• Slipmatt – Live @ Helter Skelter 03-12-1993

    Sometimes you just crave for some Oldskool music, some proper tunes flying through your speakers, straight into your ears, penetrating your skull. For some it’s a way of living and they listen to it every day, and I did that for a long period of time, but after a while you want something else making

  • Cruze Live @ Stardust 2 – 13.8.2016 (1991-1993 Oldskool)

    I found yet another brilliant set you all need to listen to. It’s a set by DJ Cruze, who was asked to play at Stardust 2 on the 13th of August. He played a wonderful set, focussed on the Oldskool side of music, really proper Oldskool, tunes from 1991 to 1993. He wasn’t the only

  • Slipmatt – Live @ United Dance 02-12-1994

    It’s been quite a while since I last heard a mix/liveset by the legendary DJ Slipmatt. It’s been too long, if I’m honest. And I know I should be embarassed, because I could listen to the Slipmatt (it’s ‘the’, not just Slipmatt. Only legend get ‘the’ in front of their names) anytime of the day.

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