• TAFKAMP At Unpolished 2018

    Sometimes you find an artist online, and you don’t know who’s behind it, or what the artist’s mission is, and with TAFKAMP i’ve got just that feeling. The artist formerly known as minister president. Imagine if it’s really the former prime minister. That would be ace. But it sadly isn’t, and the identity still remains

  • Mauro Picotto @ Innercity 2001

    The other day I was talking about Sensation, and now a forgotten event: Innercity. Started back in 1999 at the Rai in Amsterdam, this new concept quickly came to life. Two events during the first year, and quickly moving abroad in 2000: visiting Belgium, Israel, Germany and Spain. I discovered Innercity back in 2000, when

    innercity 2001
  • Dave Clarke Live @ Mysteryland 2016

    Dave Clarke is an institution. He’s a legend, and he bloody well knows it. He has been in the game for many years, and he’s seen the world at least 10 times over. He’s played at the biggest events all over the globe, and an event without him playing is like Christmas without Santa Claus.

  • Mark EG Live Techno @Symmetry Festival 2016

    The world’s most idiotic and passionate DJ has uploaded yet another free mix for us all to enjoy. You know who I am talking about, it’s the one and only Mark EG! Who else is as idiotic as he is? He has done everything on God’s given Earth, and if you had the opportunity to

  • Mark EG Live At Creamfields 2015 – Future | Hard | Sound

    The man with the funniest haircut is back! He has returned to the land of the living and has something special for us all, a very special liveset. This year he played at the mighty Creamfields, and if I’m honest, you have made it as a DJ if you play at such an event. Mark

  • Dave Clarke @ King’s Night 2014

    Dave Clarke is back with a brand new liveset, which you can find on his Soundcloud page. It’s filled with hours of good music, but I chose to mix, seeing as it is his most recent one. Recorded on King’s Day, celebrated in the Netherlands on the 26th of April 2014, but this party was

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