• GL0WKiD Interview (2018)

    If you are a raver, you must have seen his name before. This mysterious DJ, radio producer, music blogger and promoter has become a well established name in the industry, and has created a platform on which he showcases his love for everything 90s Rave related. He’s been pushing the oldskool sound forward, and his

  • HPTG Music Interview (Daniel Seven) (2018)

    You might have seen this event on Facebook: Ravekick – 100% Happy Hardcore – #001 Lift Off Launch Party. This event takes place on the 24th of March 2018 at the Popcentrale in Dordrecht, the Netherlands. It’s organised by a brand new collective, called HPTG music. I’m speaking to one of the people behind this

  • Perrelli & Mankoff Interview

    On the fourth of August this year my life completely changed. I was already back on track when it comes to Sied van Riel and Rielism, but on that day I discovered two new names. It was all thanks to sharing a mix on Sied’s Facebook page that I was drawn towards a mix by,

    Perrelli & Mankoff
  • DJ Casketkrusher Interview (2017)

    If you are a regular visitor of TheCrazyDutchmansBlog you already know the name, the name that should be embraced by more and more people. DJ Casketkrusher, a producer who I’ve embraced, because he’s unique in his style and the way he keeps not only the forgotten sound of Happy Hardcore alive, but pushing Early Hardcore

  • Mark Archer Interview (2017)

      If the picture above doesn’t cause mayhem, or doesn’t make you loose your mind completely, you are not a full-on raver. The legendary Altern 8 dominated the 90s with their perspective on the newly formed Rave scene, and one half of Altern 8 (the one I’m about to interview) is the mighty Mark Archer,

    Mark Archer 1
  • DJ Penta Interview (2016)

    TCD is honoured and proud to introduce to you the next artist: DJ Penta. This name only came to my attention a couple of months ago, when I spotted his Defqon.1 promo mix, and from that moment on he gained a new fan, me. This Belgian DJ and producer has taken the world by storm,

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