• Sied van Riel – EOYC 2016

    Sometimes you are sitting behind your computer and you want to hear something new and fresh from one of your favourite artists , and today was such a day. I woke up, first listened to a nice DnB mixtape, and after that I wanted to hear some Trance music by probably the best Trance DJ/producer/label

    Sied van Riel - EOYC 2016
  • Kemistry & Storm – Drum ‘N’ Bass V1 – October 1996

    Remember the good old days when CDs were becoming cool, but cassette tapes still dominated the world of music? Those days are long gone, and it’s sad to think that the high tech kids of today don’t have a clue how a tape works, or what a relation is between a pencil and a tape.

    Kemistry & Storm - Drum 'N' Bass v1 - October 1996
  • FINRG Podcast 004 – JNKS (2018)

    It’s Friday morning, and it’s very chilly. Most of the people need to go to work, but today I’ve got a nice day off. Why? Well, that’s non of your concern, but anyway, I’ve got time to write a review. And there’s been a mix on Soundcloud for three days I wanted to share with

  • Al Twisted – Motormouth Recz & MadBack Recs Yearmix 2017

    Being on a promo list is always a good thing. Not many artists or labels have got me on their list, but a few have. And one of those labels sent me a link to a mix the other week. The mix in question was a mix made by Al Twisted, showcasing the labels Motormouth

    Al Twisted - Motormouth Recz & MadBack Recs Yearmix 2017
  • Goldie: Essential Mix 1996

    I don’t need to explain to you all who Goldie is. The man with the golden teeth and the biggest smile you have ever seen, doesn’t need to be introduced. A true legend, a pioneer for the Drum and Bass scene for many years. What this man has achieved in all those years is remarkable.

    Goldie Essentail Mix 1996
  • Best Of Stamina Records 2017

    Remember a couple of weeks ago I reviewed ‘Best Of Stamina Records 2016′? That was literally a few days before the next instalment was going to be released. And you’ve guessed it: the 2017 edition of this succesful series has been released, and you can purchase it for a few pounds, 6.99 for the full

    Best Of Stamina Records 2017
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