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Green Velvet – Relief Podcast 02/03/2016

Green Velvet - Relief Podcast 02/03/2016

Green Velvet – Relief Podcast 02/03/2016

DJ: Green Velvet
Genre/Style: Techno
Mix Info: Relief Podcast 02/03/2016
Length Mix: 00:30:00
Tracks: 8 (eight)
Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): LISTEN HERE
File Size: unknown
File Type: unknown
Bitspeed: unknown
More Information: Green Velvet – Facebook Fanpage

Many years ago I had the chance to see Green Velvet play, and I did. But it has been many years ago, time has flown by since. I think it was Innercity 2000, which happened 16 years ago?! What the actual fuck? I can remember the event like it was yesterday, it took place at the Amsterdam Rai, and the music in each area was excellent, but it was like walking around in a big maze! Christ, the location was immense. But memorable it was indeed. I remember Green Velvet well, seeing as he shouted so loud through the microphone, and he had what looked like pegs/clothespins on his head.  16 years ago, time has flown by.

On Soundcloud you can follow the man, and I did when I discovered he was on there. And his Soundcloud is filled with awesome music, a lot of podcasts, and each of them has had thousands of plays, which is obvious: who doesn’t like Techno? Eminem was wrong, everyone listens to Techno! His latest podcast was only uploaded 3 days ago and already 11.9k+ plays, that’s impressive. During this podcast he doesn’t scream of say a single word, he just lets the music talk. And the music is good.

Someone uploaded a tracklist, seeing as this mix didn’t have one. I reckon it’s correct, and if it isn’t, it ain’t my fault!


01. Get Real – Snuggaluffagas
02. Bas Ibellini – Elef Be
03. Oscar L – Output
04. Summer & Swift – Coulees (Green Version) 
05. Genghis Clan – Crave Me
06. Marc B – Trois
07. Hervey McKay – The Mad Drummer
08. Get Real – Mind Yo Bizness

The tracklist is short, the mix is short but it’s very powerful. Techno still rules the world, and that’s a fact!

Green Velvet (with or without pegs) still has the power to get people moving. 16 years ago I danced the night away, and witnessed a lot of awesome things, but I also got lost several times at the Rai. Today I was lost too, lost in the music. Each and every track Green Velvet has selected is awesome, and is a mood changer. The weather might be crap outside and we are all inside with the heating on, but for once you do not need the heater on: you will start dancing and raving, and your body temperature will go up, way up.

30 minutes of madness, and I’m loving it. Techno the way it should be. Dark and edgy, no mucking about. Lovely sounding Techno, which proves to the world that Techno ain’t going nowhere, it’s here and it will stay. Wonderful mix by the Green Velvet, and worth checking out. Unless you like Eminem, but who listens to Eminem? No one, we all listen to Techno!

Awesome mix. Only good music. Only one score:


Olivier Abbeloos – Early Techno Mix (86-88) (2016)

Olivier Abbeloos - Early Techno Mix (86-88) (2016)

Olivier Abbeloos – Early Techno Mix (86-88) (2016)

DJ: Olivier Abbeloos (a.k.a. T99)
Genre/Style: Techno, Acid House, Tech House, Detroit Techno, Chicago House
Mix Info: Early Techno Mix 86-88
Length Mix: 01:00:00
Tracks: 15 (fifteen)
Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): LISTEN HERE
File Size: unknown
File Type: unknown
Bitspeed: unknown
More Information: Olivier Abbeloos – Facebook Fanpage

A couple of months ago I found a mix on Soundcloud which was made by the same man who made this brand new mix: Olivier Abbeloos. The man who was responsible for shaping the 90s into this beautiful thing, who lives and breathes oldskool music. His previous mix was focussed on his own productions, from 1988 to 1996, but this mix isn’t, it’s more focussed on the early Techno tracks from 86-88, mainly from Detroit and Chicago, and we all know that Detroit is the city in which Techno was born. A dedication mix you might call this, and if you love that kind of music, sit back and relax: press play and let yourself go!

Not many oldskool sets can be found on Soundcloud, most mixes are filled with brand new tracks, so when you do find a proper oldskool one, it can make your day even better. This mix has, and according to Soundcloud I was the first one listening to it (which I highly doubt), and I think it’s time for you to indulge yourself into this wonderful world we all grew up with. These oldskool tunes made this decade unique and refreshing, and shaped the future. They were unaware of what they started when they came up with Techno, and in all honesty if they haven’t pushed this sound forward, the Dance scene would be completely different, or would not have existed. We owe everything to Techno music, and with this mix we can listen to those wonderful productions which shaped the scene into this force people should watch out for.

Olivier’s mix is tight, really tight, and the tracks he has selected are amazing! Worth checking out!


01. Model 500 – No Ufo’s
02. Rhythim Is Rhythim – Move It
03. Reese & Santonio – How To Play Our Music
04. Intercity – Groovin’ Without A Doubt
05. Da Posse – Strings
06. Model 500 – Off To Battle
07. Seperate Minds – First Bass
08. X-Ray – Let’s Go
09. Reese & Santonio – Force Field
10. Blake Baxter – Forever And A Day
11. Paradise Inc – House Music Control
12. The Children – Work The Box
13. Phuture – Spank Spank
14. Neal Howard – Perpetual Motion
15. L.n.r. – Kream

The mix is tight, I told you. The tracks are all amazing, even thought I haven’t heard most of them. You have to remember I was only 3 years old in 1986, and the only thing I listened to, were cassettes filled with Abba and Barry White music, nothing Techno-ish at all. Never too late to learn, never too late to hallucinate, eh?

There are so many dope tracks in this mix, quite intoxicating! Once you’ve pressed play there’s no stopping it, the music keeps on coming. An hour will fly by with ease, and after it has finished, the first thing you do is press play again. Olivier has made a very interesting and groovy mix, worth checking out.

Best track? Gosh, that was difficult. I like them all, but ‘Perpetual Motion’ deserves my full attention, seeing as it’s such a dope track. You don’t hear tracks like this one anymore, so powerful and real dancefloor material. This is what got ravers onto the dancefloor and rave the night away!

Olivier is a hero. Why? Well, many reasons, but to me the main reason is him posting mixes every so often onto his Soundcloud page, keeping the oldskool alive. Where would we be without early Techno/House? Exactly, nowhere!!!


VKTR – Techno Session – July 2015


VKTR – Techno Session – July 2015

Genre/Style: Techno
Mix Info: Techno Session – July 2015
Length Mix: 01:50:52
Tracks: 25 (twenty-five)
Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): DOWNLOAD/LISTEN HERE
File Size: 253 MB
File Type: mp3
Bitspeed: 320kbps
More Information: DJ Smurf – Facebook Fanpage

If you are unaware who VKTR is, and you didn’t recognise him from the picture above this review, you are not into Terror music. It’s obviously a project that DJ Smurf started. Yes, it’s DJ Smurf’s Techno side. Who doesn’t recognise his funny looking face? The face that made him famous. Nope, it’s not his music that drew peoples attention, it’s his face. The man who normally provides us with banging Terror music has given us a brand new mix, filled with the darkest, nastiest and toughest Techno there is. Let me warn you, this mix ain’t for those who can’t handle darkness in music.

Don’t let this man’s face scare you off, or make you believe that this is a funny Techno mix. This is proper stuff, professional, no mucking about. This is what DJ Smurf a.k.a. VKTR does best. When I first pressed play I was shocked to hear the result: a mix that blew my mind away! After hearing it, I presumed that this mix wasn’t done by VKTR but by Mark EG’s darker alter ego Mark Anxious! This is quality, haven’t heard a mix this good in a long time!

I do like Smurf, but I’d rather hear more VKTR stuff. This man is on fire! You have to give the DJ all the credits for fabricating such a wonderful mix, which will leave you breathless. It makes you think about Techno’s greatness and impact, and how unf**kingbelievably gorgeous it is. Techno is so important to music lovers, and VKTR’s mix is proof why it’s still one of the greatest styles ever created by mankind.

Tracklist anyone?


01. Pit Faze – Fight
02. Tobias Schmidt – Tuff Luv
03. Christoph Kaese – Manni Auf Reise
04. Ercan Ates – Jackwell
05. DJ Style – Sheer Brute Force
06. Angy Kore – Pinball
07. NoizyKnobs – Fiji
08. Commuter – Vegan Revenge
09. Mikael Pfeiffer – Galvaniz (Mikael Pfeiffer Re-Form) 
10. Silentcell – 1621 Galaxy Explorer (Alphadrum Remix) 
11. Fuse – F.U.
12. Sven Wittekind – Ultimate
13. DJ Mendezismz – Medieval Invaders
14. Sandro Galli – Room 237
15. Minds Diverted & Federico Amoroso – Bayin
16. Mady By WormZ feat Lexa Terrestrial – Jaimes Kitty
17. Lunacybot – Substance
18. A Mochi – Hammer
19. RaRabb – Fuehrer
20. Dave Delta – Parallel
21. Benni Drum – Droid Invasion
22. Kony Donales – League
23. D Rex – Cave In
24. Surgeon – Cable
25. Made By WormZ – Made By WormZ Theme

Wow! What a sick mix! This is absolutely mind blowing! Never knew that Smurf… I mean VKTR could make such an excellent mix! This has blown my mind away since it was uploaded onto Soundcloud.

After hearing it the first time I couldn’t stop myself. I nearly soiled myself. I had to listen to it again and again. And I have. People were asking me what I was listening to (at work) and I had to promote this wonderful mix. Don’t know if they have actually downloaded this, but they should have (why ask who did this mix?).

VKTR is a name we should all remember. His name should appear on the Techno 100 list, because this mix is probably the best one you will hear in 2015.

I can’t pick one favourite, they are all good! No joke, 25 amazing tracks in one amazing mix. I’m not kidding at all. Download this right now, and go nuts. I have, and now I need to change my underpants. VKTR’s mix has made me moist. Very moist.


FACT Mix 486 – Dave Clarke (Mar ’15)


DJ: Dave Clarke
Genre/Style: Electro, Techno, Breakbeat
Mix Info: FACT Mix 486 – Dave Clarke
Length Mix: 01:14:14
Tracks: 27 (twenty-seven)
Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): DOWNLOAD/LISTEN HERE
File Size: 170 MB
File Type: mp3
Bitspeed: 320kbps
More Information: FACT Magazine – Official Website / Dave Clarke – Official Website

The Baron of Techno is back! Well, he never left at all, but you know what I mean! A brand new mix,  uploaded 25 days ago onto Soundcloud, and it’s a good ‘un. Specially made for FACT magazine, you can download this bad boy right now from their Soundcloud page, and seeing as it’s done by one of the world’s finest Techno DJs, you should not hesitate, because it’s a mix which will blow your mind away! Has Dave Clarke ever let us down? Every mix he has ever done is a good one, so download this amazing mix right now, and you won’t be disappointed. Trust me, and trust Dave Clarke’s legacy!

In another review I wrote down a thing or two about this legendary British/Dutch DJ and producer, so there’s no need for me to type it again. This man has been in the game for many years, and provided us with the finest tunes. You might wonder why I call him British/Dutch: he was born in Brighton, but he spends more time in the Netherlands than anywhere else. On his Twitter page it says ‘lover of Amsterdam’, so he deserves it being called Dutch. Or as I call myself and others who are both Dutch and British ‘Brutch’. He has a special connection with the Netherlands, and anyone who loves the Netherlands gets bonus points, just for being awesome. And Dave Clarke is awesome.

On the 14th of March he played at Fabric’s Room 2, and seeing as the event has passed, it’s too late to talk about it. So we should focus on this mix, and we will. An unusual mix, in which the Baron plays literally everything he wants to play, from Electro to Techno, from Techno to Breakbeat. He’s in control of everything, and he decided to play whatever he wanted to play, and the result is an unusual mix. Carefully mixed by the Baron, and during the mix, he doesn’t take any prisoners. The only thing he cares about, is fabricating a fantastic mix (as usual). It’s up to you to decide: is this worth a download?


01. Lectromagnetique – My Darkness
02. Time Zone – Wildstyle (Dynamix II Remix) 
03. Visage – Pleasure Boys
04. Dijital – Alien II
05. Dez Williams – Hellll
06. Ohverclock – Rezonation
07. Will Web – Das Werk Von Robotern
08. Dez Williams – Working With Machines
09. Mazzula – Carl Craig Always Did
10. Das Munster – Spétfolgen
11. T Linder – Liver-Noise
12. Ohverclock – Illuminati Reptiles
13. Pip Williams – Concerning Irregular Figures
14. Sync24 – Fallen Moon
15. CWS – Backpropagation
16. Keith Tucker – We Are Detroit (Mix 1) 
17. Will Web – Who’s Your Daddy (50 Shades Of Detroit Mix) 
18. The Exaltics – A2- The Crash
19. Kitbuilder – City Of The Damned (Radioactive Man Remix) 
20. Adan & Ilse – By The Way (NÖVÖ Remix) 
21. Radioactive Man – Ram
22. Vivien Goldman – Private Armies (Dub)
23. Martin Rev – Temptation
24. Toob – Clipto (Instrumental) 
25. Visage – Frequency 7
26. The Soft – Derelicht
27. The Holy Ghost – Mad Monks On Zinc

I’m out of touch, when it comes to Techno. I don’t know a single artist in this mix! A few tracks did sound familiar, but the names don’t ring any bells whatsoever. I should pay more attention.

An unusual but exciting mix. with a couple of amazing tracks. The darkest track of them all (which is ‘Helll’ by Dez Williams) is such a wicked track, had to rewind it several times. A good choice by Dave Clarke to add this track to the mix. My favourite track in this wonderful mix.

He plays the finest tunes in his collection, and the result is a mix you should download! As I said before, Dave Clarke never disappoints, and with this mix he shows us all why he’s the Baron of Techno. Pure, raw, and perfect. He stays true to the core, and his expertise after being so many years in the game led up to this wonderful mix. Absolutely nothing wrong with it.

If you love Techno, and you think Dave Clarke is a Techno God, you should not hesitate, and download this right now. Play it out loud, let your neighbours know that Dave Clarke is in the building!