, and on the back the tracklist. Pure and simple, but fuck me sideways, what an album!

I wish this mix would go on for hours on end, but sadly it’s only a CD length mix, times two. There’s a different version of this album available online, when you download it via several outlets (which I don’t have access to, because I’m oldschool). You can get the full length versions of this album including three continuous mixes. Full length stuff. Maybe one day when I’m fed up with the physical side I might decide to purchase things online, but for now I’m making sure that the copy I’ve got now gets scratches. That’s the best way to show your appreciation to Sied: show him that you love the music as much as he does.

Sied is the King of Trance. It’s time for you all to hear this album. And it’s a bold statement, but I’m saying this: this belongs in the music museum. To me this is the best mixed album EVER! It belong amongst albums like Goldie’s ‘Timeless’, ‘Mysteryland 1998 Outdoor’, The Prodigy’s ‘Weather Experience’… yep, a weird bunch of albums, but these are the greatest to me. And now I can add Sied’s latest album amongst them. Why? Because it’s the best of the best. The best Trance album ever made! And that’s bold, but oh so true!

Ps. check out Rielism Remixed, that’s coming out soon too!!!!


Svenson & Gielen – The Beauty Of Silence (2002)

Svenson & Gielen - The Beauty Of Silence (2002)

Svenson & Gielen – The Beauty Of Silence (2002)

Artist: Svenson & Gielen
Genre/Style: Trance
Release Year: 2002
CD Info: Svenson & Gielen – The Beauty Of Silence
CDs: 1 (one)
Length CD: 01:01:42
Tracks: 10 (ten) + 2 Bonus Tracks
Label: ID&T Music BV
Product Number: 7005622
More Information: ———-

Two weeks ago I was back in my home country, the Netherlands, and what I always do during my stay in this beautiful country, is visit my local CD store in Heerlen, Satisfaction Records. Been coming there for many years (bought my first rave ticket there back in 1998, for Mysteryland Outdoor), I’ve become known to the owner. Spent a lot of money over the years, buying everything money could buy. So a trip was necessary, because I like digging through thousands of CDs, and I support them. There aren’t many CD stores left, so those who are still afloat, you must support.

Digging through thousands of CDs is the best feeling. Most of the CDs I’ve got already, and it takes patience to find something unique and fresh. Queue my last visit: they’ve created a ‘discount’ section, and there it was: ‘The Beauty Of Silence’ by Svenson and Gielen. Yeah, you might call me a cheapskate, but in all fairness: I walked out with 7 CDs for only €16.99! Nowadays that’s the price of just one! I got lucky with this CD: when it was released in 2002 I never had the chance to buy it. And over the years I simply forgot about it.

Svenson and Gielen dominated the Trance scene back in the early noughties. They were succesful as a duo, and this album contains a few of their well known tracks. It’s astonishing to think that this album is 15 years old, and still sounds fresh. Unique. And that’s the reason why they dominated everything. They made anthem after anthem, and they are still loved by fans all over the world. Play any of the tracks and the rave ligths up. Groundbreaking tunes were made by them.

Let’s see the tracklist. You might know a couple of these tracks. I reckon you do. If you don’t, you weren’t born when this album was released…


01. Svenson & Gielen – The Beauty Of Silence
02. Svenson & Gielen feat Simi Nah – Unknown Pleasure
03. Svenson & Gielen – Twisted Energy (Radio Edit) 
04. Svenson & Gielen – Fujirama
05. Svenson & Gielen – Outward Voyage
06. Svenson & Gielen feat Jan Johnston – Beachbreeze
07. Svenson & Gielen – We Know What You Did
08. Svenson & Gielen – Answer The Question
09. Svenson & Gielen – Falling Star
10. Svenson & Gielen feat Simi Nah – Evol (In Love)

Bonus Tracks:
11. Svenson & Gielen – We Know What You Did (DJ Tiesto Remix) 
12. Svenson & Gielen – Answer The Question (Cosmic Gate Remix) 

There you go. An amazing tracklist, isn’t it? I know most of these tracks, because they’ve appeared on many compilations. As I said before, they dominated everything imaginable. They were one of the hottest duos in the Trance scene, and they took the scene to places never seen before.

So many great anthems, it’s unbelievable to capture what they’ve done to the scene. ‘The Beauty Of Silence’, ‘Twisted Energy’, ‘Beachbreeze’, ‘We Know What You Did’, ‘Answer The Question’ and more. They were on the spot when it came to music, they embraced what was there already, and improved it. They knew what the audiences all over the world wanted and needed, and the result was a really good album.

A couple of tracks are a bit less than the anthems they created, I did miss something special, something that would improve them. Something I can’t describe. And also the Tiesto remix of ‘We Know What You Did’ is extremely dull. Never thought Tiesto would release something this dull when he was the king of Trance…

Best track? Oh, I like a few. But the one I would embrace is ‘The Beauty Of Silence’. Still have it as a single.

A very good album, and it was a bargain. It might have taken 15 years to be part of my collection, but it ain’t going nowhere.


Anthems Trance (2013)

Anthems Trance (2013)

Anthems Trance (2013)

Artists: Various Artists
Genre/Style: Trance, Progressive Trance, Progressive House
Release Year: 2013
Album Info: Anthems Tramce
CDs: 3 (three)
Length CDs: +/- 3 hours
Tracks: 60 (sixty)
Label: Ministry Of Sound
Product Number: MOSCD343
More Information: Ministry Of Sound – Official Website

I’m always on the hunt for new music, and sometimes I do find albums I should have bought when they were red hot. The album I’m about to review is already 3 years old, but Trance is ageless, so it doesn’t matter to be brutally honest if you buy it in 2016 or 3694. Trance has the power to unity not only people, but whole nations. It has done so much for us music lovers during the 90s and beginning of the 00s, and now it’s a well established music style that has many followers all over the world. A much loved scene, and I can say I was part of it during the 90s when it grew. Bought many albums and many singles, and they all made me a very happy Dutchman. The music in general has changed, but with an album like the one I bought the other day it will take me back to the good ol’ days when Trance was different, yet more appealing to me.

Ministry of Sound is know for releasing many albums. Do they still have a club in Elephant & Castle? They probably don’t need to anymore, seeing as they sell more CDs than ever before. Every week you will see and hear a brand new CD, and I reckon 82% of the albums you buy nowadays are released by MoS. A powerful label, with a majestic history. They dared to release this monster album, which takes us back to the glorious days of Trance music. 3 CDs of pure bliss. But is it worth it? Is it what you are looking for?

As I said, it’s 3 CDs jam packed with tunes. 60 tunes in total, can you handle that amount of pressure? 60 tunes, coming to you through your speakers!


CD One 
01. Faithless – Insomnia (Monster Mix)
02. Paul van Dyk – For An Angel (E-Werk Club Mix) 
03. Delerium feat Sarah McLachlan – Silence (DJ Tiësto’s In Search Of Sunrise Remix) 
04. Gouryella – Gouryella
05. Binary Finary – 1999
06. Tiësto – Adagio For Strings
07. Veracocha – Carte Blance
08. PPK – Resurrection
09. Planet Perfecto – Bullet In The Gun
10. Cosmic Gate – Fire Wire
11. Art Of Trance – Madagascar (Ferry Corsten Remix) 
12. Armin van Buuren – Communication
13. System F – Out Of The Blue
14. Rank 1 – Airwave
15. Brainbug – Nightmare (Sinister Strings Mix) 
16. The Thrillseekers feat Sheryl Deane – Synaesthesia (Fly Away) (Paul van Dyk Dub Mix) 
17. Mauro Picotto – Lizard (Claxixx Mix) 
18. Push – Universal Nation
19. Blank & Jones – Cream
20. Solarstone – Seven Cities (Stones Atlantis Mix) 

CD Two 
01. Robert Miles – Children
02. ATB – 9PM (Till I Come)
03. Darude – Sandstorm
04. Zombie Nation – Kernkraft 400
05. DJ Jean – The Launch
06. Warrior – Warrior
07. Storm – Time To Burn
08. Da Hool – Meet Her At The Love Parade (Nalin & Kane Mix) 
09. Three Drives – Greece 2000
10. Jurgen Vries – The Theme
11. Liquid Child – Diving Faces
12. Southside Spinners – Luvstruck
13. CRW – I Feel Love (R.A.F. Zone Remix) 
14. Chicane – Salt Water
15. Grace – Not Over Yet (Perfecto Mix) 
16. Nalin & Kane – Beachball
17. Matt Darey feat Marcella Woods – Liberation (Fly Like An Angel)
18. York – On The Beach (CRW Radio Edit) 
19. Lange feat Skye – Drifting Away
20. B.B.E. – Seven Days And One Week

CD Three 
01. Tomcraft – Loneliness
02. Sash! – Encore Une Fois (Future Breeze Remix) 
03. Ferry Corsten – Punk
04. Above & Beyond feat Richard Bedford – Sun & Moon
05. David Guetta feat Sia – Titanium
06. Armin van Buuren feat Trevor Guthrie – This Is What It Feels Like
07. Swedish House Mafia feat John Martin – Don’t You Worry Child
08. Avicii vs Nicky Romero – I Could Be The One (Nicktim Radio Edit) 
09. Sebastian Ingrosso & Tommy Trash feat John Martin – Reload
10. Nicky Romero & NERVO – Like Home
11. Zedd feat Foxes – Clarity (Tiësto Remix) 
12. Deadmau5 & Kaskade – I Remember
13. BURNS – Lies (Otto Knows Remix) 
14. OneRepublic feat Alesso – If I Lose Myself (Alesso vs OneRepublic) 
15. Tim Berg – Bromance (Avicii’s Arena Mix) 
16. Eric Prydz – Niton (The Reason)
17. Nadia Ali – Rapture (Avicii New Generation Radio Edit) 
18. Otto Knows – Million Voices
19. Porter Robinson – Language
20. Sander van Doorn – Neon

We can safely say that they’ve tried to jam pack as much as they could, and there are quite a lot of amazing tracks on this album, but sadly it’s a mixed album. And sometimes I wonder if that’s really necessary: I am a mix fan, but when it comes to Trance a DJ friendly album is more my thing.

They’ve tried, and boy there are a few amazing tracks on here. True classics, many will know them and many will love them. Art of Trance, Cosmic Gate, Mauro Picotto, Three Drives, Tiësto and more. But, I wonder, where did it go wrong? I thought this album was focussed on Trance specificly, and not other styles aswel. There are Trance anthems on here, but I would say that at least 50% of the tunes can not even be categorised in the same genre. Trance is unique, and many tracks have been made over the years, and they all sound like Trance. The tunes selected by MoS aren’t really Trance, more House, Club, Electro and more. It’s disappointing to buy an album which should have been focussed on Trance, but clearly hasn’t. Not the first MoS album I bought and was disappointed about.

I can name the anthems everyone knows and loves, but to buy the album specifically for them is a waste of money. I bought this at Asda for only a fiver, but this isn’t the album I was after. Trance album should ONLY have Trance anthems on it, and no Club, EDM, Electro, House or any other style on it. Why do big companies do make this mistake? Arcade did it in the 90s, Sony during the 00s, and now Ministry Of Sound.

Waste of a fiver. But I like the graphics. Nice and green.


Marco V – Live At Innercity 2000

Marco V - Live At Innercity 2000

Marco V – Live At Innercity 2000

Artist: Various Artists
Mixed By: Marco V
Genre/Style: Progressive Trance
Release Year: 2001
Album Info: Marco V – Live At Innercity 2000
CDs: 1 (one) + VHS
Length CD: 01:13:31
Tracks: 15 (fifteen)
Label: ID&T
Product Number: 7003642
More Information: ID&T – Official Website / Marco V – Facebook Fanpage

Every day, when I drive with my car to work, I am on a mission. A mission to go through my whole collection and hear those long lost CDs. The other day I found a wonderful CDs which I haven’t forgotten about, but simply haven’t played in a very long while. Innercity 2000 was for me an amazing event, went there with a friend, and left stunned. This was truly an amazing night, and one I will never ever forget. The flying glowsticks, the screaming-his-lungs-out Green Velvet, the maze, everything was just superb. But the one thing that blew us all away was Marco V’s set. Tiësto’s set was excellent too, if you managed to get in, because the room was crammed.

This CD is 15 years old, still to me one of the most played CDs of all time. Marco V selected the finest tracks, and they are truly astonishing. Still gives me the vibes, and when I’m driving, it makes me put my foot down hard on the accelerator. Thank God I’ve saved a copy, because I’ve had three copies of these, but 2 were damaged beyond belief.Scratches made it impossible to listen to it. The album had, if I’m correct, a VHS with it, with the actual event. As a bonus, underneath this review you can find the original VHS, and the vibes will come straight towards you through the screen. The opening moment when thousands of ravers scream ‘music’ out loud, nothing can beat that. And after that you see several areas which made Innercity a memorable event, and also short interviews with artists such as Jean, Sven Väth, Green Velvet, Marco V, and more.

It’s all about the music, and the tracks you hear in this video are actually on the CD too. Not all of them, which is a pity (really wanted to hear ‘Da Goose’s track, which you can hear during Luke Slater’s moment). But you can catch the vibes, and it’s quality over quantity. Long tracks, no short radio edits, all selected and carefully mixed by Marco V.

What’s the one thing which could have made this the best CD ever? Maybe if they added the audience screaming and shouting, it would have made it even more special.


01. 3 Phase – Der Klang Der Familie (Ian Wilkie Remix) 
02. Electrique Boutique – Revelation
03. Steve Porter – The Catch
04. Blaze – My Beat (AMbassador Remix) 
05. X-Press 2 – AC/DC (Gangbanger Mix) 
06. Chab – Matica (Moogwai Mix) 
07. Futureshock – Sparc
08. Fred Numf vs 5 Point 0 – Globalisation
09. DJ Nukem vs Chab – Shaiva
10. Chris Cowie – Therapy (Part One)
11. Resistance D – You Were There (Thomas P. Heckmann Remix) 
12. Marco V – In Charge
13. Marco V – Recovered
14. Marco V – Indicator
15. Ural 13 Diktators – Total Destruction (Johannes Heil Remix) 

Watch the video, and after that you should purchase the album. I don’t know where you can get one, probably from Ebay or Amazon or Marktplaats, but this is definately one of the best albums of all time, from one of the best events ever organised. Been twice to Innercity (2000 and 2002) and both times I fell in love with it.

Marco V is a legend, and was a legend back in 2000. His set is memorable, and if you want to relive this memorable set, you should get the album. Don’t ask me for a copy, because you ain’t getting one. This is mine, and this goes with me into my grave. Probably be played at my funeral. I’ve never listened to an album as much as this one.

Best track on this album? Well, ‘In Charge’ is amazing, ‘Globalisation’ is awesome, but the one truly amazing ‘Recovered’ gets all the credits it deserves. Maybe an underrated track, haven’t heard it anywhere else since 2001, which is a shame.

A truly wonderful album, a true masterpiece made by Marco V.