• History Of D-Boy Records Session 2 – Only Vinyls (2017)

    You simply forgot that there were other labels back during the hey-days of Hardcore when the only thing you see and hear on Soundcloud are mixes focussed on the biggest labels out there. One of those ‘forgotten’ labels is D-Boy, and its subsidairy label D-Boy Black Label. This Italian label has released a few big anthems,

    d-boy black label
  • It’s Beginning To Sound A Lot Like Christmas (2017)

    Only a handful of days ago I reviewed a very bad but very funny Happy Hardcore / Christmas mix, containing the worst Christmas Hardcore tunes, and I thought that I wouldn’t find a mix this ‘bad’, but ‘The History Of Happy Hardcore’ only uploaded a similar mix 4 days ago. A bit longer, and containing

    It's Beginning To Sound A Lot Like Christmas
  • DJ Waxweazle – Best of Waxweazle vol 1 (2017)

    Gabbers, pay attention! A new mix has been uploaded, and it’s one you really need to listen to. Unless you are 12 years old. You have probably never heard of Waxweazle or Headbanger before. For those who know these names, this mix is for you. And for me as well. I was there when Hardcore

  • DJ Paul’s Megamix (1995)

    Back in 1995 DJ Paul Elstak was on fire. Well, truth be told he still is, but in 1995 he was everywhere. He was literally the talk of the town, and produced so many records, his name and his fame only became bigger and bigger. He not only became a household name in the Hardcore/Gabber

    DJ Paul's Megamix
  • Podcast #6 – Special 3 Steps Ahead Tribute By MC Rave (2017)

    3 Steps Ahead, the true Hardcore legend. It’s been many years since he passed away and left a big gap in the Hardcore scene. The legendary producer and DJ from the early days of Hardcore has left a mark forever, by being not only unique and diverse, but also a brilliant producer. He has made

    Podcast #6 – Special 3 Steps Ahead Tribute By MC Rave (2017)
  • History Of Happy Hardcore – Happy Mayhem (2017)

    The 90s, weren’t they the best years of our lives? Music wise you can not beat the quality that came out of the nineties. Well, there was also the decline of the quality which was released and hit the Top 40s all over the world, but when it comes to Gabber, Happy Hardcore and Hardcore

    History Of Happy Hardcore - Happy Mayhem (2017)
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