• CLSM – Breakbeat Revolution Mixed By Faz (2011)

    The other day I was on Facebook, and DJ Entity played a CLSM tune. Well, that woke me up completely. I haven’t heard ‘I Will Wait’ in a while, and it made my craving for Breakbeat Hardcore rise to an unknown level. I needed Breakbeat Hardcore so badly, I went onto Soundcloud and searched for

    CLSM - Breakbeat Revolution Mixed By Faz
  • SPYRO – The Turnt Generation Podcast Episode 1 (2018)

    SPYRO. Who is he? Well, I can give you a short description (if you don’t know already): he’s the one DJ/producer who uses a lot of ‘fucks’ in his promo videos on Facebook. And when I say a lot, I do mean a lot. And he’s got funny hair. And he makes UK Hardcore/EDMCore music.

  • Jaguar Skills – D.I.S.C.O – 40 Min Workout – June 2014

    Today I was in a Disco mode. Don’t know why, or how this all happened, but I just fancied some Disco music. I found a mix by the mighty Jaguar Skills the other day (the one he did for Data Transmission), but it sadly didn’t have a tracklist. I knew I saw another mix by

    Jaguar Skills - D.I.S.C.O - 40 Min Workout - June 2014
  • 1 Hour Old Skool 90s Hip Hop Mix (2010)

    The other day I was in a well known supermarket in Southgate, and they were selling compilations by Ministry of Sound. One of the albums stood out, and I grabbed it and bought it. It was something unusual for me, seeing as I’m always into Rave music: it was a compilation focussed on Hip Hop

  • Miss Monument – MixHit Radio 30th March 2017 – Breakbeat

    Another mix got sent to me the other week, and sadly due to work and many other things I were not able to listen to this until this morning. I talked to Miss Monument and said to her that I was going to review this mix, but obviously I had to listen to it first,

  • Lucky Breaks Promo Minimix (2015)

    The other day I was looking again for a new mix, and I think I have found one. One done by God knows who, but it’s a Lucky Breaks Digital promo mix. 13 minutes of Breakbeat Hardcore and Drum and Bass madness. I can see and hear you saying “why’s this mix so short?”. Well,

    Lucky Breaks 2015 Promo Minimix
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