• HDUK 2017 Yearmix

    HDUK. If you are not into the harder styles, you might not know what it means. It might sound like a bathroom detergent, or a brand of underwear, but when you are not sure and you are guessing what it means, I can tell you, whatever you are thinking, you are far off. This UK

    HDUK 2017 Yearmix
  • Loudness Warm-Up Mix | The Purge (2018)

    It’s been quite a while since I last visited my own website. Due to some errors I wasn’t allowed to actually enter my website, so I had to sit on the sideline and witness all the great music being uploaded/released, and not write a single word about it. It was around 2 to 3 weeks,

    Loudness Warm-Up Mix  The Purge
  • Greazy Puzzy Fuckerz – GPF’s Sexy Mix For True Survivorz (2017)

    Every day you learn things, and one of the things I learned today was the fact that there’s a duo called Greazy Puzzy Fuckerz, and they look like something out of a horror book. Never seen or heard anything like this before, but it’s something so unusual, it caught my attention and I was drawn

    GPF's Sexy Mix For True Survivorz (2017)
  • DJ Freeze Presents – Pump That Pussy Podcast 013 (2017)

    The Summer has ended. And yet you still find Summer Edition mixes every day on Soundcloud. It’s a bummer that it’s bloody freezing outside, because we all can use a bit of the Summer. Why does the Summer only happen during a short period of the year, it should be Summer all year round. Not

    DJ Freeze Presents - Pump That Pussy Podcast 013 (2017)
  • Infectious Presents: XTRA RAW #16 (2017)

    Wake up! It’s time for you lot to wake the f**k up. It’s Sunday, and I know you all want to stay in bed and do absolutely nothing, but there’s a world out there, which has got hours of music you have never heard before. And you want to stay in bed? Give me one

    Infectious Presents: XTRA RAW #16 (2017)
  • Madhouze: Unresolved ‘Act Of God’ | Unresolved Promomix (2017)

    The week has started with a bang, and what a bang it is! I’ve only found a promo mix for an event which already looks great on paper, but I reckon it will be amazing when you are there. On the 2nd of December 2017 you all need to go to Culemborg, at the Event

    Madhouze: Unresolved 'Act Of God' | Unresolved Promomix (2017)
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