• Paul van Dyk Live @ Trance Energy 2009

    TweetTrance Energy, one of the most legendary Trance events ever, where did it go? What happened to it? It was so succesful over the years, and did build up a reputation of being awesome.It was the home of Trance music, and had the biggest names ever playing in front of tens of thousands of people.

    Trance Energy 2009
  • Amada Live @Thunderdome – 25 Years Of Hardcore (2017)

    TweetWhat can I say about Thunderdome that many haven’t already said? This has been a much talked about event, by those who went to the event, and those who witnessed it live on Youtube and other media outlets. I wasn’t there, and I regret it massively. This was an event that only takes place once

    Amada Live @Thunderdome - 25 Years Of Hardcore (2017)
  • Para Italia – Live At Pumpkin BKJN Ballroom 2017

    TweetPumpkin? Is that really a name for a party? Turns out that it is, and on the 31st of October this year they destroyed the Turbinehalle in Oberhausen, Germany. Completely sold out, and if you look at the DJs which performed there, it’s obvious why it got sold out, and why the responds was very

    Para Italia - Live At Pumpkin BKJN Ballroom 2017
  • Vlind @ Dreamstate México 19/08/2017

    TweetIt’s Sunday morning, the day after people started the light up fireworks due to Guy Fawkes rememberance. The actual day is the 5th of November, but most started a week or so ago. But now, as we speak, it’s rather quiet in the morning. Some mornings you want the hardest and roughest sounds out there,

    Vlind @ Dreamstate México
  • Joey Riot @ Ibiza Goes Hard 2014

    TweetLast weekend I was awoken by the sheer power of Thunderdome, and I think the whole world watched it happened live on Youtube and everywhere else. And the one set that blew me away was Destructive Tendencies set. What a blinding set. I was proud of what they did achieve in just a few years

    Joey Riot @ Ibiza Goes Hard 2014
  • Mad Dog @ Thrillogy 2012

    TweetA few days I’ve been offline, and I’ve missed a lot of good music. I needed some Hardcore music, and I went to Soundcloud, and within one minute I found a liveset by the legendary DJ Mad Dog. The Italian Hardcore DJ who still dominates the Italian Hardcore scene. And back in 2012 he had

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