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DJ Dela – Not Forgotten – Vol 2. (2013)

DJ Dela - Not Forgotten - Vol 2. (2013)

DJ Dela – Not Forgotten – Vol 2. (2013)

DJ: Dela
Genre/Style: House, Acid House, Rave
Mix Info: Not Forgotten Volume 2
Length Mix: 01:19:14
Tracks: 31 (thirty-one)
Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): DOWNLOAD/LISTEN
File Size: 108 MB
File Type: mp3
Bitspeed: 192kbps
More Information: ———–

When you come back from a holiday and you want to relax, you turn on your computer and search for the dopest and coolest sound imaginable, and in my case that’s House music. Not really in the mood for Hardcore or anything as hard as at the moment, but I will return to it as soon as possible. For now it’s House, and I think I have found a good mix for you all, containing the finest and classiest House music tunes from the golden years of it. Many might have been forgotten (sadly), but with mixes such as this one they keep pushing those forgotten tunes into the ‘not forgotten’ section. These tunes were ace and still are dancefloor smashers.

Don’t know a single thing when it comes to DJ Dela, the DJ who composed this mix, but what I do know is that the mix he/she made is absolutely amazing, and contains only the finest tunes! I will show you the tracklist in a minute, it’s worth checking it out, because it does contain tracks you might haven’t heard for quite a while and you want to hear them again (and trust me, you really want to hear them again).


01. Todd Terry – Preacher (Acapella) 
02. Awesome 3 – Don’t Go (Sure Is Pure Mix) 
03. Amos – Let Love Shine
04. Sterling Void – It’s Alright (Acapella) 
05. Judy Cheeks – Reach (Remix) 
06. Sultana – Te Amo
07. Degrees Of Motion – Do You Want It Right Now (Acapella) 
08. SLD – Getting Out
09. Frankie Knuckles – Workout
10. Fluke – Sid
11. Bjork – Big Time Sensuality
12. K&M – Funk And Drive
13. Kenny Jammin Jason – Can U Dance
14. Love Revolution – Give It To Me Baby (Original Mix) 
15. Class Action – Weekend (Acapella) 
16. Blast – Crazy Man
17. Direkt – Two Fatt Guitars (Revisited)
18. Ruby Turner – Never Ever Gonna Give You Up
19. Rhyme Time – You & Me
20. O.T. Quartet – Hold That Sucker Down
21. Dupree – Brass Disk (Acapella) 
22. Gat Décor – Passion
23. Kathy Brown – Turn Me Out
24. Paris Red – Real Good Friend
25. Klatch! – God Save The Queer
26. Ralphi Rosario – You Used To Hold Me (Acapella) 
27. Dina Carol – Ain’t No Man
28. Chrissy Ward – Right And Exact
29. Floorjam – Stoneage
30. Up Yer Ronson – Lost In Love
31. Kim English – Nite Life

This contains a lot of awesome tunes. Not Awesome 3 tunes I mean, only 1 of them, but the quality of these tunes is just astonishing! Yes, it’s true, I haven’t heard most of these in a very long time!

The one I haven’t heard for a while, which I played non stop back in the 90s, was ‘Hold That Sucker Down’ by O.T. Quartet! Sweet Lord, memories do come back, and even after 20+ years this track still gives me goosebumps! To me this is the best tunes in this mix, and also one of my favourite all time records! Never heard anything after this record from them, but this one is just so dope: this is just how music should sound like.

DJ Dela made a really interesting mix, and worth a download. This has made my day. Drowsy and boring? Nope, it’s now fantastic! This goes straight onto an empty disc, and I will be playing this out loud whenever I can! House is timeless, and with mixes like this one they keep those anthems alive and kicking. Check it out!

What’s not so good about this mix? Well, the Bjork track. What an annoying voice. Couldn’t stand her during the 90s, still can’t stand her voice.


The Acid House (2013)

The Acid House (2013)

The Acid House (2013)

DJ: Jagz Kooner
Genre/Style: Acid House, Techno
Mix Info: The Acid House
Length Mix: 00:56:38
Tracks: 12 (twelve)
Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): LISTEN HERE
File Size: unknown
File Type: unknown
Bitspeed: unknown
More Information: ————-

You all know I’m a fan of Acid House, and yesterday I was on a quest to find a new Acid House mix with a tracklist. Wasn’t easy, most of those mixes do not have a tracklist, but I found one, made by Jagz Kooner. Never heard of the DJ before, but this is really a mix you should open your ears to, seeing as it’s a vinyl mix (meaning vinyl was used to compose this mix, no CDs or USB stick). If you play Acid House, the best way to play it is by blowing the dust of your old Technics, replace your old and busted needles, and get your old LP/vinyl collection and play it out loud. That’s the best way, playing vinyl.

I can’t say anything about the DJ, because I know absolutely nothing. What I do know is that he used tracks from 1987 till 1989, the golden years of Acid House. These years were the birth years of Acid House, and it got embraced by the raving culture, sadly not by the majority of the people. As you can see from the picture used for this mix is the fact that the media was against this new revolution. To be fair, yes, drugs had something to do with it growing rapidly, but it’s not fair: the music can touch you and lift you up to the next level, with or without drugs. I’ve never touched drugs, and I still feel the power behind Acid House. I think, and it’s only fair, that the media and the government should apologise for those mistakes they made during the heydays of Acid House. Look what it lead up to: a dance industry bigger than anything in the world, and Acid House was responsible for it!

Let’s get back to the mix before I become political.


01. The Party Boy – The Twilight Zone
02. Pierre’s Pfantasy Club – Dream Girl
03. Bam Bam – Where’s Your Child?
04. Baby Ford – Oochy Koochy
05. Laurent X – Machines
06. Humanoid – Stakker Humanoid
07. Phuture – We Are Phuture
08. Pierre’s Pfantasty Club – Mystery Girl (Set Me Free)
09. Bam Bam – Give It To Me (Instrumental)
10. Mickey Oliver – In-Ten-Si-T
11. Phuture – Acid Tracks
12. Sleezy D – I’ve Lost Control

Beautiful tracklist. It’s only fair to say that Jagz Kooner, whoever it might be, has composed a very nice tracklist. It’s sad to realise that these really interesting tunes aren’t played out as often as they should be. These tracks should deserves more credit for what they have achieved. This level of production has been surpassed by many artists, yet we do not appreciate what these pioneers have done. Thank you all for creating Acid House, and making it (to me) the most memorable style of music.

What’s my favourite track in this mix? There’s only one big anthem (to me), which is ‘I’ve Lost Control’ by Sleezy D. Wasn’t this the first ever Acid House track on vinyl? I heard a story about it, don’t know if it’s correct, but I think it was the first ever on vinyl, correct me if I’m wrong.

There were some small issues during the cross fading from one track to the next, no big problems at all. But you all know I’m quite picky.

Give the man credit for composing a wicked mix and only using vinyl to make it. Not many DJs keep the vinyl scene alive. A nice mix to listen to on this sunny yet boring Sunday!


NowLetsHaveSomeFun – Classic Acid House Mix (2013)

NowLetsHaveSomeFun - Classic Acid House Mix (2013)

NowLetsHaveSomeFun – Classic Acid House Mix (2013)

DJ: NowLetsHaveSomeFun
Genre/Style: Acid House, Techno
Mix Info: Classic Acid House Mix
Length Mix: 01:10:58
Tracks: 21 (twenty-one)
Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): LISTEN HERE
File Size: unknown
File Type: unknown
Bitspeed: unknown
More Information: ——————–

Sometimes it’s necessary to spend as long as you can on Soundcloud, because you might a mix so good, you won’t believe your ears. For me that happened yesterday, I was browsing for something unusual, something I don’t listen to very often, which is Acid House. A couple of mixes were literally crap and I wished I could go back in time and don’t waste minutes listening to them, but the one I’m about to talk about wasn’t one of those mixes.

This mix was done by someone called NowLetsHaveSomeFun, don’t have a clue who he is. But it’s not about the DJ, it’s all about the music, and in all fairness: the music is good! This mix is jam packed with those memorable tunes from the lovely 80s, the decade so important for us all. It shaped the future, without it even knowing it. We would be nowhere without Acid House and Techno, and the DJ who mixed this together has picked only the most well known Acid House anthems.

It might be only the most well known tracks in this mix, but the importance is tremendous! So many of these tunes have stood the test of time, and to me they are all time classics, more important than those crappy pop tunes released in the 80s, or even today. Just to balance it out I will go on the hunt for unknown Acid House tracks in a mix, it will take some time, but I will eventually find one!


01. Mr. Fingers – Can You Feel It?
02. Frankie Knuckles – Your Love
03. Kariya – Let Me Love You For Tonight
04. Raze – Break 4 Love
05. Orange Lemon – Dreams Of Santa Anna
06. Corporation Of One – The Real Life
07. Inner City – Big Fun
08. A Guy Called Gerard – Voodoo Ray
09. Dionne – Come Get My Lovin’ (Komix Mix) 
10. Sterling Void – It’s Alright
11. Fast Eddie & Kenny ‘Jammin’ Jason – Can U Dance?
12. Black Riot – A Day In The Life
13. Lil Louis – French Kiss
14. Royal House – Can You Party?
15. The Nightwriters – Let The Music (Use You)
16. Joe Smooth – Promised Land
17. Raven Maize – Forever Together
18. Inner City – Good Life
19. Humanoid – Stakker Humanoid
20. 808 State – Cubik
21. 808 State – Pacific 202

You might not know the names, but you definately know the tunes. The tunes are timeless classics, and still used and remixed to this day!

I’m loving the vibes, the happiness, the cheerfulness. This isn’t aggresive or dark music, this is quite light, and I do not understand why the government and the police were so against it during the 80s. Maybe because they didn’t understood it, the importance, the force it generated. Well, thank God the music won, and we live in a world in which Electronic Dance Music is still alive and kicking, all thanks to Acid House (and Techno ofcourse). But Acid House brought music to the masses.

NowLetsHaveSomeFun has created an excellent mix. Some tunes might be a bit cheesy, but I’m still digging it. Some tunes might have been played a billion times already, but the importance is … well, important. This is one of those mixes you want to listen to on a dreary Sunday like today, and chill. Or relax, whatever floats your boat.

A big mix. Sorry neighbours, I’m going to sing along, and it isn’t going to be pleasant.

Best tracks? Royal House’s ‘Can You Party?’ and A Guy Called Gerald’s ‘Voodoo Ray’.


This Is Fawks :: 002 (2016)

This Is Fawks :: 002 (2016)

This Is Fawks :: 002 (2016)

DJ: Fawks
Genre/Style: Bass House, Deep House, Future House, Trap, Dubstep, Drum & Bass, Hip Hop, Rap
Mix Info: This Is Fawks 002
Length Mix: 00:59:17
Tracks: 41 (fourty-one)
Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): LISTEN HERE 
File Size: unknown
File Type: unknown
Bitspeed: unknown
More Information: Fawks – Facebook Fanpage

Found this mix the other day online, and I have to say that, even though I have never heard of this DJ’s name, this mix has captured my attention, and I have listened to it already several times, like most of you lot have. Only uploaded 24 days ago, it already has 13.2k+ plays. You might wonder why the high amount, but in all fairness, this mix is really tight and very dope, and that basically the main reason why people have listened to this mix.

This mix captured my attention for several reason, but the main reason being the tracklist! Look at the tracklist, it’s dangerous! I will show you the tracklist in a minute, but you must admit after looking at it that it’s a beauty! Not bound to only one style or one genre, Fawks has picked a lot of tracks from several genres/styles, blended them together into this majestic mix, and the result is good. Bass music, that’s the key element in this mix.

Bass music, who doesn’t want to hear it? If you don’t, please leave this page.


01. Fawks – [redacted] 02. Riton feat Kah-lo – Rise And Repeat
03. Sleepy Tom x Go Freek – The Way You Push (Fawks Edit) 
04. Shadow Child x Destructo x Justin Martin x Ardala – Higher Function Weapon (Fawks Edit) 
05. Fawks – [redacted] 06. Lliam Taylor – [redacted] 07. Getter & Ghastly – 666!
08. David Heartbreak – Rebel (AC Slater Remix) 
09. A$AP Mob – Hella Hoes (Jauz Remix) 
10. Jauz – Feel The Volume (JoyRyde Remix) 
11. Ghastly x Cooda x Boy Bishop – Get On Nitro (Fawks Edit) 
12. Foreign Beggars – Choosing For You (Lliam Tayler Remix) 
13. Eptic – Spellbound (Loud About Us Bootleg) 
14. Jvst Say Yes – Ill Behaviour
15. Ookay & Getter – World (YDG Remix) 
16. Brewski – Niykee Heaton (Fawks Flip) 
17. Psychic Type – Indigo Plateau (Fawks Flip) 
18. Galantis – No Money (Wuki Remix) 
19. Tchami & AC Slater – Missing You
20. Drowning Pool – Bodies (Drezo Remix) 
21. Jaykode & Party Thieves – Origin (Fawks Flip) 
22. The Game & Skrillex – El Chapo (Fawks VIP) 
23. Rustie feat Danny Brown – Attak
24. Skepta – That’s Not Me
25. Yogi – Burial (Moody Good Remix) 
26. Skrillex & Alvin Risk x Nero – Try The Innocent Dub (Fawks Edit) 
27. Sub Focus – Falling Down VIP
28. Roksonix – Music In Me
29. Zomboy – Terror Squad (Fawks i_o Flip) 
30. Shockone – Chaos Theory
31. Metrik – Terminus
32. Nero – Satisfy (Koncept Remix) 
33. Mob Tactics – Shark Tank
34. Mob Tactics – Get Dirty
35. Black Sun Empire – Kill That Noise
36. Wilkinson – Heartbeat (Calyx & TeeBee Remix) 
37. Monsta – Holdin’ On (Skrillex & Nero Remix) 
38. Friction & Skream – Kingpin (Calyx & TeeBee Remix) 
39. Fakws – [redacted] x Sun And Moon
40. Oliver Heldens – Gecko Overdrive (Matrix & Futurebound Remix) 
41. Deadmau5 – Avaritia (Dimension Remix) 

See I told you!! Didn’t I warn you? This is one sexy tracklist. Nothing can beat this tracklist, really astonishing!

The mix is tight, really good. Not dull at any moment, only a few tracks which weren’t my thing, but if there were 3, that’s no biggie. 3 bad tracks in a 41 track mix? That’s not bad, is it.

Fawks has given me a very good mix to listen to on the way to work. The journey was quite pleasant, and not as long as I thought it was going to be. I could listen to this mix again and again, and I will. It has nearly reached the end of the mix, so it’s time again to start it, and go mental.

Favourite track? Oh, I can’t choose.

A very interesting mix by an unknown artist (to me). Liking the vibes, liking the diversity, liking it a lot. Quite the summery mix too, if I’m honest. Chill back, relax, and enjoy this mix, wherever you are. If you are looking for a very, very dope mix, look no further.

Thank you Fawks!