• Old School Bassline – Mix #2 (2018)

    Only a month ago I found a new channel on Soundcloud, and the DJ in question is called Vamos. Back in January the mix I reviewed was a ‘Best Of Burgaboy’ mix, and this re-ignited my love for the older Bassline sound. And it’s a sound I don’t hear that often, which is a pity.

  • Best Of Burgaboy Mix (2017)

    Don’t ask me which year it was when I started listening to Bassline music, but it has been many years ago. Maybe around 2009-2010? Or maybe earlier. Who cares, the main thing should be that I fell in love with Bassline, and one of the first DJs I started to follow, was Burgaboy. Amongst others

    Best of Burgaboy Mix
  • It’s A Lot! The UKG Sessions, Old School Special Vol. 3 (2017)

    UKG. How long has it been since I last heard a UKG mix? It must have been quite a while. Maybe a bit too long, if I’m totally honest. There was a time when I couldn’t stop listening to UKG, when the whitest person on God’s given Earth would go absolutely ape, listening to UKG

  • jerOO – Grime Sessions Vol.3 (2017)

    Found a mix I wanted to share for a while now, a nice mix by TCDs favourite record mixer (well, he’s known for cramming in many records in a short mix) jerOO. jerOO even made a promo mix for TCD, so he does get more credit than others, but who cares? It’s about the music,

  • New Movement #18 – Redhot – New Underground Garage & Bass (2016)

    Today is a good day. Even though the weather is quite crappy, the music that comes through my speakers today is good. From nice EDM/Dubstep/Drumstep mix to a very good UKG mix by Redhot. When I spotted this earlier, I immediately downloaded it, burned it onto a disc, and did the cleaning of the house.

  • TRC – Sounds Of The Summer 1.0 (2008)

    Can’t believe this mixtape was released back in 2008! Jeez, time does fly by quickly! Back in 2008 I was a huge fan of Bassline, probably one of the few Dutch people digging it. I was so into it, I downloaded literally every mixtape you could find on the world wide web. Via this search

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