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UKF Podcast #100 – Flux Pavilion (2017)

UKF Podcast #100 - Flux Pavilion (2017)

UKF Podcast #100 – Flux Pavilion (2017)

DJ: Flux Pavilion
Genre/Style: Dubstep, Trap, Drum & Bass, EDM, Bass House
Mix Info: UKF Podcast #100 – Flux Pavilion
Length Mix: 00:58:34
Tracks: 71 (seventy-one)
Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): LISTEN HERE
File Size: unknown
File Type: unknown
Bitspeed: unknown
More Information: Flux Pavilion – Facebook Fanpage

When was the last time I’ve heard a Flux Pavilion mix? It must have been many years ago since I last heard anything from this man. Obviously I have heard his tracks on the radio or in mix compilations, but an actual mix by him, that must have been a few years ago. And by checking my music folders it turns out that the last time I heard a mix was the fourth instalment of the UKF Podcast, which was released back in 2010. 7 years without a single mix by this man, what’s wrong with me?

Flux Pavilion is a house hold name in the Dubstep/Trap world. And I reckon those who don’t even like Dubstep even know his name. His records have been played all over the world, and also the label that pushes music into the world is widely known: UKF. For their 100th instalment they asked the legendary Flux to make a mix, and what kind of mix that became? A full on monster megamix! 71 records in an hour long mix. And if you were expected only Dubstep, you are wrong. This mix has got literally everything in it, as long as it’s got Bass. And if you’ve got good studio monitors, good car speakers and good headphones, this mix will blow your mind into pieces.

As I said, it’s got 71 records. Boy, have I got a task ahead by typing this all down here. Wish me luck!

tracklist TCD

01. Flux Pavilion – Intro
02. Trampa – Rocket Fuel
03. Cookie Monsta – THEM
04. SVDDEN DEATH & Somnium Sound – Maurauders
05. Herobust & Monxx – Giant Squiddim
06. Dillon Francis feat G-Eazy – Say Less (Eliminate Remix) 
07. Flux Pavilion – Bass Cannon
08. Craymak & Aprisah – Arrival
09. Omar Varela & Ghostkilla – Aries
10. Flux Pavilion – ID
11. Nitti Gritti & Adair – Limbo
w/ Flux Pavilion – I Can’t Stop
12. Eliminate – Snake Bite VIP
13. Flux Pavilion – I Can’t Stop
w/ Flux Pavilion – I Can’t Stop (Ekali Tribute) 
14. Gentlemens Club – Take You Back
15. Hydralix feat Kei Leeza – Madness
16. Flux Pavilion & Diskord feat Flowdan – Locked In
17. Gent & Jawns – Collecta (LEGACY Flip) 
18. Standard & Push – Let’s Go
19. 1991 – Kabuki
20. Bungle – Cocooned
21. Herobust – Vertebreaker
23. XaeboR – Foul
24. Flux Pavilion & NGHTMRE feat Jamie Lewis – Feel Your Love
25. Funtcase – Scary Yikes GRRZ
26. ID – ID
27. Wooli – Back Again
28. Frank Nuts and Lifecylce – Whiplash
29. LAXX – Hardcore
30. Megaladon feat P. Money & Blacks – Rage Quit VIP
31. DMVU – Bloccd
32. Calvin Hobbes – Untitled AF (Kill Your Ego)   
33. ID – ID (Flux Pavilion Remix) 
34. Doctor P – Pizza
35. Dillion Francis feat G-Eazy – Say Less (Eptic Remix) 
36. GLD feat Dapp – Handz
37. Flakzz and Aryakz – ID
38. Flux Pavilion & Matthew Koma – Emotional (MUST DIE! Remix) 
39. Caspa – Get Higher
w/ Zomboy feat O.V. – Get With The Program (Eptic & Trampa Remix) 
40. AC Slater & Chris Lorenzo – Fly Kicks (Wax Motif Remix) 
41. Damien N-Drix & Shayne – Ozey
42. QUIX – Deep Home
43. Herobust – Move Mint VIP
44. Franky Nuts – All In My Head
45. Stabby – Act Two
46. Barron – Fat Bitch
47. Flux Pavilion feat Doctor P – International Anthem
48. Party Favour – WAWA
49. Getter – Head Splitter
50. Wiwek feat Keno – Double Dribble
51. Twine – Burn
52. Bro Safari & Dion Timmer – Proper
53. Flux Pavilion & Doctor P feat Jarren Benton – Party Drink Smoke
54. Hermitude – Hyperparadise (Flume Remix) 
55. Cookie Monsta – ID
56. Snails & Space Laces – Squishy Riddim
57. Phiso – ID
58. Flux Pavilion – Let’s Get It
59. Eptic – The End (Carnage & Breaux Remix) 
60. ID – ID
61. Doctor P & Flux Pavilion – Fuckers
62. Doctor P – Snakes & Ladders
63. Matthew Koma – Kisses Back (CRaymak Remix) 
64. Franky Nuts – Burn It
65. Whetan feat Flux Pavilion & MAX – Savage
66. Noisia & The Upbeats – Dead Limit VIP
67. Upgrade – Blow
68. Flux Pavilion feat Cammie Robinson – Pull The Trigger

Yep, that has demolished my fingers completely. I need to recover, give me a minute or two before I continue typing.

I am back. And I’ve got to say that this tracklist does look alright. Sadly I’ve been out of the scene for too long, and only know the most well known names such as Flux, Doctor P, Funtcase, Cookie Monsta, and that’s basically it. I should have paid more attention, and I should have listened more to other UKF podcasts. But I clearly admit it, I am not lying about it. But damn, I’ve missed out on a lot!

This mix contains new and older stuff. But it’s all Bass-driven. The focus is on the Bass, and that’s what you get throughout the mix. And also an incredible 71 records, which still amazes me. Flux makes it sound so easy, so easy to mix, but I reckon this gave him a huge headache afterwards, and when he was actually doing it. How can you do an hour mix without a small mistake? Well, Flux did it, and he did it well, errorless/flawless.

Entertaining, to say the least. This keeps us Bass lovers moving. As I said you can expect more than just Dubstep. From Drum & Bass to EDM, to Trap, to Dubstep, to Bass House. It’s an hour of fun.

I can not pick a favourite, there are too many. And according to others who have already listened to this mix (in 5 days already 24.4k+ plays!), this mix is dope. And I concur. This is ace, a mix that will get you through the week, and will make the time towards the weekend shorter. This week will fly by.

Flux, I promise, it won’t be 7 years for me to hear a mix by yourself. I will reduce the time, trust me!


Monstercat 028 – Uproar (Tyranny Album Mix) (2016)

Monstercat 028 - Uproar (Tyranny Album Mix) (2016)

Monstercat 028 – Uproar (Tyranny Album Mix) (2016)

DJ: Tyranny
Genre/Style: Drum & Bass, Drumstep, Dubstep, Electro, EDM
Mix Info: Monstercat 028 – Uproar (Tyranny Album Mix)
Length Mix: 00:51:52
Tracks: 15 (fifteen)
Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): LISTEN HERE
File Size: unknown
File Type: unknown
Bitspeed: unknown
More Information: Monstercat – Facebook Fanpage

Found yet another new mix for you all to listen to, a mix done by DJ Tyranny, and it’s a good one! Maybe listened to too much Hardcore recently, so I thought this Dubstep/Drumstep/EDM mix would come in handy. This mix is called ‘Monstercat 028 – Uproar’, and it contains quite a lot of awesome tunes, most of them I’ve never heard of. Carefully mixed together by DJ Tyranny, and this mix can be found on the compilation sharing the same name. On which you can find these tunes as DJ friendly, full lengthed tunes. But not only 15 tracks, but 30 tracks! You should check it out, all the details can be found on their Facebook fanpage.

Don’t have a clue who or what Monstercat is, never heard of it before, but this mix intrigued me a lot. A cool looking picture and a tracklist is all I need to give a mix a go. And after this mix I became a very happy person, and immediately pressed play again! This mix is packed with so many awesome tunes, and for only $10 or more you can get this.

To make sure you know what you are spending your money on, you can check out Tyranny’s mix. And here’s the tracklist:


01. Pegboard Nerds & MUI – Weaponize
02. Snails & Pegboard Nerds – Deep In The Night
03. Stonebank – Soldier
04. Droptek – Rupture
05. Rameses B feat Aloma Steele – Darkest Place
06. Topi – Bad Language
07. Topi – Backup
08. Glacier feat Q’AILA – Dancing By Myself
09. Anevo feat Ameria – Electric Heart
10. Rich Edwards feat Park Avenue – For You
11. Puppet & Foria – I’m Here
12. Anna Yvette & Laura Brehm – Summer Never Ends
13. WRLD – By Design
14. Stonebank – Who’s Got Your Love
15. Draper feat Sykes – Ready For Us

The mix is tight, really enjoyed this. Tyranny’s mix is a nice and relaxing mix to start our weekend with.

It does have a lot of awesome tunes in it. It’s the kind of music you want to play when you are chilling in your car, windows down (top down, if you have a convertible), one arm hanging out of the car, volume right up, and driving slow past a beach. This is just chilling music, and it will make everyone look at you. You will look great, unless it’s a dreadful car you are driving in.

I loved every second of this mix. And if you do as well, I would urge you to check out where you can get this album from, and it will be worth every penny, trust me.

Best track? Well, there were a few, but ‘Backup’ is just the filthiest and nastiest, and yet the grooviest of the lot.

Worth your time, check Monstercat 028 out right now! 8k+ already have, and it’s only been online for a couple of hours!


FuntCase Australia Tour Mix – June 2015


FuntCase Australia Tour Mix – June 2015

DJ: FuntCase
Genre/Style: Dubstep
Mix Info: Australia Tour Mix – June 2015
Length Mix: 00:29:15
Tracks: 17 (seventeen)
Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): LISTEN HERE
File Size: unknown
File Type: unknown
Bitspeed: unknown
More Information: FuntCase – Facebook Fanpage

If you live in Australia and you are a Dubstep fan, you are in for a treat! As we speak, there are two legends of the Dubstep scene in your country! Yes, Cookie Monsta and FuntCase are there because of their Australia Tour. Upcoming Friday and Saturday you can see them at Big Ape and also at Distortion. To get everyone hyped up, both DJs uploaded a mix onto their Soundcloud page, and today FuntCase’s mix is the one we are going to talk about. Why his mix? Well, it was the first mix I’ve spotted. And his name always makes me giggle like a teenage girl on acid.

If you don’t know who FuntCase is, you should be ashamed. You, my son, aren’t Dubstep enough. He’s the masked hero, but if you look closely, it’s not really a mask, is it? It looks like a huge adult diaper. Never mind, let’s talk about what he does for a living. He’s a very succesful DJ and producer and is signed to the biggest label in the Dubstep scene, Circus Records. Within 6 years, he has changed from a beginning Dubstep producer to one of the hottest artists on God’s given Earth.

This promo mix is filled with awesome and extremely filthy tunes. If you haven’t purchased tickets yet (if there are still tickets left), you should. Let this mix persuade you to see not only FuntCase, but also Cookie Monsta.


01. Psyko Punkz feat Dope DOD – Drunken Masta (FuntCase Remix) 
02. ID – ID
03. Getter & Deemed – Battery
04. Phiso – Jotaro
05. Megalodon – Dead Ringer
06. Getter – Fallout (FuntCase Remix) 
07. BadKlaat – Serious Sound
08. Datsik & Barely Alive – The Blastaz
09. J Phelpz feat Merky Ace – Hench (FuntCase & J Phelpz VIP) 
10. Jakes – H.U.D.
11. FuntCase & Max Headroom – Let’s Do It
12. FuntCase – Out For Da Milli (Mayhem Bootleg Remix) 
13. Nostalgia – Gun Dem VIP
14. Datsik & FuntCase – Buddha First
15. D-Jahsta & Rekoil – The Realm Of Terror (Rekoil VIP) 
16. Protohype & FuntCase – Quantum
17. McMash Clan feat Kate Mullins – Requiem (FuntCase ‘Erebus’ Remix) 

Seriously, you haven’t bought tickets yet? Shame on you! If you have, and you’ve already seen the two legends, you must have had a wicked night out. Or you might have bought tickets for upcoming friday and saturday, and this mix could be the warm up mix to make upcoming weekend the best weekend of your life.

Nearly 20k listens already, and people seem to like the mix a lot. I’m one of them, I’m a huge fan and I think this is one of the biggest Dubstep mixes of 2015. Loving the vibes it generates. I’ve lost interest in it, when it became too big, but now it’s time for me to indulge myself into this wonderful world yet again.

The mix only contains filthy tracks. The best track in this mix? Has got to be ‘Hench’. Sweet Lord, when I heard this for the first time, I nearly soiled myself! But was I expecting something else? FuntCase is known for his love and enthusiasm for everything nasty (Dubstep related ofcourse).

If this doesn’t persuade you, nothing will. One amazing mix, I wish I lived in Australia. I would have gone.

No download option. There’s no need to worry, you’ve got two hands and a mouse, and you can click ‘play’ again and again.


jerOO – 2015 Muthafuckaaaaz


DJ: jerOO
Genre/Style: Dubstep, Grime
Mix Info: 2015 Muthafuckaaaaz
Length Mix: 01:07:20
Tracks: 42 (fourty-two)
Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): DOWNLOAD/LISTEN HERE
File Size: 154 MB
File Type: mp3
Bitspeed: 320kbps
More Information: jerOO – Soundcloud Page

jerOO is back! Finally, after several months of sheer silence, the man is back. TCD’s most favourite Grime/Dubstep DJ. And his first mix of 2015 is a good one, and it’s called ‘2015 MuthaFuckaaaaaz’.Yes, it’s not going to be a pleasant mix, it’s going to be as hard and tough as usual, and again he delivers an awesome mix with many tracks fitted in a short period of time, it’s unbelievable that every mix he has made, you can never find an error. It’s one continuous flow of Dubstep, and I’m liking it a lot.

The last mix I’ve reviewed.. pfew, that’s a long time ago. After 5 months of silence he’s back, and this mix is banging as usual. He plays only the finest and darkest Dubstep tunes out there, seemlessly and perfectly. jerOO has got an unusual feature I don’t hear too often: his mixes are perfect! So many tracks crammed into a 67 minute mix, unbelievable. That’s talent, ladies and gentlemen. This mix is no exception, if you compare it to his previous mixes, and even though he has mixed so many tracks that I’ve never heard of, he keeps you (the listener) bouncing up and down. Or as they would like to say “skanking”. Is that correctly used? I’m not familiar with that word, never used it in my life before, but it seems acceptable to use it in this review.

Most of the tracklist and artists I’ve never heard of before, and those I know I’ve seen before in jerOO’s mixes, nowhere else. But you can expect an excellent mix, dark and edgy Dubstep. If you don’t like the commercial side of Dubstep, make sure you download this mix right now, because it’s filled with underrated anthems.


01. Midnight Tyrannosaurus – The Dark Monarch
02. Antikz – Chrome Smokers
03. AD – Purgatory
04. Quaro – Summon
05. Sadhu – They’re Gonna Be There
06. Abstrakt Sonance – Not Down (Roadsbeef Remix) 
07. Dubfreq feat Lazer Leng – Mad Ting
08. Mowbz x Lordz – 1991 Royals
09. Roadsbeef – Milch & Sugar
10. ENiGMA Dubz – Isolated
11. Jhene Aiko – The Worst (Truth Remix) 
12. Quaro – Nidra
13. Quaro – Psion
14. ENiGMA Dubz – Night Train
15. Soberts x Siege – Hara-Kiri
16. SkintDisco – Jack It
17. Dubamine – OG
18. Duckem – Nous
19. Depth One & RSK – Unbound
20. Crowell x Bommer – Critical Levelz (Ecto Remix) 
21. SkintDisco x Machina – Dr Suesss
22. Bommer x Cromwell – Nah Nah (Hesh Remix) 
23. Leakr – Turn Up
24. Distinct & Aero – Suck It Easy
25. JAM PRD – Stand Tall
26. MuK – Flesh VIP
27. BadKlaat – Insects VIP
28. Le Lion – Embrace
29. Standard Procedure – Babylon Shall Fall VIP
30. Ponicz & pOgman – Marshes
31. Mr Boogie & Megalodon – Power Tools
32. BadKlaat – Buh Skank (Bassclash Mashup) 
33. SkintDisco – Machine Man (2014 VIP) 
34. Orien – Electromagnetic
35. Bloodthinnerz – Bloodskank
36. ENiGMA Dubz – Haze
37. Proxima – Turbulent Skies
38. Aftee – Standard
39. AD – Juice
40. Fish Fingers – Home Invasion
41. Joedan & Styn – Untitled
42. Skinzman & Robz – Oh Jah

See, I don’t know any of these tracks, never heard of them before. I wonder how jerOO finds them? Wherever he finds them, you all should go there too, and buy/download these badboys too. Damn, they are good. Each and every one of them!

In this mix he added a lot of free tracks. So another treat for you, if you know where you can get them from. A lot of these tracks are free, as you can see if you are on jerOO’s Soundcloud. Ask the man where he got them from, because the tracks are all solid, solid as a rock. Nah, not a rock, more like a diamond.

I can not say that this mix has got a dull moment in it. This mix is excellent! Excellent as usual. Such an underrated DJ. Up and coming DJs should learn from this, jerOO is the man. He always delivers, and never disappoints. And that’s why he’s TCD’s most favourite Dubstep/Grime DJ.

One nasty mix. A pleasant mix to start the week with.