• DEFQON.1 – Maximum Force || Euphoric Campsite Mix (2018)

    June has officially arrived, and for the true harder style lovers it means only one thing: the biggest event of the year will happen shortly: Defqon.1 ! And as usual, they’ve gone all the way to make this the best of the best. People are getting extremely excited for it, and judging the line-up it’s

  • Helemaal Doorgetoeterd Volume 10 By Jason Payne (2018)

    It’s Tuesday, which means that the weekend is coming closer and closer. Currently still sitting at home, trying to recover from surgery. So the only thing I can do, is relax and enjoy whatever Soundcloud has to offer. And it’s a lot. A fucking lot. Because of the simplistic reason: it’s focussed on music. So

    Helemaal Doorgetoeterd Volume 10 by Jason Payne
  • #001 | Audio Overdose – Presented By Bionicle (2018)

    I was looking for a cool mix, and even though Soundcloud has changed the layout and how to find dope mixes, I found a new podcast for those who love Hardstyle a lot, presented by Bionicle. I’m not familiar with this name, so you have to excuse me if I don’t know a lot about

    #001 Audio Overdose - Presented by Bionicle
  • Hartshorn & MC Marko – Bounce Across The Sky (2018)

    Bounce. Yep. It’s been too damn long since I heard a Bounce mix. Can’t even remember if it was this year, or even in 2017. Let me check it right now. Nope, it was back in 2015 when I last reviewed a Bounce mix/CD. To be fair, Bounce isn’t on my favourite top 10 styles.

  • Warm-up Mix By Rooler|Loudness|03-03-18 Klokgebouw

    Back in 2016 I discovered Rooler, after listening to his Ground Zero liveset. And I was immediately hooked on this sound. His sound was refreshing, and just what I needed. Over the course of 1 1/2 year I have become a huge fan of Rooler, and the new direction Hardstyle is going towards. And it

    Warm-up mix by Rooler | Loudness | 03-03-18 Klokgebouw
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