• Angerfist Live | Masters of Hardcore – Tournament of Tyrants (2018)

    Do I really need to explain the two names I’m about to write in one sentence: Angerfist and Masters Of Hardcore? I think it’s the most unnecessary thing to do. Unless you are not a Hardcore fan. If not, I am wondering why you are visiting my website in the first place. One of Angerfist’s

  • Amada @ Project Hardcore 2013

    Amada, she’s the finest and roughest female Hardcore DJ out there. She’s rough, tough, and she likes her Hardcore to be bad to the bone. Being a personal favourite for TCD, two mixes have already been reviewed, and today I wanted to hear some Hardcore. Her previous Thunderdome set was good, and also her Thunderdome

  • Hard Effectz Live @ Dream Village

    The weekend has landed! Time for all of us to get ready to party! And you know what I’ll be doing? Checking our friend Soundcloud for music, and I found a set a couple of days ago, by a ‘new’ artist (to me), Hard Effectz. This Dutch DJ and producer’s name has not appeared on

  • Nobody Live @ HTID USA San Francisco 2018

    On the 10th of February the people in America had a brilliant time. You might wonder why? Well, it’s because they had an excellent party called ‘HTID USA’, and the line-up was amazing! Not a humonguous line-up, but those who were on it are big: Darren Styles,  Hixxy, Dougal, S3RL, Nobody, No Left Turn, and

    Nobody Live @ HTID USA San Francisco 2018
  • Darkraver @ Club X – 01.09.1995

    If you are a raver who was born in the 70s or the 80s, you were old enough during the 90s, and you have probably been to the coolest clubs out there. I wish I was born a few years earlier than 1983. I did miss out on so many great things, mainly the rise

    club x
  • Laurent Hô – Mayday – The Raving Society – 1994

    If there’s a decade I want to relive again, it has to be the 90s. Those glorious days, when raving became bigger and bigger every year, and the music just became better and better. And I’ve got to say that those 10 years have changed the electronic dance music completely, but sometimes you want to

    Mayday - The Raving Society-1994
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