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Giuseppe Ottaviani presents GO On Air LIVE from Guangzhou, China (2017)

Giuseppe Ottaviani presents GO On Air LIVE from Guangzhou, China (2017)

Giuseppe Ottaviani presents GO On Air LIVE from Guangzhou, China (2017)

DJ: Giuseppe Ottaviani
Genre/Style: Tech Trance, Trance, Progressive Trance, Uplifting Trance
Liveset Info: Recorded @ Guangzhou, China
Length Liveset: 00:59:51
Tracks: 12 (twelve)
Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): DOWNLOAD/LISTEN
File Size: 56.9 MB
File Type: m4a
Bitspeed: 125kbps
More Information: Giuseppe Ottaviani – Facebook Fanpage

When you are on a Trance mode like I am, it can be dangerous. I’m literally only seeing and hearing Trance sets on Soundcloud. I can’t stop myself, it’s something that must be done. I’ve been amazed by the sound since I re-discovered it, and now I’m on full party mode. And Soundcloud is one of those pages which is filled with Trance music. And today I found a set by Giuseppe Ottaviani, recorded in China. Now that’s something unique, isn’t it? I always thought China was secluded from the rest of the world, but hearing this set it shows me that the people in China aren’t as secluded as I thought.

For those who love Trance, Giuseppe Ottaviani is a well known name. A house hold name. Known for his passion for Trance, and also his show called ‘Go On Air’. He took that show, put it in his suitcase, and now travels the world over to let people hear it, and experience it. This liveset, recorded in Guangzhou, is truly an epic show. One of the best things about it, is the fact that you do hear the crowd in the background, screaming so loud, and that’s something I do miss from time to time. You need to hear the crowd, you need to feel and experience how they felt during a set. And Giuseppe gets them all hyped up, and shout out their lungs!

Giuseppe uploaded not only his set, but also the tracklist, which is always a bonus!

tracklist TCD

01. Robert Miles – Red Zone (GO Remastered) 
02. Giuseppe Ottaviani – Countdown (OnAir Mix) 
03. Giuseppe Ottaviani & Andrea Mazza vs 4Strings – Take Me To The Silence Of Time (Elie Rajha’s RAJH-UP) 
04. Ben Nicky & Chris Schweizer vs Coming Soon – Trippin In The Switch (Angrymuffin’s Bootleg + GO Live Stuff) 
05. Giuseppe Ottaviani – Live ID
06. Maria Healy – Desiderata (Giuseppe Ottaviani Remix) 
07. Solarstone feat Meredith Call – I Found You (Giuseppe Ottaviani Remix) 
08. Joseph Mara – Shock
09. Giuseppe Ottaviani – Thermopile
10. Skyvol – Night Driver
11. Giuseppe Ottaviani feat Jennifer Rene – Home (OnAir Mix) 
12. Giuseppe Ottaviani – Live ID

There’s a lot of his own productions in here, which is always an added bonus. But, as I said before, the crowd loosing it in the background, that’s just the best thing, if I’m honest. The crowd is loving it, the music. The whole atmosphere just sounds perfect!

I’m loving the vibes, the heavenly vibes. Trance is just boss, when it comes to euphoric styles. Nothing, and I do mean nothing can beat Trance. Trance is just pure, made by angels. And with these tracks Giuseppe shows us why his world tour is going well, and why he’s an amazing Trance DJ/producer.

Best track? Well, it wasn’t difficult to pick this one: number 5 in the mix. It still needs a name, so now it’s a record without a title. But what it also is, is one filthy and banging record! The drop, and the re-emerging of the music is just so damn good.

I can not pick anything that might be a bit bad. The records are all good, and I do mean all of them. They are mixed beautifully together, so no bad credits for that. The crowd are also going insane, which is always an added bonus. And it’s a free download, so another thing which boosts up the end score. Giuseppe, your liveset is dope. Perfect from start to finish. From the first to the last second. Trance for an hour long. What else could you wish for?

There are so many great things in this mix, which has led up to the (obvious) score:


John Askew – Live From VII Stage – EDC Las Vegas 16.06.17

John Askew - Live From VII Stage - EDC Las Vegas 16.06.17

John Askew – Live From VII Stage – EDC Las Vegas 16.06.17

DJ: John Askew
Genre/Style: Trance, Progressive Trance, Uplifting Trance
Liveset Info: Recorded @ VII Stage – EDC Las Vegas 16-06-2017
Length Liveset: 01:29:29
Tracks: 22 (twenty-two)
Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): DOWNLOAD/LISTEN
File Size: 204 MB
File Type: mp3
Bitspeed: 320kbps
More Information: John Askew – Facebook Fanpage

Today is a good day. I am finding awesome mixes on Soundcloud with tracklist, so there’s plenty of reasons for me to be happy. Today I found a mix which is so damn good, it takes me back to my youth. What kind of music would that be? Trance, exactly! That (and also Hardcore) was the kind of music I would listen to, growing up. Trance had a huge impact on me, and even to this day it takes me to another level of euphoria. I might not purchase as much as I did during the early days of Trance, but I still listen to many mixes and appreciate the feeling it generates.

One mix I found today was a liveset by John Askew, which was recorded at the EDC in Las Vegas about a month ago. He played at the VII stage, and he destroyed it. Not in a bad way, but only in a good way. Playing awesome tunes to a crowd of thousands, people still talk about it online how good it was. And if you look at the statistics on Soundcloud you will see that a lot of people still love Trance a lot. 10.4k+ plays so far, and it’s only been online for a month. This has not only taken me back to the early days of Trance, but it also enlightened the fire within me, and I am demanding myself to dig through my old collection and play them out loud. After I’ve listened to this mix, obviously.

The tracklist was kindly provided by John himself, so let’s see what he has selected to compose his set at EDC Las Vegas.


01. ID – ID
02. Earth Nation – Alienated (John Askew Remix) 
03. Greg Downey – Midnight (Stoneface & Terminal Remix) 
04. Disclosure – Dramatic (John Askew Remix) 
05. Ikerya Project feat Robin Vane – Kingdom (Askew Edit) 
06. Marksun & Brian – Neno Itome (Stoneface & Terminal Remix) 
07. John Askew – A Million Stars
08. Unknown – Saluting Di Stefano (John Askew Mash Up) 
09. Alex Leavon – Amaya (Askew Edit) 
10. John Askew – Raven
11. John Askew – A Million Stars (Beatman & Ludmilla Remix) 
12. FutureShock – Sparc (John Askew Rework) 
13. John Askew – Supersonic
14. John Askew – Black Coffee
15. Alex Di Stefano – What’s The Catch
16. Henrik B – Stuntman (John Askew Rework) 
17. Heatbeat – Section 9
18. The WLT – Sierra (John Askew Remix) 
19. John Askew – Giving You Acid (Sly One vs Jurrane Remix) 
20. DJ Misjah – The Siren (John Askew Rework) 
21. Empirion – Narcotic Influence (John Askew Remix) 
22. Sean Tyas – Da Doo Da Dah (John Askew Remix) 

This blew my mind away! I’ve seen many livesets before, but this one is focussed on the DJ a lot! You can not miss his name in this mix, it’s everywhere. John Askew made it, or remixed it. But his name does appear a lot in this mix, and in this case it isn’t a bad thing. It’s actually a good thing. You get fantastic music, remixed by someone who knows what he’s doing.

One of these tracks literally took me back to Innercity, I think it was 2000. The track I’m talking about is ‘Sparc’, still one of my most favourite CDs ever. This record is on it, and it’s still a dope track, even after 17 years. John Askew did some work to it, stayed true to the original, but gave it the 2017 touch. I’m digging both versions a lot.

If I would have been there at the EDC, I would have had a brilliant time. DJs who keep the older sound alive are my personal heroes. Those who tune it too much to suit the present day (by adding Hard House bits and bobs in it), they aren’t my heroes. I do love my Trance to be pure and extatic (or however you spell it). Euphoric. Not just bashing your head against the speakers and make the whole crowd jump from left to right. That’s not Trance. Trance is your hands in the air and embrace your life, and humanity.

This set was exactly the kind of set I was looking for. Thanks John Askew for this. This is pure Trance. Solid as a rock. And f**king good!


Orjan Nilsen Live @ A State Of Trance 750 (Toronto, Canada) (2016)

Orjan Nilsen Live @ A State Of Trance 750 (Toronto, Canada) (2016)

Orjan Nilsen Live @ A State Of Trance 750 (Toronto, Canada) (2016)

DJ: Orjan Nilsen
Genre/Style: Trance, EDM
Liveset Info: Recorded @ ASOT 750 – Toronto, Canada – 2016
Length Liveset: 01:00:38
Tracks: 16 (sixteen)
Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): LISTEN HERE
File Size: unknown
File Type: unknown
Bitspeed: unknown
More Information: Orjan Nilsen – Facebook Fanpage

Orjan Nilsen is a well established name in the Trance/EDM world, and this is the first time I’ve heard a liveset by this man. It made my day, seeing as I do loved his music when he burst into the scene many years ago. Haven’t really followed the Trance scene a lot, but still have a deep feeling for it. Orjan Nilsen (or Ørjan Nilsen, as it’s originally written) has made some really good tracks, and from the first time I heard his music, his name got stuck in my head. When his name appeared on Soundcloud, I immediately went to this liveset and gave it a go, seeing as it’s been a very long time since I last heard his music, and boy, this didn’t let me down at all. Amazing set.

A State Of Trance (a.k.a. ASOT) is a global phenomena, and thousands/millions have been at ASOT events. Been held all over the world, this started as a small scale thing and has exploded to this unique and well established event, with a very good reputation. On the 30th of January 2016 they organised the 750th event in Toronto, Canada, and the feedback was amazing. ASOT is an unstoppable force, and you have to been to at least one event before you die. I haven’t been yet, but I will and must. If the music is really as good as Orjan’s set, it will be an amazing night I will not forget in a long time.

There’s a tracklist, and you should look at it! It’s beautiful!


01. ID 
02. Matisse & Sadko – Lock ‘N’ Load
03. Orjan Nilsen & Cosmic Gate – Fair Game
04. Orjan Nilsen – Don
05. Orjan Nilsen – Amis Ama
06. Dash Berlin feat Emma Hewitt – Waiting (Dash Berlin Miami 2015 Remix) 
07. Orjan Nilsen – Xiing
08. Orjan Nilsen – Now We’re Talking
09. Third Party – Power
10. Orjan Nilsen – Violetta
11. Orjan Nilsen – Endymion (KhoMa Remix) 
12. Tiësto feat Kirsty Hawkshaw – Just Be (Orjan Nilsen Remix) 
13. Orjan Nilsen – The Late Anthem (Way Too Late Mix) 
14. Orjan Nilsen feat Mike James – What It’s All About
15. Orjan Nilsen – Amsterdam (David Gravell Remix) 
16. Orjan Nilsen – Between The Rays

I apologise for not writing his name properly, but the keyboard combination (alt+0248) didn’t work as it should. Stupid keyboard. Well, at least you know who I’m talking about, eh?

It’s been many years since I last heard one of his tracks, and if you compare his music from then to now, they are slightly different. Still highly entertainable, you can hear the crowd go absolutely mental! I think this was recorded live from a radio show (I’m a ASOT noob), because after a few tracks you hear a short interview, which ruins the good music being played at the background, but when the interview bit ends, the music comes back, and does hit you hard.

The music is good. The crowd’s response is amazing. The set is good. What’s there to mention? There’s nothing I can say that might give this liveset a bad rating. This has made me create a small ASOT in my living room (without the thousands of ravers, or proper light equipment, or proper speakers). This is different to the music I am used to (from Orjan Nilsen), but this is still excellent. Feast for my ears.

This makes me want to visit one of ASOT parties, but sadly at the moment I’ve got bigger things to worry about. Moving countries is more important at the moment, but once I’ve settled, I will do my best and purchase tickets, and hopefully Orjan Nilsen will play at the ASOT event I will visit, because his music is good.

Trance, you’ve captured me again. I have fallen in love again. Thanks Orjan, thank you.


Armin van Buuren – Live @ Ultra Music Festival 2015 (Miami)

Ultra Music Festival

DJ: Armin van Buuren
Genre/Style: Progressive Trance, Trance, Progressive House
Liveset Info: Recorded @ Ultra Music Festival 2015 Miami – 29/03/2015
Length Liveset: 01:27:23
Tracks: 26 (twenty-six)
Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): LISTEN HERE
File Size: 160.2 MB
File Type: mp3
Bitspeed: 256kbps
More Information: Armin van Buuren – Facebook Fanpage

Go on the world wide web, and you will find a lot of people still talking about Ultra Music Festival. It happened a couple of weeks ago in a sunny Miami, and according to those who went, it was amazing. If you are near a computer, you can witness several videos, and see how each and every DJ destroyed the dancefloors. The line-up was ridicilous, and if I had thousands of dollars, I would have flown over, but sadly I’m not made of money. I wish I was, seeing as you can now find a lot of livesets online, mostly on Soundcloud, and one of those sets caught my eye. It’s Armin van Buuren’s liveset, which took place on the sunday, recorded when he played his own area, A State Of Trance area. Thousands of Trance lovers watched Armin playing the finest tunes, and danced the night away.

Armin van Buuren doesn’t need an introduction. If he does, you are clearly not from this planet. Being number 1 DJ in 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2012, he doesn’t need any introduction. The man behind A State Of Trance, a very talented producer and DJ, with a lot of his albums appearing in the Dutch Top 100 chart, and his singles have appeared in many lists all over the world. A well respected and well established name in the industry, Armin has achieved everything imaginable, and has played all over the globe (and still does). A name you won’t forget easily, which is a good thing. This man has been so succesful since day one, and he has dominated the world ever since. Why? Well, listen to his liveset, and you know why!

A fantastic DJ and producer, we all know that. Armin never disappoints, and at Ultra, he played the finest tunes, taking the crowd to the next level of euphoria. You can hear the crowd loosing it during his set, and there’s a good reason for that: the music is excellent! The tracklist I found isn’t complete, but worth looking at.


01. Armin van Buuren presents Rising Star feat Betsie Larkin – Safe Inside You (ASOT Miami Intro Edit) 
02. Jamie Walker – Rojo
03. Alex Di Stefano vs Cosmic Gate – I’ve Got The Power vs So Get Up (Armin van Buuren Mashup) 
04. Alex Di Stefano vs Rank 1 – Airwave vs Escape From The Past (Armin van Buuren Mashup) 
05. Mark Leanings – Dropshot (Sam Jones Remix) 
06. Jordan Suckley – Droid
07. Ben Gold – Atomic
08. Armin van Buuren – Together (In A State Of Trance) (ASOT 700 Anthem) (Faruk Sabanci Remix) 
09. Gareth Emery feat Gavin Beach – Eye Of The Storm (LTN Remix) 
10. Armin van Buuren feat Aruna – Won’t Let You Go
11. ID – ID
12. Armin van Buuren presents Gaia – Empire Of Hearts
13. Lange – Imagineer (Alex M.O.R.P.H. Remix) 
14. Fisherman & Hawkins – Underworld
15. Andrew Rayel & Jano vs Qller & Poshout – How Do Life Must Go On (Armin van Buuren Mashup) 
16. Photographer & Abstract Vision – Zero Gravity
17. Armin van Buuren – Hystereo (Wach Remix) 
18. Armin van Buuren – Communication (Paul Oakenfold Full On Fluoro Mix) 
19. Abstract Vision & Philippe El Sisi feat Jilliana Danise – This Time (Wach Remix) 
20. Matt Bowdidge vs Aly & Fila & Photographer feat Karim Youssef – Laily vs Second Sun (Armin van Buuren Mashup) 
21. Will Atkinson – Numb The Pain
22. Allen Watts – Gravity
23. DJ Tim & Misjah & John Askew vs Martin Luther King – Access (Armin van Buuren Mashup) 
24. Robert Nickson – Spiral 2015
25. ID – ID
26. John Lennon – Imagine (Scott Bond Rebooted Bootleg/Armin van Buuren Edit) 

Am I the only one noticing a trend in EDM world? So many artists do mashups, a lot of mashups. Not pleasant for a reviewer, when there’s no option of copy-pasting!? I always thought that mashups were so 2003, but it seems that it’s back. Armin added a lot of his own mashups into his liveset, and it seemed to have done the trick: the crowd loved it (you can tell by the high pitched screams you hear during the recording).

The list has got a lot of Armin van Buuren tracks in it, which is always a good thing. In the past he has made a couple of minor tracks (well, according to me), but this one is filled with only the finest tunes. Pure Trance, and I love it. No nonsense. He doesn’t take any prisoners, he goes full on bezerk from the first second to the last. Armin knows exactly how to please the crowds all over the world, and the crowds in Miami are still amazed by the sets he played at Ultra. If you are listening to this and are gutted that you didn’t go, don’t worry: you can start saving money for Ultra’s next event (only if Armin is there).

I can say in all honesty that there’s nothing wrong with this mix, and that Armin proves yet again why he’s an award winning producer/DJ. A crowd pleaser, and whenever he touches the decks, the results are astonishing! Another brilliant liveset by the man who reinvented Trance music.

Best track in this set? They are all solid! I can’t pick.