• DJ Casketkrusher – New Years Mix 2017: Ultimate Gabber Mix

    It’s been quite a while now since the last Casketkrusher mix, but now I’ve found yet another nice hour long mix by one of the dopest producers out there. This time it’s not a mix to showcase his own productions, but a proper Gabber mix with well known tunes from the golden age of Hardcore.

  • DJ A.K. – New Hardcore Mix 30.03.18

    We’ve had a long break. Some time off. Getting used to not being a reviewer every day. And when you are doing other things, your mind starts to wonder. What to do when you’ve got no music to keep you occupied? Well, let me tell you this: you will turn insane. So I’ve been listening

  • Arps – Broke The Beats (2018)

    Soundcloud is my kind of heaven, unlimited music, and whatever you are looking for, you will be able to find it. And that’s a good thing for me: one week I’m completely in love with one style, and the next I have embraced a new style. Whatever floats my boat, Soundcloud has got my back

  • M@rt!n-J – Gammer [The Archives] (2018)

    Who doesn’t love Gammer? Well, that’s a debate we can have another day. Nowadays it seems that half of the scene supports him, and the other half doesn’t. They don’t understand why he’s making a name for himself by doing what he does, but he has seen the light (to quote an oldschool UK Hardcore

  • Breakbeats & Pianos [1993-1995] (1997)

    I’ve been in the zone this week. What kind of zone? The chill out 90s zone. The full on piano and breakbeat Hardcore tunes. I was listening to some older mixes I already had in my possession, and someone on Soundcloud reposted this mix from 1997 by someone called Matt Positive. Just based my first

  • Brisk – Tokyo Rush (2018)

    A couple of months ago, a brand new album was released. The long awaited follow up Brisk album.This new album is called ‘Tokyo Rush’, after the very succesful record he made many moons ago. It was released just before the New Year started, and it’s sold out now. The only way you could have purchased

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