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SBS Niche On Tour London April 2006

SBS Niche On Tour London April 2006

SBS Niche On Tour London April 2006

DJ: Shaun Banger Scott
Genre/Style: UKG, 4×4, Bassline, Speed Garage
Liveset Info: Recorded @ Niche On Tour London April 2006
Length Liveset: 00:59:04
Tracks: 15 (fifteen)
Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): DOWNLOAD/LISTEN
File Size: 135 MB
File Type: mp3
Bitspeed: 320kbps
More Information: Shaun Banger Scott – Facebook Fanpage

If you have Facebook, and you are friends with Shaun Banger Scott, you know what I’m probably going to say. You’ve probably been tagged a million times, and seen this mix on your timeline so much. If you do know what I’m talking about, you are part of the entourage. The SBS entourage. He’s tagged you for a reason (and myself included), to get everyone hyped up for the event which took place a few days ago. Niche, a legendary club, is back. Has it really left? Has it really? I don’t think it has. It’s still alive and kicking in the majority of those who went clubbing there during the heydays of Bassline music.

I was too late. Not only for the last event, but to actually go to the original Niche club. I was so into Bassline music, I became a Niche member (well, membership). Bought myself a jacket, and was hyping myself up to the max to visit the club, and then the news hit me: the club was closed. I was so gutted. Maybe cried a bit. But seriously, I was this close of actually going out and experience what everyone already has. It’s good that it’s still alive and kicking, with one of the pioneers of the sound still pushing it forward: Shaun Banger Scott.

His set was recorded back in 2006, when Niche was touring and hit London. I can’t say anything about that event, because I wasn’t there, and there’s no information online. It’s all about the music, and thanks to SBS for sending me the tracklist. It’s been a while since I last heard a Niche/SBS mix, but it’s time for it. And here’s the tracklist!

tracklist TCD

01. Wideboys – Badboi (SBS Dubplate) 
02. Soundboi – Never Gonna Say Bye (Delinquent Mix) 
03. Delinquent feat Kkat – My Destiny
04. Unknown – Connect
05. Black Eyed Peas – My Humps (DJ Q Remix) 
06. Mary J Blige – Be Without You (DJ Q Mix) 
07. Mr Bass – I Do
08. Orchestral Dubs – I Love You (Booda Mix) 
09. Tombstone – Reproduction (SBS Dubplate) 
10. Booda – Step Back
11. ID – ID
12. Mya – Case Of The Ex (Riplas N Sus Mix) 
13. Unknown – Dancin
14. Delinquent – Motherfunker (SBS Dubplate) 
15. Dezz Jones feat Sarah Blake – Take Me In

I was talking to SBS earlier, and I asked him if this set was really recorded back in 2006 and not in 2016. He confirmed it, it was  2006. 11 years ago, and it’s still sounding fresh as a daisy. 11 years old. These tunes might be ‘old’, but they still have the capability to destroy speakers.

These tunes made me happy, and they made me reminisce to those wonderful years, when I discovered Niche and SBS and all those wonderful artists, DJs and MCs. It dominated my life, even though I lived (back then) in the Netherlands. And I was probably the whitest person who enjoyed this magical music.

It’s good to hear that it’s still alive, and that there are people all over the UK still dancing to the wonderful tunes from the late 90s until the mid 00s. Shaun Banger Scott is one of those names who keeps it alive, and you can tell that he loves it. Not only the fact he tagged us 1643823 times in a post, but also because of the fact that his Soundcloud page is filled with hours of fun, and his latest mix is a good ‘un. It’s got some bangers in here, and probably the finest tune he saved until last!

A wonderful liveset, 11 years old, but still sounding fresh. SBS might have dominated in the past, truth be told: he’s still dominated the present and the future, and he’s still one of the leading names in the 4×4, Bassline and Speed Garage scene.

After hearing this mix I will forgive him for tagging me. It was worth it!