• 1991 – 1992 Old Skool Rave Mix Part IV (Mickey Beam) (2015)

    December has officially started yesterday, so you will see so many reviews online, all reviewing Xmas album, mostly the ones made by Michael Buble. Maybe I will go down the same path as all those reviewers, but the focus still remains on good dance music. Old or new, I couldn’t care less. But going back

    1991 - 1992 Old Skool Rave Mix Part IV (Mickey Beam)
  • ★ Retro Tribute Mix to Bonzai Records ★ (2014)

    Bonzai Records, if that name doesn’t ring a bell, you are not an Oldskool Raver. There, I’ve said it. And I do mean it. If you don’t know the sheer impact this label has had over the world, and how many artists this has influenced, you are literally not someone who knows the history/roots of

    ★ Retro Tribute Mix to Bonzai Records ★(2014)
  • stranger – ’91/’92 Conceptmix (2017)

    Sometimes you see on Soundcloud a mix being reposted, but when a mix is good, you see multiple reposts coming past on your timeline. One of those mixes, well, I couldn’t ignore. Reposted so many times, it was a sign, I reckon. A mix done by stranger, focussed on the Techno side of life, but

  • DJ Casketkrusher – The Summer Rave Mix (2017)

    As you all know I am a fan of Oldskool music, and only a couple of months ago I discovered an artist who loves the Oldskool stuff as much as I do, and his name is Casketkrusher. Want to hear something funny? He likes the oldskool UK Hardcore/Rave stuff too! Not just Happy Hardcore or

  • Bass-D – Multigroove Tribe Warm-up Mix (2017)

    You can say whatever you like, but if you like Oldskool and you are not following Bass-D or ever heard of him, you ain’t Hardcore mate. This is probably the biggest DJ in the scene when it comes to mixes, no one can beat his mixes. Check out his Soundcloud for hours of fun. The

  • DJ Dela – Not Forgotten – Vol 2. (2013)

    When you come back from a holiday and you want to relax, you turn on your computer and search for the dopest and coolest sound imaginable, and in my case that’s House music. Not really in the mood for Hardcore or anything as hard as at the moment, but I will return to it as

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