• Mark With A K – Bassleader 2015 Hard Classics Set

    Sometimes you want to go back to your youth, and today I was hunting. Not in a forrest, but on Soundcloud. I wanted to hear a Jumpstyle mix, and there were so many online, and sadly the majority of them aren’t that great. They try, and some are good, but not extraordinary, and that’s what

    bassleader 2015
  • Tweekacore b2b Darren Styles @ Defqon.1 UV 2017

    This is a set many have talked about before it took place. It’s one of the biggest moments in the UK Hardcore scene. To actually make it extremely big, there’s no other place to make it big than the Netherlands, and to play at the biggest event there is, has got to be the dopest

  • Da Tweekaz @ Defqon 1 – 2017

    The last couple of months I’ve been on Facebook a lot, and the UK Hardcore community has gone nuts when they found out that Darren Styles was going to play at Defqon.1 in the Netherlands. Was it the breakthrough we as UK Hardcore fans were hoping for? Would UK Hardcore become bigger, would it finally

  • Digital Punk – Supremacy (Liveset) 2015

    The internet is such a wonderful place. It’s packed with music, and once you’ve set up an account on Soundcloud, you are entitled to listen to millions of hours of fun! Everything and anything is on there. Including Digital Punk’s set from 2 years ago, recorded at Supremacy. On the 26th of September in the

  • Noisecontrollers | Decibel 2016 | Mainstage

    There are always new names in the music industry we’ve never heard of, and blogs like mine or others are always a good step forward to increase publicity, but when your name is Noisecontrollers, you certainly won’t need a website like mine, when the biggest stages are there for grabs. Noisecontrollers’ has established himself over

  • Team Red – Hard Bass 2017

    You know you’ve been in the wrong country if you keep seeing and hearing livesets, and wonder why you left this glorious land in the first place. The Netherlands, a safe haven for ravers, has got to be the place to experience the best parties. I’ve been to parties all over the continent and the

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