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DJ Sy & MC “Scratchmaster” Techno – Obsession (Concept Club) 14.05.93

DJ Sy & MC "Scratchmaster" Techno - Obsession (Concept Club) 14.05.93

DJ Sy & MC “Scratchmaster” Techno – Obsession (Concept Club) 14.05.93

DJ: Sy
MC: Scratchmaster Techno
Genre/Style: Oldskool, Rave, Hardcore, Jungle, Drum & Bass, Techno
Liveset Info: Recorded @ Obsession (Concept Club) 14.05.93
Length Liveset: 01:10:18
Tracks: 36 (thirty-six)
Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): LISTEN HERE
File Size: unknown
File Type: unknown
Bitspeed: unknown
More Information: DJ Sy – Facebook Fanpage

The new year has started, and I never had the urge to listen to some Oldskool music like today. This year has been awesome so far, found a couple of amazing mixes/livesets, and one just stood out, because it was a set by the mighty DJ Sy, the ultimate scratch master. It’s an old but classic set, already listened to 41k+ times in the last 4 years! Seems I’m not the only one who wants to hear more Oldskool music, eh?

I know nothing about this period in UK Rave history, I wasn’t born here, and to be honest, back in 1993 I was only 9 years old, I still needed to get used to Dutch Gabber music. To me this was new and exciting, and I dedicated my time only to Gabber/Hardcore music, never had the time to listen to something else. I wish I was born in the UK, this was the decade of awesome music, as this set showcases. Not only do you get 36 amazing tracks all beautifully mixed on turntables (no CDJs ofcourse, it’s 1993 and that wasn’t even available!), you do get the scratch master doing his thing beautifully. And he’s not alone: MC Scratchmaster Techno was there to hype up the crowd! Two artists who know the skills when it comes to scratching (one with his mouth, the other with turntables). And the tracklist is rave-tastic!


01. D’Cruze – Want You Now
02. Cool Hand Flex – Chill Out
03. Vibes & Wishdokta – Obsession (Music’s So Wonderful)
04. DJ Red Alert & Mike Slammer – In Effect
05. Chaos & Julia Set – Bounce
06. Andy C – Something New Pt. 2
07. Chaos & Julia Set – Scud Beats
08. Hedgehog Affair Pt. 3 – Don’t Just Stand There
09. Equazion – E-Creation
10. DJ Distroi & Boykz – Jungle Warrior
11. Cool Hand Flex – Wip Lash
12. Out Of Order – Right Guard
13. 4 Voice – Catching The Scent Of Mystery
14. Out Of Order – Tears
15. DJ Edge – The Remix
16. Tango & Ratty – Tales From The Darkside
17. D.O.P.E. – When I Was Young (DJ Easy B & T-Bags Revisited Mix) 
18. A Guy Called Gerald – Anything V.2.1.
19. Metalheads – Terminator
20. Dark & Moody – Untitled (AA1) (Volume 1)
21. Lemon D – Pursuit Thru The Darkness
22. Scott & Keith – Deranged (Bonus Drums Mix) 
23. The Anthill Mob – The Hooded Claw (Tango Mix) 
24. DJ Red Alert & Mike Slammer – Don’t Need Your Love
25. Nookie – Gonna Be Alright (Cloud 9 Remix) 
26. Pure Daze – Out Of My Head (Side AA2 Mix) 
27. Sonz Of A Loop Da Loop Era – Bust That Groove
28. Run Things – Look No Further
29. Harmony & Xtreme – Journey Through Time
30. Smokey Joe – Kiss My Neck
31. Nookie – Shining In Da Darkness
32. Orca – Alive & Kickin’
33. Wishdokta – Whine You Bottom (Waistline Mix) 
34. Formula 7 – Funky Techno
35. Chaos & Julia Set – Atmosphere (Sub Base Field Mix) 
36. DJ Red Alert & Mike Slammer – Ganja Man

Damn, these names make me moist. Look at these names! Most of them do nothing anymore (well, not using these aliases). What happened to Sonz Of A Loop Da Loop Era (what’s in the name?), Nookie, Cool Hand Flex, Red Alert, Mike Slammer? And let’s not forget the MC Scratchmaster Techno? I’ve never seen his name before, and he has got the skills many MCs copied, but what happened to him?

This is really a dope liveset, and I do understand why it got so many plays on Soundcloud! It’s DJ Sy, the master of scratching. He does it so effortless, it blends in each and every track with ease. No one can scratch like him, it’s the truth. And if you think about it, he’s been in the scene for so long, this set was recorded back in 1993, which is 23 years ago! Amazing. And even back in 1993 he ruled the decks like no one else.

The set might have small and minute errors, but let’s not forget the artists back then used machinery/equipment, and had to put their heart and soul into it, and use their hands and ears. No button to make their lives easier. Pure mixing, like mixing was intended to be. And only Sy can prove to us all that he was king back in 1993.

Best record? Well, the set from the first to the last second is amazing. I hope you are going to like it, like I did. Sy and the MC have delivered an amazing set! A classic set, one we should cherrish.


DJ Twista – Westfest 2016 [Dreamscape Arena]

DJ Twista - Westfest 2016 [Dreamscape Arena]

DJ Twista – Westfest 2016 [Dreamscape Arena]

DJ: Twista
Genre/Style: Rave, Oldskool, Jungle, Drum & Bass, Hardcore
Liveset Info: Recorded @ Westfest 2016 – Dreamscape Arena
Length Liveset: 01:03:08
Tracks: 27 (twenty-seven)
Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): DOWNLOAD/LISTEN
File Size: 146 MB
File Type; mp3
Bitspeed: 320kbps
More Information: DJ Twista – Facebook Fanpage

I’m an Oldskool lover. I truly am. And when I see livesets pass by filled with Oldskool anthems I stop, quickly glance at it, and save it underneath my favourites (for me to review later). One of those sets was DJ Twista’s set recorded at Westfest 2016, in the Dreamscape arena. Two big words already in one sentence: Westfest and Dreamscape. So this must be a good set, even though I have never heard of DJ Twista before? Well, let’s give it a go, press play and let the beats come through my Creative speakers…

I might have seen DJ Twista’s name somewhere, it does ring a bell. But to say I know who he is, is not really telling the truth. In this case I can only say he played at Westfest in the Dreamscape arena, and he played Oldskool/Rave music for an hour and 3 minutes. Ok, not know much about the artist, let’s talk about the tracks he used to make the ravers loose themselves on the dancefloor..

The tracklist was kindly added, so it’s one you need to look at.


01. Digital Domain – I Need Release
02. Prodigy – Charly
03. Rachel Wallace – I Feel This Way
04. Tronic House – Uptempo
05. Turk – The Lover
06. Family Foundation – Just Xpress Yourself
07. Cubic 22 – Night In Motion
08. Catch – Raise ‘Em Higher
09. Jem 77 – Never Felt This Way
10. Spectral – Touch Somebody (DJ Seduction Remix) 
11. Ellis Dee – Desire
12. JDS – Unclassified
13. Higher Level – Everybody Can Be
14. Prodigy – Outta Space
15. Krome & Time – The Slammer
16. Mike Slammer & Red Alert – In Effect
17. Higher Level – High Spirits
18. Foul Play – Finest Illusions
19. DJ SS – Rollidge
20. Boogie Times Tribe – Dark Stranger
21. DJ Krust – Set Speed
22. Leviticus – The Burial Remix
23. UK Apachi & Shy FX – Original Nuttah
24. Andy C & Shimon – Nightflight
25. Yazz – Abandon Me (Urban Shakedown Remix) 
26. Dope Skills – 6 Million Ways
27. Moving Fusion – Turbulence

Big tracklist! Very big! So many great anthems in one set! But also the good thing about this set is that it’s not style focussed: he goes from Oldskool/Rave to Drum and Bass with ease. The crowd must have loved it a lot.

I love a diverse set. It keeps the entertainment level high. And DJ Twista decided to please the crowd by playing literally everything. I love so many anthems, but my favourite has got to be ‘Night In Motion’. This is a crowd pleaser, and you can play it in literally any set and it will get the crowd going. If you grew up in the 90s, you must know it, and if you do: you love it!

There is a slight issue when it comes to the mixing, at certain points it ain’t tight. The fading from one to the next is a bit ‘meh’, and that’s a technical term (according to me). You can understand the pressure when you are playing for thousands of ravers, but the errors are quite obvious. Sometimes throughout the set it goes wrong, and it kind of upsets me: this could have been an amazing set. It’s not always bad, in all fairness. But when it goes wrong, it does go wrong.

A nice set, with faults. You can feel the overall gesture of it. The tunes were played to please the crowd and to get them to move. That’s what has happened. I did move. And raved hard, because these tunes aren’t made for you to sit down and enjoy.

If these errors weren’t there, it would get 5 out of 5. But now I can’t.


Slipmatt – Live @ Helter Skelter 03-12-1993

Slipmatt - Live @ Helter Skelter 03-12-1993

Slipmatt – Live @ Helter Skelter 03-12-1993

DJ: Slipmatt
Genre/Style: Hardcore, Oldskool, Rave, Jungle, Happy Hardcore, SlipmattCore
Liveset Info: Recorded @ Helter Skelter 03-12-1993
Length Liveset: 00:37:51
Tracks: 16 (sixteen)
Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): DOWNLOAD/LISTEN HERE
File Size: 34.9 MB
File Type: mp3
Bitspeed: 128kbps
More Information: Slipmatt – Official Website

Sometimes you just crave for some Oldskool music, some proper tunes flying through your speakers, straight into your ears, penetrating your skull. For some it’s a way of living and they listen to it every day, and I did that for a long period of time, but after a while you want something else making you mad (in a good way). As you all remember I kept on writing reviews nearly every week, and at least one review per week was for a mix or liveset by the Godfather of Rave: Slipmatt. I stopped, because I think I annoyed him, but now I just wanted him more than ever! And there’s a reason behind it: his SMD album being released soon! It’s a Christmas present (I told the missus to get me it). So more Slipmatt is coming my way, but for now we focus on a liveset recorded at Helter Skelter back in 1993.

He has earned his rights amongst the superstar DJs walking on this globe, but back in the early 90s he was still a young lad, working his way up, already gaining a huge following with his sets. Nowadays it’s nearly mandatory to become a DJ, but back in the good ol’ days it was only for those who had the talent. And Slipmatt was one of them. One of the rare artists who had the gift to turn thousands of ravers into monkeys on acid. He had the gift, and even to this day he hasn’t lost it. And he’s all in all a generously nice guy: never heard a DJ in a pub shout my name! He’s the bloody famous person, not me!

Anyway, I had to look hard for a tracklist, and I think I found it:


01. Oaysis – Incredible Bass (Awaited Remix By Slipmatt) 
02. Jim Polo & Neil Vass – Rolling Energy (DJ SS Drum & Bass Mix) 
03. Red Alert & Mike Slammer – Ruffer
04. Hyper On Experience – Lords Of The Null Lines (Foul Play Remix) 
05. The Criminal Minds – Drums Of Doom (Slipmatt Remix) 
06. DJ Anthems Volume II – DJ Anthems Volume II
07. Remarc – One 4 Da Vibes
08. Frantic & Impulse – Volume 1 Side A
09. Jack N Phil – We Are Unity
10. Ramos & Supreme – The Journey Part 1
11. EQ – Total Xtacy (93 DJ SS Remix) 
12. SMD – Volume 2AA
13. SMD – Volume 3A
14. DJ Seduction – Solid Bass
15. S. McCarthy & D. Charlesworth – Side A
16. SMD – Volume 1A

Now this is a proper tracklist! This is what it’s worth: you might think it’s old and boring, but you simply don’t have a clue how good the tunes were made! This is quality over quantity, and if you don’t understand it and it doesn’t move you in the slightest way, you ain’t a raver. This is gospel for the true raver!

This set can only be described as heavenly! No joke, this is superb to listen to during any time of the day. From light piano anthems to darker and edgy stuff, Slipmatt balanced it nicely back in 1993, and he must have destroyed the dancefloor. You can hear the whistle-crew and the MC, and it just makes sense. Slipmatt was in 1993 a God, and in 2016 he’s more than a God.

So dark from time to time, and so many tracks in such a short mix. They were carefully mixed using two turntables and a mixer, and Slipmatt knows how to work these bad boys. The amount of wicked tunes is just undescribable. Best tune? ‘Total Xtacy’ is obviously the main anthem for a generation, but let’s not forget ‘One 4 Da Vibes’.

I have never had the honour to see Slipmatt play a set with tunes such as these ones, but I will make it a ‘to do’ thing. I must see the Slipmatt again, he’s the only one who can literally rock the dancefloor like no other. The times I saw him he only played Breakbeat stuff (which isn’t bad though, don’t get me wrong), but the darker, early 90s stuff is just what keeps my heart pumping. This is what defined the 90s, and it’s a set which should go on the history books as one of the finest.

Slipmatt. Respect him. Respect the legend. Respect the ultimate God of Rave. From 1993 to 2016, he might age but his skills and the music he mixes together never does. Slipmatt, you deserve the greatest award of all time: thousands of people screaming out your name whilst blowing their whistles. Oh wait, he already experienced that a million times……


Cruze Live @ Stardust 2 – 13.8.2016 (1991-1993 Oldskool)

Cruze Live @ Stardust 2 - 13.8.2016 (1991-1993 Oldskool)

Cruze Live @ Stardust 2 – 13.8.2016 (1991-1993 Oldskool)

DJ: Cruze
Genre/Style: Oldskool Rave, Breakbeat, Drum & Bass, Breakbeat Hardcore
Liveset Info: Recorded @ Stardus 2 – The Summertime Shindig
Length Liveset: 01:18:58
Tracks: 23 (twenty-three)
Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): DOWNLOAD/LISTEN 
File Size: 180 MB
File Type: mp3
Bitspeed: unknown
More Information: DJ Cruze – Facebook Fanpage

I found yet another brilliant set you all need to listen to. It’s a set by DJ Cruze, who was asked to play at Stardust 2 on the 13th of August. He played a wonderful set, focussed on the Oldskool side of music, really proper Oldskool, tunes from 1991 to 1993. He wasn’t the only one at this party: Brockie, Jumping Jack Frost, Nicky Blackmarket, Energy & Stixman, Tim Ryan, Fallout, Melody, Rhythm and more. Many of the sets have been uploaded already, but I’m more interested in this one, because it’s Cruze behind the decks playing my favourite kind of music: Oldskool!

As I normally do, I ask for a tracklist, and he kindly provided me it. It’s a slammer, this set. He played so many great anthems, the crowd must have loved it. I did, but I wasn’t there. I’m enjoying it, sitting at home, listening to it via Soundcloud. And now it’s gone on my hard drive and I’m going to burn at least one copy for me to play in the car.

The set contains no anthems, only underground tunes, the tunes that made the 90s so special. Well, there are a few underground anthems such as ‘Ephemerol’, ‘NHS’, ‘Dance In Eden’, but still, the majority of the tunes aren’t Top 40 material. These tunes are dangerous: they might not be the most known tracks, but they demolish dancefloors like the anthems we all know. Cruze has selected a nice selection of underground tracks, and I reckon you all know 99% of them.


01. Xray Xperiments – Take No Chance
02. Force Mass Motions – Rabbit City 4
03. After Dark – Cardiac
04. Circa ’91 – Can You Feel Me (Extravagance E.P.) 
05. Rhythm Section – Dreamworld
06. Kid Unknown – Nightmare Walking
07. DJ’s Unite – DJ’s Unite Vol. 2 (Remix) 
08. Cleptomaniacs – Positive Feedback EP
09. Krispy Krouton E.P – Chicken & Sweetcorn
10. 3 Down – Deep Trip (UK Mix) 
11. DJ Rap – Divine Rhythm
12. Doc Scott – NHS (Nookie Remix) 
13. Nasty Habits – Let’s Go (Cold Remix) 
14. Jack Smooth – Plight Of The Innovator
15. NAZ a.k.a. NAZ – Started Again
16. Tic Tac Toe – Ephemerol
17. Sacred – Do It Together
18. EQ – Total Ecstacy (DJ SS 93 Remix) 
19. Sy Kick – Upside
20. DJ Crystal – Drop XTC
21. Release – Dance In Eden
22. E.P.S. – Follow Your Leader
23. Orbital – Chime

A beautiful looking tracklist with tunes we all know, and all embrace! This has made the 90s more special! He said he didn’t play anthems, but come on, be fair: these are bloody anthems! Seriously insane!

His selection is absolutely insane! I had fun listening to it, and it took me back to the wonderful days when music was pure and new! This is when pioneers emerged, and made music exciting. Nowadays the tunes all sound the same, back in the 90s it was all new. And everyone was unique! Oh, I could go on for hours of how cool the 90s were, but let Cruze’s mix do that!

His set was truly amazing, and I can only give the man credit for his set. I can’t say anything bad, or mention anything which might give the liveset a bad name.

This is a set you definately need to hear. Pure and unaltered, raw to the core. I don’t know if he mixed using vinyl/turntables, but if it wasn’t played on turntables, the sound difference between now and the 90s can still be heard. It takes me back, seriously back. Why has this kind of music disappeared? I want it to come back!

Cruze, you are a legend! Big set.