• HEAVY FIRE – Machine Gun Mix // Vol. 02 (2016)

    Last week someone was so kind to send new music, a mixtape I have never seen or heard before by an artists so new to me, when I saw his name I had to blink. The mix I’m talking about is ‘Machine Gun Mix // Vol. 02’ by HEAVY FIRE. This is probably the quirkiest

  • Attlas – Storyline: Vol 1. (2016)

    2015 was a brilliant year for me. During the year I discovered new music, new artists, and the one that made the year more special was a new artist called Attlas. To me he was the biggest surprise, and what he did to the music scene was so unique and refreshing, he became an instant

  • ATTLAS – After Hours Mix (2015)

    The other day I was on Soundcloud (as usual), and someone reposted a mix by someone called ATTLAS. A mysterious picture drew my attention, and the unusual tracklist also drew my attention. One click after seeing the tracklist and my whole world changed! I have never heard of ATTLAS before, but this man is a

  • Front Runners 2015 Summer Session House Mix

    If you are looking at the picture added above and wonder why it’s a picture of Mob and MC Enemy, you are absolutely right and wrong at the same time. To many UK Hardcore fans they are known as Mob and Enemy, but they’ve created a new alias for their House side called Front Runners.

  • Andy Whitby – The 40K Mix (2015)

    Andy Whitby has uploaded a brand new mix onto his Soundcloud page a month ago, and it’s a big one! To celebrate his achievements (on Facebook), he decided to, after reaching 40k fans on his fanpage, to upload a mix specially for his fans. And who isn’t a fan of the man who has won

  • Kap Slap – Spring Break Mix 2015

    If you are not American, and you are unaware what Spring Break is, you might want to Google it (like I did). It’s one week off for students. Celebrated in the United States, Canada, Japan, Korea and China, but mostly known to be an American holiday. Many students go to well known places such as

    Kap Slap - Spring Break Mix 2015
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