• Nobody Live @ HTID USA San Francisco 2018

    On the 10th of February the people in America had a brilliant time. You might wonder why? Well, it’s because they had an excellent party called ‘HTID USA’, and the line-up was amazing! Not a humonguous line-up, but those who were on it are big: Darren Styles,  Hixxy, Dougal, S3RL, Nobody, No Left Turn, and

    Nobody Live @ HTID USA San Francisco 2018
  • Faniac @ Hellraiser 31-10-2015

    This set was recorded nearly 2 years ago, where did the time go through really? 2 years, and only uploaded a year ago. It’s Faniac’s set at Hellraiser, which was held on Halloween 2015. Or should I say Helloween? Well, whatever you might call it, it was a Hellraiser event. I thought they would never be

  • Vendetta 2015 – Live Bass-D

    Do you sometimes feel something in your stomache, and you don’t know what it is? It’s like a hunger, but not for food, but for music. Today I woke up and I was craving Hardcore, but not present day Hardcore, but Oldskool. Not really old old, but more mid-90s Hardcore. And if you are craving

  • Casketkrusher @ Ouwe Stijl Is Botergeil – 10 Jaar Strength Of Unity (2016)

    Spamming your stuff can work, or not. It depends on how it’s done, and what you are actually promoting. I’m not interested in one night stands, brand new watches, more followers, but when you are talking music to me and you are talking about my favourite kind of Hardcore music, you’ve got my attention. That’s

  • Waxweazle, Noizer & MC Drokz @ Mysteryland (22-06-1996)

    19 years ago ID&T and TNT organised an event which many people will remember (if you were there, if you weren’t.. well): Mysteryland 1996, held at Airport Eindhoven in the Netherlands. Around 20,000 ravers turned up, and even to this day it’s mentioned as one of the best Mysteryland’s of all time. I was too

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