• Stamina Records Radio 002 – Hosted By Greg Peaks (2018)

    It’s a new month, and a new podcast has arrived. Yes, the Stamina Records radio show is back, and this time it has been presented by the one and only Greg Peaks. And if you are a Freeform fanatic, you know this mix will be special. This will be like nothing you’ve ever heard before.

  • Nostalgia Demo Mix (2018)

    I think it’s a re-occuring theme here at TCD: every weekend we go back in time. And this time we go way back, to the early days (the 90s I’m talking about, not the bloody beginning of mankind). And there’s a Soundcloud channel for those who love the oldskool sound, and it’s called ‘History Of

  • Ben Sims – The Jackin’ Zone (House, Acid House + Techno) (2010)

    I know, it’s a glorious day, and the majority of you lot are watching the World Cup being played in Russia, and what am I doing? Basically f*** all. Just chilling behind the computer, listening to whatever is uploaded. Firstly I listened to a few brand new and exclusive mixes, and I felt the urge

  • DJ Promo – Mixtape July 1994 Part 2 (Side B)

    Yeah yeah yeah, I know it’s a cassette tape. And you are probably too damn young to realise it, how important tapes have been for us all. You know if someone is too young, if they don’t understand the relationship a pencil and a tape have. And that is astonishing. How could something so good

    dj promo
  • Future Sickness Records – Ragecast Vol. 6 by Lowroller

    It’s nearly time for the weekend, and sometimes you just want the music to be hard, rough, and unpredictable. Well, say hello to my new friend: Soundcloud. Well, he’s not new, but something on it is brand new. And it has got music we are all were waiting for: rough and raw Hardcore. And if

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