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2002 – 2006 Classic Hardstyle Mix – By Hardheadz (2017)

2002 - 2006 Classic Hardstyle Mix - By Hardheadz (2017)

2002 – 2006 Classic Hardstyle Mix – By Hardheadz (2017)

DJ: Hardheadz
Genre/Style: Hardstyle, Hard House, Hard Dance
Mix Info: 2002-2006 Classic Hardstyle Mix By Hardheadz
Length Mix: 01:32:22
Tracks: 20 (twenty)
Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): LISTEN HERE
File Size: unknown
File Type: unknown
Bitspeed: unknown
More Information: Scantraxx Recordz – Official Website

I’m on a roll today, listening to some older tracks and mixes. And mixes focussed on the golden years of a style. This time I’m listening to a mix dedicated to Scantraxx and the year between 2002 and 2006. Can’t believe that some of these tunes are between 11 and 15 years old! I can remember the years like they were yesterday. The music I listened to back then was this, Hardstyle/Hard House music. This was what dominated my life, when my passion for Hardcore faded away. And one of the labels that kept on pushing this new style forward was (and still is) Scantraxx Recordz.

This time machine that I’ve climbed into is a pleasant one. First I went back to the early 90s with a nice mix by Bass-D, and now we go forward to the early 00s, and this mix has been made by Hardheadz. I recognise the name, but that is all. I do know nothing, if I’m brutally honest. My love for Hardstyle has faded away during the last couple of years, so I’ve missed out of a lot of new artists. Or it could be that Hardheards has been in the game for a while and I simply not paid attention.

Anyhow, let’s focus on the mix. 20 tracks in an hour and a half mix. Well, it’s strictly speaking NOT hour and a half, because the last 5 a 6 minutes were silent. But you get your money’s worth. 20 wicked tracks, released by Scantraxx or one of its sublabels. You will love the tracklist.


01. Taq 9 – Beatz In Time
02. Marc Arcadipane vs The Prophet – Stereo Killa
03. DJ Duro – Psycho
04. DJ Duro – Cocaine Motherfucker
05. The Prophet – Cocain Bizznizz
06. The Prophet vs Deepack – Stampuhh!!
07. Dana & The Prophet – Pump Dizz
08. Blademasterz – Masterblade
09. Headhunterz – The Sacrifice
10. The Prophet – OG Pimp
11. Headhunterz vs Abject – Scantraxx Rootz
12. A-Lusion – Re-Count
13. Unknown Analoq – Blackout (Brennan Heart Re-Edit) 
14. The Prophet vs Brennan Heart – Attakk
15. Headhunterz – Victim Of My Rage
16. The Prophet – Pornstar
17. Hardheadz – Wreck Thiz Place
18. Brennan Heart – Revival X
19. Headhunterz – Time To Rock
20. DJ Duro & The Prophet – Shizzle My Dizzle

How about that, Hardheadz has a record in this mix! Shame I didn’t pay attention at all lol. Hardheadz must have been in the scene for quite a while. Let’s blow off the dust from my collection and see if the name appears on those old collections. If so, my brain is slightly loosing it.

Focus on the mix, and the mix is good! You get so many records thrown at you, and I’m liking them all. Can’t believe they were released more than 10 years ago! They dominated my youth and the scene. Who can forget those memorable tunes by The Prophet, like ‘Stereo Killa’, ‘Pump Dizz’, ‘Stampuhh!!’ and more. We all have to admit that we went loose when we heard ‘Stampuhh!!’ coming through the speakers. And yes, if you were Dutch this record did the most for you, because the majority of the lyrics are Dutch. But it didn’t matter: the music spoke for itself.

The mix is good. Taking me back to when Hardstyle and Hard House were cutting edge, and exciting. Nowadays it has became slightly bland and boring, but back in the early 2000s labels such as Scantraxx made sure the records were fresh and dancefloor ready.

Hardheadz’s mix is dope. Nothing to comment about. Sit back, relax, and let the beats, basses and melodies come through your speakers. And admit: 2002-2006 were the golden years, without a shadow of a doubt!


007 – PureRAW – Mixed by J0ahz (2017)

007 - PureRAW - Mixed by J0ahz (2017)

007 – PureRAW – Mixed by J0ahz (2017)

DJ: J0ahz
Genre/Style: Hardstyle, Rawstyle
Mix Info: 007 – PureRAW – Mixed By J0ahz
Length Mix: 00:31:35
Tracks: 10 (ten)
Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): LISTEN HERE
File Size: unknown
File Type: unknown
Bitspeed: unknown
More Information: J0ahz – Facebook Fanpage

Finding new mixes is the thing I do every day. Sometimes I go through my timeline, and I find nothing interesting, but sometimes the only thing you really need to do is to let Soundcloud give you mixes, mixes you need to discover. And one of those mixes you are about to listen to. It’s a mix done by an unknown DJ to me, J0ahz, and it’s filled with Rawstyle records, designed to demolish your eardrums. And I know the most of you will like this a lot, seeing as it’s Sunday morning and the majority of you lot only listen to pop/commercial music coming through your speakers. Time to wake up the neighbourhood.

This DJ has got a main goal, to set up 30 minute mixes, and he tries to air them every month around the 10th. How about that, eh? Every month new mixes, filled with Rawstyle. And I like the fact that underneath the tracklist he wrote down that he likes to add music from unknown artists, supporting new music. That normally never happens, the only records selected are those who dominate the charts. For an ‘unknown’ artist to push other unknown artists forwards is a genuinely nice thing to do. Keeps the scene alive, eh?

Let’s see the tracks he has selected for this mix!


01. Beatfreak – Pay Up
02. Killshot – Beastmode
03. The Pitcher – Hell Dog
04. D-Mind – Warrior
05. Outbreak – Survival (TWSTD Remix) 
06. Caine – Abomination
07. Mrotek – Substance Abuse
08. Regain – Roll It
09. Main Concern & Malice & Mind Dimension – Waiting 4
10. Bomfunk MC’s – Freestyler (Malice Bootleg) 

A good looking tracklist, but most of all: a good mix! This has turned this sunny and boring Sunday morning into one amazing Sunday. What were you expecting, to have a quiet Sunday? Hell no, that’s not going to happen. We are here to provide you with good music, and this mix will demolish you completely.

J0ahz’s mix is a good one. Really entertaining, and I couldn’t find anything wrong with it, mixing wise. A quality mix. For being an unknown DJ to me he has made a mix he should be proud of. The tracks are good, but not all of them. ‘Hell Dog’ is just too weird, and let’s not mention ‘Freestyler’. Don’t ruin a classic, which was shite back then, but this version just sounds odd.

It’s nearly the tenth of April, so we can expect a brand new mix, according to Soundcloud? Let this mix provide you enough music for the next couple of days. Sadly not downloadable, but you can still press play over and over again. Worth a listen!


Madhouze ‘Dat Spant De Kroon’ | Royal S Promomix (2017)

Madhouze 'Dat Spant De Kroon' | Royal S Promomix (2017)

Madhouze ‘Dat Spant De Kroon’ | Royal S Promomix (2017)

DJ: Royal S
Genre/Style: Hardstyle, Jumpstyle, Freestyle
Mix Info: Madhouze ‘Dat Spant De Kroon’ Promomix
Length Mix: 00:32:44
Tracks: 18 (eighteen)
Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): LISTEN HERE
File Size: unknown
File Type: unknown
Bitspeed: unknown
More Information: Madhouze – Facebook Event Page

It’s Saturday morning, and the weather is looking alright. Not really good good, but it’s getting there. You know what is looking good, and also sounding good? This promo mix I’m listening to. It’s for an event called ‘Madhouze – Dat Spant De Kroon’, which is held on the 26th of April, and you could go to this event, and I suggest that you find your way to this club, because the line-up is a beauty: Radical Redemption, Frequencerz, Warface, Atmozfears, D-Sturb, Bass-D, and the man who made this promo mix: Royal S.

Truth be told I’m new to the Freestyle scene and know not a lot of names, including Royal S. Never heard of this man before, so it’s not only a promo mix for this event, but a showcase mix to me. Freestyle is growing day by day, and you don’t need to say to me that it’s awesome, because I already know. I get this feeling which is equivalent to the feeling I got when I first discover Hardcore, and after that Hard House, and after that UK Hardcore, and the list goes on. Excitement is what I’m feeling. This new and growing style is grabbing me, and makes me want to lose control a lot.

Royal S’ mix is short, but the tracklist looks good. Have a look yourself!


01. Vitellus – Life’s A Bitch
02. Dutch Movement – Da Pussy Syndrome Part 3
03. Potato & MC Tha Watcher – Beast Mode
04. Ricardo Moreno & Crude Intentions – Party People
05. Potato & Pat B – Good Times
06. Ransom – Let’s Roll
07. Mark With A K – Riot
08. Royal S – Sovjet
09. STTRBSTN feat Monkaholics & John Kho – Tiefus (Royal S & Crude Intentions Remix) 
10. Dutch Movement & Feest DJ Ruud – Turn The Tide
11. Royal S – Nightmare
12. Ricardo Moreno – Rock The House
13. Crude Intentions & Zany – Pray To God
14. Royal S – Violento
15. MYST – Before You Go
16. Deluzion – Aunt Rhody
17. Re-Style – Hypnosis
18. Mark With A K & Warface – Fear Of The Dark

I’m new to the scene, but these names do ring a bell. Ofcourse Mark With A K, Potato, Pat B, Re-Style (I thought he made only Hardcore?), and now Royal S. If you are a full on Freestyle freak you must adore this mix.

This promo mix has made this Saturday even better. Sadly I can’t go to this event, but if I were you , I would get your tickets and traintickets (or however you are going to this) and get really hyped up for this. The line-up is awesome, and Royal S’ promo mix is really the one that makes this event even better. If he plays like that in real life, boy you are in for a treat.

Happiness is what I felt after hearing this mix. No errors or anything I can mention which might reduce the mix’s score. This is really a good Freestyle mix, I’m digging it. I’m also liking Royal S’ own records. A good showcase mix.

Check this one right now, it’s worth your time! And have you purchased your tickets yet? You should, you seriously should!


Pila – back2school 2013 Promomix

Pila - back2school 2013 Promomix

Pila – back2school 2013 Promomix

DJ: Pila
Genre/Style: Early Hardstyle, Hardstyle, Hard House, Hard Dance
Mix Info: back2school 2013 Promomix
Length Mix: 01:01:23
Tracks: 11 (eleven)
Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): LISTEN HERE
File Size: unknown
File Type: unknown
Bitspeed: unknown
More Information: B2S – Facebook Fanpage

Some days you are on Soundcloud and find nothing, and some days the mixes just come flying towards you, non stop. Today was such a day! It won’t stop, the music kept on pouring and pouring. One of those mixes I had to share with you all, it might be a couple of years old, but it’s still fresh as a daisy! A mix to promote the event which obviously already took place: back2school in 2013. So there’s no need of you all getting hyped up for this specific event, but you could look out for similar events in the near future. And whilst waiting, you could listen to this mix, made by DJ Pila.

I’ve seen the name Pila fly by every so often, but I can’t tell you anything about this DJ. Don’t know nothing about him (or is it her?).  I’m sorry for not knowing each and every artist on God’s given Earth, but bear with me, and I will look it up. Oh, it’s a him by the way, and he’s been in the scene for quite a while (looking at one of his releases on Discogs, which dates back to 1995). I told you I’ve seen the name fly by a couple of times, but that was all.

Anyway, before we go on and on about the same thing, it’s time to focus on this promomix, which he made back in 2013. It’s packed with the finest Early Hardstyle/Hard Dance tracks, those I really miss. This is the kind of music I fell in love with when it emerged. This is the Hardstyle I love. Still digging the new stuff, but the early 00s stuff is much better.


01. Derb – Coole Sau (DJ Isaac Remix) 
02. Walt – Let The Music Play
03. Clive King & Scott Marten – Total Confusion
04. Showtek – Brain Crackin’
05. The Raiders – Disk Warrior (Warrior Mix) 
06. Hardstyle Guru – Girls
07. Southstylers – Wraow
08. Dutch Masters – Take Some
09. Tuneboy – Housenation (DJ Isaac Remix) 
10. Zatox – Tanz Elektric
11. The Pitcher – Grindin’

This is so awesome to hear these tunes again! I remember buying ‘Bitte Ein Beat’ CDs and they rocked. They were unique and fresh, and back in the early 00s they were basically the shit. Shit hot. This music was so refreshing, and even listening to this in 2017 it’s ground breaking stuff. Quality over quantity, and many producers can learn from these producers who made Hard Dance music.

Pila’s selection is awesome! I know each and every track, and have played them over and over again. I’m sorry if the amount of Soundcloud plays have gone up in the last couple of hours, it’s just me pressing play over and over again! What a brilliant mix, quality tracks in it. And you wonder what happened to this specific sound, eh?

Yes, this is the mix you were after on this dreadful, cold and miserable Sunday. This will enlighten your mood, unless you are too young to remember what Early Hardstyle/Hard Dance sounded like. Enjoy it no matter what!

Which is my favourite track in this mix? Got to be ‘Grindin”. Just a brilliant anthem!