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DJ: Goetia
Genre/Style: Hardcore Techno
Mix Info: Hardcore Riot Cast 01
Length Mix: 00:47:44
Tracks: 23 (twenty-three)
Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): DOWNLOAD/LISTEN
File Size: 109 MB
File Type: mp3
Bitspeed: 320kbps
More Information: Goetia – Facebook Fanpage

After a nice and relaxing Hip Hop mix I was thrown into the deep. Back to the Rave music. Someone sent this mix to me, stating it should be reviewed, or at least listened to. Thanks for that. Now the beats, basses and melodies are pumping through my speakers. What kind of mix? A proper Hardcore mix by an artist called Goetia. What kind of Hardcore? The roughest and filthiest Hardcore around. Not the cheesy stuff, only the banging stuff. The stuff so hard, it makes the Devil wonder why he hasn’t come up with this style. This is filthy.

I’ve seen the name before, but I know nothing about Goetia. According to her Facebook fanpage, people call her the Queen Of Terror. She dominates the French Hardcore scene, and she pushes Hardcore all over the world as being one of the first Hardcore female DJ (well, they probably mean from France?). She turns out to be a very big name, playing at the biggest events all over the world, so this ain’t a one day DJ, but someone who has a long lasting impact. And to be frank, this mix has left an impact on me. Not many female DJs play the roughest records coming out of the scene. She does it. She probably says ‘bollocks to the mainstream’. And I’m liking the attitude.

The tracklist is a beauty. A few unknown ID’s in it. Let me show it to you!

tracklist TCD

01. Goetia vs Sandy Warez – ID
02. The Unfamous feat MC Mike Redman – Hated To Hero
03. Tieum – Drugs
04. The Beatkrusher – Hedde Drugs Op
05. The Satan – Meat
06. F.Noize & Crime Scene – Extinction
07. The Unfamous feat Bloodievoice – I Don’t Give A Fuck
08. Scarphase & Angernoizer feat Tha Watcher – Chaos Of The Mayans
09. Dyprax – Titty Pom-Pom
10. Mind Erazer – Fckin Shit
11. SRB – Rocket Muppet
12. Spitnoise & Deathshock – Brahh (NSD Remix) 
14. NSD – Dope Aside
15. Goetia – ME, MYSELF & I
16. Sodiak – I Like Bad Bitchez
17. Goetia vs Sandy Warez – ID
18. The Unfamous & Unrest – Just Two Loud
19. Mr. Miyagi – Tear Shit Up
20. Goetia – ID
21. Goetia vs Angernoizer – ID
22. Kurwastyle Project – Snow In Summer
23. Goetia – Move On

A wonderful tracklist. The few ID-less records will be announced soon. So don’t send me messages asking what the track title is, because I don’t and wouldn’t know.

Goetia’s mix is rough. And very, very tough. She has picked so many rough records, my speakers are struggling. But is it worth it? Yes, it is. There are a lot of her own records in here, so if you haven’t heard of her before, you will know who she is from now on.

Tomorrow me and the missus are going on a holiday, and this goes on my media player. I’m taking this with me, and will play it out loud. Greece, be aware, this Hardcore fan will blow speakers up!

The mix kept me going. Even the quirky records like ‘FOREVERYOUNG’ and ‘Rocket Muppet’ made me smile, and bounce my head up and down. A few little errors, but manageble. Goetia’s mix is quite intoxicating. She keeps the BPMs way up, and doesn’t bow down to the conventional mainstream Hardcore. F**k that, only fast and ear destroying records.

What’s my favourite record? Oh, difficult. Can’t pick one. I simply can’t.

Put your speakers up to the max, and let the Queen take over your life for 47 minutes. Let yourself go.


Raving Madness | Podcast107 | Happy Hardcore (2017)

Raving Madness | Podcast107 | Happy Hardcore(2017)

Raving Madness | Podcast107 | Happy Hardcore(2017)

DJ: Raving Madness
Genre/Style: Happy Hardcore, UK Rave, Hardcore Techno, Gabber
Mix Info: Raving Madness | Podcast107 | Happy Hardcore
Length Mix: 00:36:13
Tracks:  16 (sixteen)
Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): LISTEN HERE
File Size: unknown
File Type: unknown
Bitspeed: unknown
More Information: Raving Madness – Soundcloud Page

The last couple of weeks the only kind of style I’ve been reviewing has been Hardcore. Well, that’s all because Thunderdome is about to happen. But seeing as I was full on Hardcore, I wanted something lighter. Something happier. Something cheesier. And voila! I found a mix, dedicated to the Happy Hardcore sound from the 90s. The DJ who made this mix is Raving Madness, and it’s the 107th edition of his podcast series, in which he plays everything, from Early Hardcore to Millennium Hardcore to Happy Hardcore.

I used to love Happy Hardcore back in the days. A huge fan of the compilation with the same name, I bought them all, and raved in my bedroom all day, all night. Happy Hardcore over the years got a lot of stick from literally everyone, but I couldn’t care less. Happy Hardcore was, and still is awesome. And to hear and see mixes on Soundcloud dedicated to this magnificent style bring a smile on my face.

Don’t know anything about the DJ, but his podcast series looks amazing. I will check other mixes out when I’ve got the chance. But for now I’m focussing on this mix, and it’s about time for me to show you the tracklist!

tracklist TCD

01. Dyewitness – Masterplan (Live Version) 
02. Seduction & Eruption – Bust The New Jam (Hard Mix) 
03. Infernus – I Want Your Love (Original Happy Hardcore Mix) 
04. Sonicdriver – In Your Arms Tonight
05. Paul Elstak – Luv U More (Paul’s Forze Mix) 
06. Brothers In Crime – How Deep Is Your Love (Dwarf Mix) 
07. Creasemaster & Slamdog – Bump The Bass
08. Evil Maniax – 4 x Funk (Bass In Ya Face)
09. June – Suck My Dick
10. Mongoose – Flame On (El Bruto Remix) 
11. Enfusia – Hit ‘Em With This
12. Tekno Mafia – Bugs Don’t Fly
13. Obliterator – New Improved Shit
14. Wicked Dimension – Everytime I Think Of You
15. Tellurian – So Damn Tough
16. Sigma 909 – Smooth Crimina

Now this is a tracklist and a half! And I can say to you that, even though I am a Happy Hardcore fan, I know only 80% of the records Raving Madness used for this mix. There are a few unknowns in this mix, and that has tickled my enthusiasm for it. Time to blow off the dust from the collection, and see if I’m still a proper Happy Hardcore fanatic!

And the answer to that is ‘yes’. This mix has sparked my enthusiasm, and brought smiles for miles. I always wondered what happened to all these wonderful producers, where have they gone? Do they know what kind of impact their tunes still have on the raving masses?

Raving Madness has made a very interesting podcast, and the tracks are all solid. Sometimes cheesy (like Sonicdriver’s ‘In Your Arms Tonight’ and ‘I Want Your Love’ by Infernus) and sometimes just banging stuff like ‘Bump The Bass’. I’m so deeply in love with this kind of music, and I can only give positive credit to Raving Madness.

Smiles for miles. 36 minutes of pure Happy Hardcore. Cheesy? Check. Hardcore? Check. Smiles for miles? Double check!


The Thundergods Mix By: DJ Rob (2017)

The Thundergods Mix By: DJ Rob (2017)

The Thundergods Mix By: DJ Rob (2017)

DJ: Rob
Genre/Style: Hardcore Techno, Gabber, Happy Hardcore
Mix Info: The Thundergods Mix By: DJ Rob
Length Mix: 00:46:52
Tracks: 16 (sixteen)
Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): LISTEN HERE
File Size: unknown
File Type: unknown
Bitspeed: unknown
More Information: Thunderdome – Official Website

It’s getting closer and closer. Thunderdome is creeping up so quickly, before we know it, it’s already passed. But the tension is building up to the biggest rave in human history. Not when it comes to the amount of people, but the strength of the ravers going, and what will happen. It will be a memorable event, one that will go in the history books as being the defining moment in Hardcore history. You’ve got to be there to tell the legendary story. What will happen in October will be so damn good, and why was I so late with getting tickets? I’m ashamed. Hardcore fan since 1993, but now too damn late.

Recently you heard the Ruffneck mix (who sadly isn’t going, due to health reasons), a Drokz Tunnel of Terror mix, and now a mix by one of the pioneers: DJ Rob. The man who lives, breathes, and basically invented Hardcore (alongside a few others, but his name is credited as being the first one). The man who took Hardcore to the Netherlands and lifted it to the next level. It’s actually years ago since I last heard a DJ Rob mix, and I reckon it wasn’t even a mix, it was a liveset. Was it Global Hardcore Nation CD 1, where he had the first set? Anyway, it’s been too damn long. He’s back with a brand new mix, dedicated to the brand that made the Hardcore DJs superstars (to a certain degree).

DJ Rob selected 16 records, and of course he grabbed a few of his own records, and smashed them into this 46 minute mix. Look at the tracklist, and say to me that these tracks didn’t give you goosebumps back in the 90s, and even today. Say it in my face! You couldn’t, because these are absolute classics!

tracklist TCD

01. Members Of Mayday – Religion
02. Pilldriver – Pitch-Hiker
03. Rotterdam Terror Corps – Maniac
04. The Mover and Rave Creator – Atmosphere
05. The Coalition – 9mm
06. Masoko Solo – Pessa Pessa
07. DJ Rob & Tim B feat Da TMC – Bleeding Ears
08. DJ Hooligan & DJ Rob – Love Time
09. DJ Weirdo & Dr. Phil Omanski – Young Birds
10. DJ Buzz Fuzz – Frequencies
11. Mollela – Originale-Radicale-Musicale (Stunned Guys Mix) 
12. Tiny Tot – Discoland
13. Lancinhouse meets Stunned Guys – Fucking Sweet
14. DJ Rob & Tim B – Get Set
15. 3 Steps Ahead – Paint It Black
16. DJ Rob – Rob’s 20 Seconds

Wow! This is insanely beautiful. Proper tunes, with a few I haven’t heard in quite a while. I reckon more than 15 years! This is a flashback to the golden years of Hardcore. Thanks for that, Rob, for this awesome mix!

The tracks are really good. He starts with an unknown track (to me, never heard it before), and after that the pace goes up and up, slowely. He used anthems to compose this mix, and to actually pick a favourite is quite difficult. I’m torn between two records: ‘Maniac’, and ‘Love Time’. Both equally good, completely different from each other, but oh so good.

Oh my God, ‘Discoland’. Who remembers that tune? I was singing it out loud on each dancefloor I was on back in the 90s. And raving whilst ‘Pessa Pessa’ kept on pounding through the speakers. Oh, and ‘Pitch-hiker’ being the perfect track to let yourself go completely. Or if you were looking for a sing-a-long record, ‘Paint It Black’.

One record I don’t like. Don’t like ‘Bleeding Ears’. DJ Rob has made many memorable anthems like ‘Love Time’ and ‘Get Set’,  but for this one I have to use a Dutch saying: ‘deze valt buiten de boot’. Find the vocal boring, and the actual record a bit ‘meh’.

All in all a very entertaining, and devastating mix. I can’t go. And from now until Thunderdome actually takes place, I won’t write any reviews about it. It breaks my heart not being there, at the biggest Hardcore event in the history. The line-up is, and it’s basically a home coming for us all.

Maybe I’ll be at Thunderdome 50 years. Maybe.


Thunderdome Megamix 6-10 (2016)

Thunderdome Megamix 6-10 (2016)

Thunderdome Megamix 6-10 (2016)

DJ: KenLio86
Genre/Style: Hardcore Techno, Gabber, Happy Hardcore, Breakbeat Hardcore
Mix Info: Thunderdome Megamix 6-10
Length Mix: 00:49:35
Tracks: 108 (hundred and eight)!
Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): LISTEN HERE
File Size: unknown
File Type: unknown
Bitspeed: unknown
More Information: Thunderdome – Official Website

Thunderdome is nearly about to happen, just over a month and the madness will happen. I told you many months ago that it was going to blow up, and we’ve already seen shitloads of mixes online, but only the other day I found a mix so damn unique, I had to share it with you all. I don’t know who made this mix, it’s on a page by KenLio86, I reckon he made this mix. No matter who made the mix, it’s about the bloody music, and what kind of mix it actually is. It’s a megamix, but one like you’ve never seen or heard before!

108 tracks in one mix. Yes, I’ve said it, a hundred and eight! And I’m not kidding! He added a tracklist, and indeed, 108 records in 49 minutes. I’ve never seen anything like this before. Especially when it’s focussed on Thunderdome, and the 4 of the greatest Thunderdome compilations (Thunderdome VII was never my favourite). Thunderdome VI, VIII, IX and X are truly masterpieces, and to find the records from these 5 albums in one mix, all crammed together, will make you smile from ear to ear. This tribute mix is one amazing mix, I couldn’t leave this one behind and not review it, especially when Thunderdome is just around the corner.

The tracklist is such a beauty, it will make you feel young again, buying these albums on CD or cassette for the first time, and playing these out loud, making your parents angry to the bone. Be prepared for some eye porn!

tracklist TCD

01. Acid Heads – Some Sort Of Pill (Equazion Remix) 
02. Charly Lownoise & Mental Theo – Live At London (Hardcore Mix) 
03. Q-Tex – Equazion Part 4
04. The Carpenter – Jump Off The Fucking Roof
05. Hardcore Society – Bad Boy
06. Bertocucci Feranzano – XTC Love
07. Warlock – Delicious
08. DJ Tails & Noizer – Drum & Basz
09. Scott Brown vs DJ Rab S – Now Is The Time
10. Club X – Don’t Deny The Beat
11. Vanugenth The 5th – Pussycat
12. DJ Weirdo & DJ Sim – Pump That Stupid Bass
13. The Dentist – Pulp Fiction (Rotterdam Mix) 
14. El Bruto – Hypnotising
15. Brothers In Crime – 100% Crisis
16. The Dentist Of Boscaland – The Purple Anthem
17. Bass-D & King Matthew – Heartbeat (Party Mix) 
18. DJ Buby, DJ Max & DJ Giangy – Musica Nevrotica
19. The Beatsquad – Roll The Drum
20. DJ Gizmo & Lars – Baby I Know
21. Public Domain – So Get Up!
22. Tony Salmonelli – Once Again
23. Lockjaw – Deep In The Underground
24. The Scotchman – Happy Vibes
25. DJ Davie Forbes – Apocalypse Now
26. Dance Overdose – Wake Up To The Overdose
27. DJ E-Rick & Tactic – Bring The Noise
28. DJ Waxweazle & Guitar Rob – This Is How It Started
29. Jeremy – The Flow
30. Lockjaw – Ruff ‘N Ruggin’
31. Bass-D & King Matthew – The Witch
32. DJ Waxweazle – Legs
33. Rave Generation – Going Crazy (Forze DJ Team Mix) 
34. DJ Gizmo – Hear Me On The Radio
35. Diss Reaction – Jiieehaaaa
36. Predator – Mind Of A Lunatic
37. DJ Weirdo & DJ Sim – It’s Gonna Be Alright
38. Bodylotion – Make You Dance
39. Masoko Solo – Pessa Pessa
40. The Scotchman – Oblivion
41. Knightvision – Who Is It?
42. Gabbaheads – I’m A Thunderdome Baby
43. DJ Weirdo & DJ Sim – Go Get Busy
44. Knightvision – Who Is It?
45. DJ Sim – You’re A Nut
46. Bass Generator – The Event
47. Section 8 – Punnany (The Prophet Remix) 
48. DJ Waxweazle & Guitar Rob – Our Nightmare
49. M-Vay & Dan-Vee – Burnin’ Up
50. Baba Nation – Jesus Words
51. Tony Salmonelli – Hey! (Buzzy’s Raggamix) 
52. Private Productions – Looped (3 Steps Ahead Remix) 
53. The Ender – Alles Egal
54. The Partyman – Take It Easy
55. Critical Mass – Having Sex
56. The Clown – Do You Want A Balloon?
57. Marc Smith – Pump Up The Noize (Raid Mix) 
58. The Nerds – Are Back
59. Critical Mass – Lift Me Up
60. DJ Waxweazle – Look Ahead
61. Too Fast For Mellow – We’re Gonna Get This Place
62. Ni-Cad – Brainwash (Rotterdam OTT Mix) 
63. DJ Paul – Play My Game
64. DJ Alex – Say What
65. Technohead – The Number One Contender
66. The Prophet – Rock Steady
67. The Washington Affair – Should I Say Fuck It
68. Dr. Phil Omanski – Feeling (UK Mix) 
69. DJ Sim – Straight Of The Dancefloor
70. Ultimate S.T. – What’s This DJ
71. The Prophet – Big Boys Don’t Cry (4 Minute Mix) 
72. DJ Gizmo – Prayer
73. DJ Weirdo & DJ Sim – Kick This Muthaf#@ka
74. Evil Maniax – Psychopath
75. Duo Pennotti – Addicted 2 Raves (Buzz Fuzz Remix) 
76. 3 Steps Ahead – We Need Things That Make Us Go (Senna’s Drive Mix) 
77. Bertocucci Feranzano – E-Motion (Buzz Fuzz Mix) 
78. DJ Rob & Smash – Ist Diesen Bassdrum Korreckt
79. Flamman & Abraxas – Drugs (Juggernaut Mix) 
80. Buzz Fuzz – Nu Year
81. Critical Mass – Can’t Stop
82. Happy Toons – Let’s Go Party
83. DJ Paul – Cheese ‘N Beats
84. DJ E-Rick & Tactic – Dance To The Beat
85. Credibility – Tango Rules
86. Lenny Dee & Darrien Kelly – Schoom!
87. DJ Weirdo & DJ Delirium – Open Your Eyez!!!
88. Buzz Fuzz – Pump Up The Bass
89. 3 Steps Ahead – Stravinsky’s Bass
90. Critical Mass – Psychotic Break (Lenny Dee & Strychnine Remix) 
91. 3 Steps Ahead – Hardcore
92. Bata – The Shoeshineman
93. Cixx – Body & Soul
94. 3 Steps Ahead – This Is The Thunderdome
95. Technohead – I Wanna Be A Hippy
96. Mutoid – Fuckin’ Mind
97. The Prophet – House Time!
98. 3 Steps Ahead – So Much Trouble
99. Buzz Fuzz – Summertime (Alright Y’all)
100. The New York Terrorist – Da Joint
101. Rob Gee – Realm Of Natas
102. Mutoid – The Necronomicon (Buzz Fuzz Mix) 
103. Wendy Milan – TV Madness
104. Buzz Fuzz – Drop The Pressure
105. 50% Of The Dreamteam – The Thundertheme
106. Ralphie Dee – Mad As Hell
107. Dano & No Sweat – Suckers
108. De Klootzakken – Dominee Dimitri (Censored Version) 

Sweet Lord, baby Jesus and all the apostles! This has got to be the ultimate Thunderdome mix. Imagine if the DJ made a mix of ALL Thunderdome CDs. Imagine 1000 records! Oh my God, that would be the coolest mix ever. But this one comes close, really close.

The DJ picked my most favourite Thunderdome CDs ever (besides the seventh edition). These are the classics, and the most played of all my CDs (and contains the most scratches). I’m really impressed. And he made it look like it was just a walk in the park.

At least 95% of the records are my favourite records of all time. I can’t pick a favourite, it’s just too damn difficult. Look at the tracklist. You couldn’t pick your favourite: it’s the same like choosing a favourite child if you’ve got more than 1. You simply can’t.

He makes it look so easy. How he mixed these together with such ease is just beyond belief! I’m literally shocked. And annoyed as well, because the records are played too damn short. But this has sparked my enthusiasm for these wonderful albums!

Small errors here and there, but nothing to be shocked about!

One of the dopest and coolest Thunderdome mixes of all time! Impressed to say the least!

Bring on Thunderdome. Sadly I can’t go, but I will watch it from home (if it’s broadcasted live). Thunderdome 4 Life!