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Warehouse Wax (2003-2012) – Mixed & Scratched By DJ Faydz


DJ: Faydz
Genre/Style: Future Jungle, Hardcore Breaks, 140 Jungle, Oldskool
Mix Info: Warehouse Wax showcase mix by DJ Faydz
Length Mix: 01:19:41
Tracks: 24 (twenty-four)
Download/Listen (via Warehouse Wax’ Soundcloud): DOWNLOAD/LISTEN HERE
File Size: 182 MB
File Type: mp3
Bitspeed: 320kbps
More Information: DJ Faydz – Facebook Fanpage

If you have a lot of spare time, like I do, you tend to spend hours on websites such as Soundcloud and Mixcloud, to find cool mixes and cool free tracks. Yes, I’m that kind of a person, who spends way too much time on the world wide web, but it does pay off, trust me! I have found this 2 year old mix, made by DJ Faydz, and I could not resist the temptation, I had to share this with you all. A Warehouse Wax showcase mix, and also a DJ Faydz showcase mix. An oldskool mix, just because of the fact that the tunes Faydz picked sound Oldskool, but because he used 2 Technics turntables, a mixer and a Serato. How Oldskool are you, if you can create a monster mix, one like we used to love and play again back in the 90s? Faydz is Oldskool, fact!

Faydz is a legendary DJ, mostly known for his scratching skills. An award winning Breaks/House/Rave/Festival DJ, and also a scratch DJ for 2 Bad Mice. Loved by many fans, admired by other DJs and MCs such as Whizzkid, Kutski, Billy Bunter and more. If you go to Faydz’s Facebook page, you will find all the information you want, and need. If you are one of those people who have never heard of Faydz before, but it sounds familiar: before 2000 he was known as the Dark Fader and after 1995 he changed his name to Fades. Still don’t know who he is? He played at all the big events, booked by major brands such as Dreamscape, Fantazia, HTID, Raindance and Slammin’ Vinyl. Still don’t have a clue who Faydz is? Don’t worry, let this mix be your introduction.

This mix contains tracks which were released on Warehouse Wax, and all the tracks in this mix can be bought via the link on their Soundcloud page. Impressive stuff, each track seems to cause mayhem and distortion in TCD’s house. A good label, quality music and one badass scratch master called Faydz. That’s this mix explained in just a few words. This is a showcase mix for both Warehouse Wax and Faydz, and Faydz has done Warehouse Wax justice, by making an awesome mix. On the actual download page it says that you can catch Faydz at an event, but I’m sorry to dissappoint you, but that event happened 2 years ago. Want to see him? Go to his fanpage, and check where he’s going to play. You won’t be dissappointed. A legend in the Oldskool scene, one that actually knows how to cause earthquakes on the dancefloor.

The mix has got 24 tracks, carefully selected and mixed by Faydz. Anybody interested in a tracklist?


01. Phuture Assassin – Unbrake My Hardcore
02. Kieran M – Caught Up In A Rewind
03. Kieran M – Heart Is On Fire (Sanxion Remix) 
04. Stu & Nee – Let The Music Flow (E-Lab Rat Remix) 
05. RadioKillaZ – Pull It Up
06. Phuture Assassin – Alone
07. Sike feat Rachel Wallace – Lost In A Daze (Pyramid Remix) 
08. Phuture Assassin – Forever
09. RadioKillaZ – The Cholo
10. Austin – Can You Feel It
11. Liquid-8 feat Davina Myers – Colourblind (Sanxion Remix) 
12. RadioKillaZ – Kik Up Rumpus
13. Vinyl Junkie & Darkus – All Night
14. Orca – Rise Up
15. Vinyl Junkie & Darkus – Pacemaker
16. E-Lab Rat – The Head
17. Vinyl Junkie & Austin – Jah Love (Sanxion Remix) 
18. Phuture Assassin – Ganja Madness
19. E-Lab Rat – All That Matters
20. Whizzkick – Urbanasia
21. Vinyl Junkie & MC Dope – Worries In The Dance
22. E-Lab Rat – Mood Swing
23. Vinyl Junkie & Austin – Check It Out
24. Vinyl Junkie – We’re Not Dead

It’s all about quality, and not quantity. Faydz has picked the best of the best, and during the mix, he showcases why he’s a scratch master. In this mix, he scratches at the right moment, not like other DJs like to do, scratch and make it sound really annoying. Scratching should increase the strength of a mix, and not become a nuisance. In this mix, Faydz’s scratching is spot on. Well done, sir.

This mix is 2 years old, but if you have pressed play, you won’t notice it’s age. They all sound new and fresh, with a touch of the Oldskool going through each track. A truly remarkable mix, really ageless. If you listen to this mix in 2048, it will still sound fresh! That’s the strength of Future Jungle/Hardcore Breaks, it never gets outdated.

I should pick a favourite track, but I can’t. They are all equally good. Not one is shite, not one isn’t worth listening to, they are all excellent. Yes, most tracks were made by Vinyl Junkie, E-Lab Rat, Phuture Assassin and RadioKillaZ, but let’s not forget, it’s a Warehouse Wax showcase mix, and these artists are signed to the label.

An excellent mix, and if you are going out this weekend, make sure you download this mix, and burn it onto a disc, and when you are driving to where the party is, make sure everyone hears this mix. There’s a volume button for a reason, so turn it up!