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Louk – Demo CD – Nov 2016

Louk - Demo CD - Nov 2016

Louk – Demo CD – Nov 2016

DJ: Louk
Genre/Style: Techno, Acid House
Mix Info: Demo CD – Nov 2016
Length Mix: 01:17:31
Tracks: 25 (twenty-five)
Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): DOWNLOAD/LISTEN
File Size: 782 MB
File Type: .wav
Bitspeed: 1411kbps
More Information: Louk – Facebook Fanpage

These last couple of days have been quite difficult for me. I really wanted to quit reviewing. I don’t know what caused it, but I wasn’t happy. I wanted to terminate my blog permanently, but before I did, I wanted to know if anyone agreed with my opinion. Clearly they persuaded me to continue, unless I was unhappy doing reviewing. I wasn’t. So I was drawn back into the wonderful world of reviewing, and have I got a mix you should listen to! One of the greatest mixes ever made! And that’s not something I say often (I do say it every couple of months, but thankfully not every week, otherwise my job would be boring!).

The latest mix you can find on the world’s greatest reviewing website (ahum…) is made by DJ Louk. And after a.. let’s say a weird moment in my reviewing life.. it’s good to start with such a smashing mix. It gave me faith in what I was doing, and why people should actually listen to what I’ve got to say!

DJ Louk is a DJ I’ve been following for quite a while, and he has made good mixes, but his latest promo mix (promoting his own skills obviously) is one epic mix! This is how I want to hear a Techno mix! In all fairness: I’ve been listening to a lot of Techno mixes by the greatest DJs on God’s given Earth, but no mix can compete to this! And even though it’s a bold claim by someone who’s got no skills whatsoever… but it’s the truth!

This is how a mix should sound like. Beginning DJs, learn from this! This is beautiful, magical, pure music. Quality!


01. AYBEE – Embryo
02. Pounding Grooves – Pounding Grooves #13
03. Michel Lauriola – Massive Compression
04. Andreas Kraemer – Fracture
05. Turtle – Rogue Transmission
06. Jonas Kopp – Akut
07. Haeken – Oracle II
08. Developer – Spiral Form
09. Mab – Perverse Carousel
10. Endlec – Glory Days (Binny Mix) 
11. Louk – Gravelly Hill
12. Remco Bleekwilder – 10th Planet
13. Charles Fenckler – Stellar Acid
14. Dax J – Escape The System
15. Unknown Artist – 303.001
16. Andrea – Machine
17. Envoy – Dark Manoeuvres (Obscure Shape & SHDW Mix) 
18. I Hate Models – Daydream
19. Oliver Kucera – TRDX902
20. Ritzli Lee – Reverse Processed
21. Ben Techy – Irrational Thought
22. Jake Conlon – Black Heath Works
23. Domenico Crisci – The Violinist
24. Pulse One – Human (Oscar Mulero Mix) 
25. Zed Kappa – Mist Theme (Reprise)

There you go. A jam packed tracklist, with a beautiful mix attached to it. This is a nice package you need to download now, because you won’t find anything this good on Soundcloud!

I’ve had journeys to and from work, and they’ve been pleasant to say the least. This has been so good, this made me want to stop on the motorway, get out of the car and start raving, putting my hands in the air, and giving it all I’ve got. Seriously, this is why I do reviewing: to find those hidding jewels and share them with same minded people!

Louk had created this epic and beautiful mix, and it has entertained me from the first to the last second. Even the ending is so good: always end with a very relaxing and mellow-kind of track. And that’s what he did. And what he put in between the first and the last second is just beyond belief!

My favourite track…. that’s a no brainer! ‘I Hate Models – Daydream’. Someone called this the tune of 2016, but that’s not enough credit: this should be the tune of the decade! If you are into NASA and space exploration like I am, this is the tune you expect to hear whenever you listen to a documentary! This, to me, is the essence of not only Techno but also Acid House. If this doesn’t move you internally, you are a non-music lover. Get off this planet.

‘Daydream’… I can talk about this track forever and ever. Louk, great choice, putting this in your already smashing mix!

Louk should be praised for this mix. Seriously good, and a good representation of what the scene has to offer. And the offer today…. is LOUK!


Mark Neenan Presents – FILTHCAST 0.3 (2016)

Mark Neenan Presents - FILTHCAST 0.3 (2016)

Mark Neenan Presents – FILTHCAST 0.3 (2016)

DJ: Mark Neenan
Genre/Style: Techno, Electro
Mix Info: FILTHCAST 0.3
Length Mix: 01:20:12
Tracks: 22 (twenty-two)
Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): DOWNLOAD/LISTEN
File Size: 183 MB
File Type: mp3
Bitspeed: 320kbps
More Information: Filth Infatuated – Facebook Fanpage

It’s been nearly 2 years since I last heard a Mark Neenan mix! Can you believe it? I thought it was shorter than 2 years, but I looked it up, and I was amazed! Well, those 2 years have flown by, in all fairness. If you are a Techno lover like yours truly, you don’t need to worry: there’s a new mix you should listen to. It’s Mark Neenan’s Filthcast 0.3. I’ve missed the previous 2 episodes, but not to worry: I will haunt them down and download them too. I could write a review about 3 episodes, but seeing as it’s Sunday morning and I’m easily distrac…. hey, there’s a bird flying around my car!

Let’s focus on this mix, Mark Neenan’s latest mix. A nice Techno mix with 22 amazing tracks by artists I’ve never heard of before. I was looking for that, seeing as it’s quite miserable outside and foggy. You don’t want to listen to anything else besides Techno on a Sunday morning, and this mix has got exactly what you need. The mix is tight, as you would expect from Mark Neenan.

You should check the tracklist out!


01. Saint Cole – Stent Pt 1 The Unknown
02. Darkmode – De Rezz
03. Geistech – Triton
04. The Hacker – Polonium 210
05. LasaWers & Dario Dep – Fire In The Noise (Bojan Popovic Remix) 
06. Andre Walter – Dark Knight
07. Andreas Kraemer – Fracture
08. Danny Fontana – Brickyard
09. Osiris Project – Deep Down
10. Vegim – Antihuman (Stevie Wilson Remix) 
11. Absent – 1st Reason 4 Mindfuck
12. Natascha – Red Wasn’t My Plan
13. Monoline – A Certain Death
14. TWIST3D – Black Sugar (Two Times Four Mix) 
15. Boris Brenecki – Transit System
16. Mono Voice – Protokoll (D.A.V.E. The Drummer Remix) 
17. Kleen Kutz & Rivet Spinners – Trauma (Section One Remix) 
18. Tony Kanwischer – As Faraday Built His Cage (Mark Neenan Remix) 
19. Mark Sherry & Gene Karz – Spacewarp (Darmec Remix )
20. Pablo Caballero – Then
21. SynnyS – Brute Factor
22. Scenedrone – 14

See, this tracklist might be beautiful to you, but to me it’s like looking at a book with only Latin words in it: not having a clue. In this case I do not have a clue who the artists are at all, but one thing I do have to mention is the quirkiness of the titles! ‘1st Reason 4 Mindfuck’? ‘Red Wasn’t My Plan’? ‘As Faraday Built His Cage’? That’s a definate LOL.

Mark Neenan has made yet another amazing mix. Tight when it comes to the mixing, it’s been perfect from the first to the last second. A very mellow yet quite dark mix, the tunes he has selected are really mindblowing! They take you to another level, a level you have never felt before. And on this boring Sunday morning, as I said before, you don’t want to hear anything else besides Techno, and this is the right mix for you!

Erm, I always have to mention one little error. But I can’t find any. Sorry.

Download this mix and the previous two episodes too! They are still on Soundcloud, so grab them while you can. They might disappear and after they were taken off, you are regretting not downloading them! Get the Filthcast now!


Naked Lunch Podcast #219 – PUSHMANN

Naked Lunch Podcast #219 - PUSHMANN

Naked Lunch Podcast #219 – PUSHMANN

Genre/Style: Techno
Mix Info: Naked Lunch Podcast #219
Length Mix: 00:58:14
Tracks: 27 (twenty-seven)
Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): DOWNLOAD/LISTEN
File Size: 133 MB
File Type: mp3
Bitspeed: unknown
More Information: PUSHMANN – Facebook Fanpage

Saturday should be called ‘Techno Day’. No other day suits it best. Saturday is the best day to listen to Techno, if I’m honest. I like waking up to the beats and basses that Techno has to offer, and I think I’ve found a wicked mix for you all to listen to on this sunny yet dreadful Saturday. A mix done by PUSHMANN, a DJ I’ve never heard of, but who I will follow from now on.

Naked Lunch, that sounds a bit wrong. Unless you are at a nudist beach and you are eating at a nearby restaurant, eating lunch in your Adam/Eve costume. Don’t know anything about Naked Lunch Records, but it turns out to be a very big label. A big label with a regular podcast being broadcasted via Soundcloud (at the moment they are at podcast 220, if I’m correct). For their 219th podcast they asked PUSHMANN to fabricate a nice Techno mix, and the result is really what you want to hear!

I might not know the label or the artist, but what I do know is that the tracks PUSHMANN has selected are amazing! Check it out, the tracklist is absolutely amazing!


01. Billy Nasty & Ripkhord – Ruffhaus
02. Floorplan – They Can Tell
03. George Tounisidis – Three Clicks Left
04. H. Paul – Processing Machinery
05. Dual Mirror – Chaos
06. 2000 And One – Prowler
07. Jackmaster – Bang The Box (Slam Remix) 
08. Billy Nasty & Ripkhord – Ravedigger
09. Pushmann – 7X
10. Dax J – Warp
11. 30Drop – Raw
12. Dax J – The Wonk
13. Redial Tone – Hope (Paul Mac Remix) 
14. Philippe Petit – Meteorite (Roman Lindau Remix) 
15. Risc – Slingshot
16. Secluded – Free Your Mind (Mark Broom Remix) 
17. George Tounisidis – Workers
18. Pushmann – Dark Future
19. Josh Wink – Denial (Planetary Assault System Remix) 
20. Remco Beekwilder – Planet Moria
21. YYYY – Redundance
22. Cirkle – Tension
23. Charles Fenkler – Frozen Room (Christian Wunsch Remix) 
24. Stranger – Play Some Rave For
25. James Ruskin – After Dark
26. Jamie Haus – Revisited
27. Rod – Float

There’s only a handful of artists I know, but who cares about my knowledge? It’s what the music does to you, and what it does it seriously good! PUSHMANN has made a wicked mix.

I’ve really enjoyed this mix, really what I was after. Mellow at certain points, and also dark when needed. This is really a wicked Techno mix, and most of us are fans of Techno anyway, so I would say to you that you should download this beauty right now, and let it entertain you as much as it entertained me.

I love the blend between the old and the new sound. Techno is timeless and with yet another brilliant Techno mix, it proves to me that Techno mixes are always the best, and I’ve never heard a bad mix. PUSHMANN’s mix is proof why Saturday’s should be called ‘Techno day’. I might not know the artist who made this mix, but I’m a fan.

Saturday? Check! Techno? Check! Wicked mix? Check!


Transmissions 140 With Joey Beltram (2016)

Transmissions 140 With Joey Beltram (2016)

Transmissions 140 With Joey Beltram (2016)

DJ: Joey Beltram
Genre/Style: Techno, TechHouse
Mix Info; Transmissions 140 With Joey Beltram
Length Mix: 01:00:00
Tracks: 23 (twenty-three)
Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): DOWNLOAD/LISTEN
File Size: 137 MB
File Type: mp3
Bitspeed: 320kbps
More Information: Joey Beltram – Facebook Fanpage

Some DJs do need an introduction, some do need no introduction at all! One of those DJs is Joey Beltram, a pioneer from the early days! This man has done so much for music in general, it’s unbelievable. This man has shaped the scene with his pioneering music, and even to this day he keeps on pushing his love and dedication forwards, spreading his passion for music. When I grew up as a young lad during the 90s, Joey Beltram was there. He penetrated my eardrums with his tunes, and I would like to say thank you for making the 90s memorable.

Many DJs who were once great faded away, or sadly passed away. Not Joey Beltram, he keeps on doing what only he does best. And when it comes to Techno, only one can satisfy the people, and that is Joey. His music has obviously changed from quite ‘basic’ to well composed music. Back in the days it was all about Roland’s and Casio’s and Jupiters, but today it’s all about software and some hardware. Has that changed the strength of the music? Not really. It’s not how it’s made, it’s all about the impact it has on a crowd. And to me music is timeless, and I couldn’t care less if it was made on an old Mac PC, or a brand spanking new one. Music is music, and what Joey has created in the past is timeless!

He has made this mix for Transmissions, and is syndicated worldwide by Syndicast (never heard of that before?). And there’s also an added bonus: a nice tracklist. Feast your eyes on this beauty!


01. Pig & Dan – Chez Dre
02. Nigel Richards & GhettoBlaster feat Robert Armani – Bang The Box (Joey Beltram Remix) 
03. D-Unity – Slippin
04. Boris – Language (Carlos Lio Remix) 
05. Gary Beck – Timeline (Par Grindvik Remix) 
06. Slam – Significance
07. Ian Pooley – Celtic Cross (Len Faki Remix) 
08. Adam Beyer & Mark Reeve – Nine Of You
09. UMEK – Inhumane Visions
10. A. Mochi – C2M
11. Simone Tavazzi – Nitro (Joey Beltram Remix) 
12. Owen Offset – Inhale (Joey Beltram Remix) 
13. Oliver Deutschmann – Asylum
14. Secret Cinema & Egbert – Maximaal
15. Bart Skils – Voodoo Child
16. Nick & Danny Chatelain – Acid (Coyu Remix) 
17. Advent & Industrialyzer – Evil Bee
18. Carlo Lio – Welcome To The Flipside
19. DJ Murphy – Out Cold (Joey Beltram Remix) 
20. Egbert – Dieper
21. Boris – Can You Hear Me
22. Sian & Luigi Madonna – Royal Oak
23. Kaiserdisco – Bonkers

Seriously, after listening to this mix at least 10 times it proves to me again and again: during the 90s he was a superstar and he has never lost his touch! My God, this mix is tight! From the lighter side of Techno to the quite dark and edgy stuff!

In this section I would normally write something bad, but I can’t: it’s a mix by Joey Beltram, one of the world’s finest producers. He still knows how to get the people at home hyped up, and at the moment this 33 year old man is bopping his head and moving his body and feels like he’s 12 again, when he heard Joey Beltram for the first time.

My God, it’s good to see these pioneers being recognised for their contribution to music in general, and I reckon it will be one of the best played mixes of all time. Or at least the most enjoyed mix on Soundcloud ever. Name one mix better than this one? Name one! And don’t pick one because the DJ is your mate, pick one on quality. That’s right, you failed.

Joey Beltram, a pioneer, a legend, a superstar. And above all: a music lover.

This mix has made my birthday a very special one. So good, it’s frightening. This is quality, pure quality. Keep up the good work, mr Beltram, we salute you for your experience, knowledge and dedication. I will made sure that I’m dancing tonight, tomorrow and many days to come to this mix!