• Robert Nickson Tribute (2018)

    A few months ago Robert Nickson came to my attention thanks to Sied van Riel’s podcast series, in which he played the majestic ‘Heliopause’. I fell in love with it immediately, and since the first time I am hooked to this kind of Trance music. Robert Nickson as an artist is rather unknown to me,

    Robert Nickson Tribute
  • Perrelli & Mankoff – October 2017 Mix

    When you are recovering from surgery and you are sitting at home, there are a lot of things you want to do. But sadly you are limited in your normal day to day stuff, so you try and slowely get back onto the bandwagon. I’m slowely getting back into my normal self, but what I

    Perrelli & Mankoff - October 2017 Mix
  • Perrelli & Mankoff – January 2018 Mix

    It’s Trance time again! Yes, already listened to several other styles and genres, but I want to ease down now, and relax, and the only style that does it for me is Trance. Well, Jazz mellows me down too, but that’s a niche market, I don’t think anyone would want to read a Jazz review.

    Perrelli & Mankoff - January 2018 Mix
  • Misja Helsloot – All Exclusive 138 (2018)

    Being offline for a few days has led up to me listening to a lot of new music. Mixes, oh, there were plenty online. Soundcloud is literally my best friend when it comes to this, and only a few days ago I discovered Misja Helsloot’s podcast series, which is called ‘All Exclusive’. What he brings?

  • Sied van Riel – EOYC 2016

    Sometimes you are sitting behind your computer and you want to hear something new and fresh from one of your favourite artists , and today was such a day. I woke up, first listened to a nice DnB mixtape, and after that I wanted to hear some Trance music by probably the best Trance DJ/producer/label

    Sied van Riel - EOYC 2016
  • Indecent Noise – Polonia In The Mix 011 (The Classics) (2014)

    When Soundcloud knows you better, it’s time for you to worry. I was just browsing and the first thing I found, was a mix 3 years old, filled with Trance anthems. I spoke about Trance classics a few reviews ago, how much I like them and how much I miss them, and I wish I

    Indecent Noise - Polonia In The Mix 011 (The Classics)
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