• Stamina Records Radio 002 – Hosted By Greg Peaks (2018)

    It’s a new month, and a new podcast has arrived. Yes, the Stamina Records radio show is back, and this time it has been presented by the one and only Greg Peaks. And if you are a Freeform fanatic, you know this mix will be special. This will be like nothing you’ve ever heard before.

  • Future_Proof Sounds Mix Series 009 – Cyrax (2018)

    Cyrax, Cyrax, Cyrax. This Freeform DJ and all round nutter has been quite busy on the world wide web, especially on Facebook, with his label Energy Fields, and his random memes and videos. I met him a couple of years ago, and he left a good impression on me. And also music wise he’s a

  • Stamina Records Radio 001 – Hosted By A.B! (2018)

    The Stamina Records podcast is dead, long live the Stamina Records radio show! If you don’t know what I’m talking about, don’t worry. Basically they’ve started the Stamina Records podcast many years ago, and it just died. Slowely. The hype around it was immense, and people really liked it, but it just disappeared from our

  • Raveolution Podcast Ep24; Jekyll (2018)

    I will be off for a few weeks due to personal health issues. I won’t be able to do anything regarding reviewing, and I don’t like that. I don’t make a single penny out of it, but it’s a hobby for me. I’m like the bedroom DJ who makes mixes, not to make money out

  • Executive Records 2018 Showcase

    The weekend is coming up, so we need some new music to fill our weekend with. And the first mix I noticed the other day, is a brand spanking new mix, containing a lot of exclusive records from Executive Records. The last time I reviewed something from them was 2 years ago, when I found

  • DJ A.K. – New Hardcore Mix 30.03.18

    We’ve had a long break. Some time off. Getting used to not being a reviewer every day. And when you are doing other things, your mind starts to wonder. What to do when you’ve got no music to keep you occupied? Well, let me tell you this: you will turn insane. So I’ve been listening

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