• Tweekacore b2b Darren Styles @ Defqon.1 UV 2017

    This is a set many have talked about before it took place. It’s one of the biggest moments in the UK Hardcore scene. To actually make it extremely big, there’s no other place to make it big than the Netherlands, and to play at the biggest event there is, has got to be the dopest

  • Jason Payne @ Loudfest 2015

    How funny is it to find two Rawstyle sets in one day? Maybe it’s God saying to me to stop listening to other kinds of music and focus on Rawstyle. Well, not a hundred percent sure, but it’s still good to hear new and exciting music through your speakers. Today was an excellent day, if

  • Coone @ Defqon.1 2014 – The Gathering (Liveset)

    Yet another free liveset from Defqon.1, the previous one was a D-Block & S-te-Fan liveset, this time it’s DJ Coone’s liveset. Has every set been recorded? Will we see more livesets fly by? I have seen other sets, but they didn’t have a tracklist. Thankfully DJ Coone has uploaded a tracklist, so I was able

  • D-Block & S-te-Fan @ Defqon 1 2014 – RED

    Last weekend, if you weren’t there, Q Dance organised a party, a well known party called ‘Defqon 1′. A huge event, which is well known all over the world. An established party, one that pushes boundaries to the next level. The line up, as usual, was tremendous. Very impressive, and if you haven’t seen it,

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