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Mark Archer Bloc 2011 Promo Mix


DJ: Mark Archer
Genre/Style: Oldskool Rave, Oldskool Techno, Oldskool Hardcore, Belgian Techno
Mix Info: Bloc 2011 Promo Mix
Length Mix: 00:46:43
Tracks: 16 (sixteen)
Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): DOWNLOAD/LISTEN HERE
File Size: 106.9 MB
File Type: unknown
Bitspeed: unknown
More Information: Mark Archer – Facebook Fanpage

If it’s Sunday and you are bored, you should check out Soundcloud. Hours of fun, if you are a lover of music. I was looking for something unusual, and I think I found it. Actually, I was looking for Mark Archer’s mix he did for the KTRA podcast, and immediately my eye wasn’t focussed on this mix, but on one of his older mixes, one he did back in 2011. A Bloc Promo Mix, and seeing as I do not know what Bloc is, I reckon it was an event Mark played at 4 years ago. This mix can be found if you look for it, and it’s worth your time.Trying to escape from this mix is impossible: once you’ve pressed play, it will haunt you. Taking us back to those wonderful years, 1990-1991, when Belgian Techno ruled the world.

If you are as picky as I am, you have seen that I didn’t knew the file type and bitspeed, and that’s because the server has problems. If you are trying to download this mix and have the same issues, wait a couple of hours, and it can be yours.

Mark Archer really doesn’t need an introduction. One half of the legendary Altern 8, and one of the pioneers of Rave music in the UK, he has been in the game for many years, and still plays all over the world as Mark Archer, Nexus 21 or Altern 8. One legendary DJ and producer, and who knows a thing or two when it comes to Oldskool House/Rave/Techno/Hardcore. So expect a wicked set with a lot of Belgian Techno tunes. All done in one take, but that’s not something you should worry about, Mark knows how to mix, he’s a bloody pioneer!

A mix focussed on Belgian Techno from 1990/1991? Who doesn’t want to hear that?!


01. Incubus – The Spirit
02. Beltram Vol. 2 (Joey Beltram) – My Sound
03. Trigger – Stratosphere
04. X-ES – Roller-Coaster
05. Spectrum – Brasil (Original Mix) 
06. B-Sides (Frank De Wulf) – Magic Orchestra
07. Destroyer – Senses (Hooligan Mix) 
08. John + Julie feat Auriole – Circles (Vicious Mix) 
09. Modular Expansions – Cubes
10. Ravesignal lll (CJ Bolland) – Horse Power
11. Set Up System – Music And Noise
12. One Tribe – Get Hype
13. Trigger – Wisdom (Uproar Mix) 
14. Nitrous – Moonwalk
15. Holy Noise – Get Down Everybody
16. Tech-Noise – I Luv U

This is amazing! Mark Archer, thank you for a wicked promo mix! So many classic anthems are in this mix! That’s why he’s a legend!

There are too many anthems in this mix to mention, but let me just name a few which took me by surprise, because I haven’t heard them for a while, and forgot how powerful they were: ‘The Spirit’, ‘My Sound’, ‘Brasil’, ‘Circles’, ‘Music And Noise’…. basically every track in this mix is amazing. Not a fan of Holy Noise though, they were a bit too rough for me back then, and the only track they’ve ever made and made me dance the night away was ‘James Brown Is Still Alive’. And I liked that track because it was the opposite of ‘James Brown Is Dead’ by L.A Style, the first single I ever bought. ‘Get Down Everybody’ is quite dull.

Favourite track? ‘Circles’. Bloody Nora, what a great track. I’m not a producer, so I can’t tell you what the exact word for it is, but the cracking sound, the drop… everything seems to work well. And nice and simple vocals. Pure filth.

Mark Archer’s mix is a good one. Takes me back to the good days, when we went to the record store and bought new music, which was actually new music for all of us. It was new, exciting, and took us all by surprise. How anything made on a computer could be exciting, no one expected it to survive, or last very long, but look at it now, 25 years later the music is still alive and kicking. This is the music I grew up with, and still love.

One score. Because it’s a Mark Archer mix. And it’s goooood.


Ramos Mix – Off Yer Nut In The Millenium (1999)


DJ: Ramos
Genre/Style: Techno, Trancecore, Acid Techno
Mix Info: Off Yer Nut In The Millenium, CD 4, Released in 1999
Length Mix: 01:11:36
Tracks: 18 (eighteen)
Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): DOWNLOAD/LISTEN HERE
File Size: 126 MB
File Type: mp3
Bitspeed: 245kbps
More Information: Ramos – Facebook Page

Don’t get too excited, this is not the whole album I’m about to review, it’s only DJ Ramos’ mix I’m about to review, seeing as it’s the only one I could find on Soundcloud. RSR Recordings nicely uploaded Ramos’ mix a couple of days ago, and it’s a big one, if you love Acid Techno/Trancecore. The original CD compilation had 8 DJs on 5 discs, and if you’ve got the original one, you should treasure it, because it’s a good CD. You can find the other CDs on Youtube, mixed by legendary DJs like DJ Brisk, Vinylgroover, Fury, Energy, Jimmy J, Slam, Demo and ofcourse DJ Ramos. Released back in 1999, this CD has everything a raver wanted to hear. Happy Hardcore, UK Hardcore, Breakbeat, Techno, and the list goes on.

When I first spotted the mix on Soundcloud, I thought it was going to be a Happy Hardcore/UK Hardcore mix, but I was wrong. After downloading it, I was proven wrong. My judgement was thrown in the bin. I have reviewed a ‘Off Yer Nut’ mix in the past, I think it was DJ Brisk and Demo mix, and they were Happy Hardcore from start to finish. Ramos decided to not play Happy Hardcore, but a nice Acid Techno/Trancecore tunes instead. He had a whole disc on his own, so he was given the opportunity to go absolutely wild. Not that he became bonkers, the mix is actually quite calm, and extremely pleasing. 18 tracks, carefully selected, carefully mixed by the legend.

DJ Ramos doesn’t need an introduction. So I won’t write one. If you don’t know the legend, it’s time for you to get off those porn sites, and start to educate yourself, by looking for results on Google, our trustworthy friend, and read all about the legends that shaped the scene as we know it.

Tracklist anyone?


01. Interphaze – Velocity Control
02. Jack Shit – Ice K
03. Smoke System – Smog
04. Rozzer’s Dog – The Pimp, The Pusher & The Panther
05. Punk Floyd – Top Banana
06. 2 Waveform – White Dwarfs
07. Dave The Drummer – Freedom Fighter
08. Ramos & UFO – Dreamesque (Special Tekno Mix) 
09. Colone – Overview
10. Molecular – Slaker
11. DDR & The Geezer – Mad Cows On Acid (Rozzer’s Dog Remix) 
12. Ramos, Supreme & UFO – Judgement Day
13. DJ Reche – KWM (Don’t Work)
14. DJ Fury – Comin’ Up For Air
15. Helix & Fury – Sanctus Dominus
16. Ramos & UFO – 1 To 1
17. Thrillseekers – Downlaod
18. Seducer – Emotions

This brings back memories. A lot of memories. These tunes are classics, can’t believe that they are at least 15 years old, they still sound fresh and timeless.

DJ Ramos’ track selection is awesome. I have been listening to this mix continuously for the last 2 days, and it still blows my mind away. The quality of Ramos’ mixing skills, the tracks that he picked.. everything is good. Not one dull moment throughout this mix.

The funniest thing when you are actually listening to this mix, is how Trancecore sounded like back in the 90s, and how it has evolved into Freeform. Two different worlds, Freeform sounds absolutely nothing like the tunes from the 90s! The Techno side of this mix sounds timeless and is, in fact, timeless. Techno tunes can be 26 years old, and they still sound fresh. The sound hasn’t evolved like Trancecore has, which is in itself something amazing. Yes, Techno has evolved into a sound a tad harder if you compare it to the older tunes, but still it sounds similar. Trancecore on the other hand doesn’t excist anymore, and Freeform has taken over, filled the gap after Trancecore vanished into thin air. Not saying that it’s a bad thing, I do love the Freeform sound, but I just want to point out the difference.

Ramos has created a timeless mix. Not the only mix he has ever made, but definately one he should be proud off. If you’ve got the original CD, make sure you blow the dust off, and put it on the mantelpiece. This deserves the best spot in the house. Brilliant mix.

Ramos is king. Fact.


Mark Neenan – Crate Diggin’ Mix No 1 (2014)

Mark Neenan

DJ: Mark Neenan
Genre/Style: Techno, Acid Techno
Mix Info: Crate Diggin’ Mix No 1.
Length Mix: 01:10:49
Tracks: 15 (fifteen)
Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): DOWNLOAD/LISTEN HERE
File Size: 162 MB
File Type: mp3
Bitspeed: 320kbps
More Information: Filth Infatuated Facebook Fanpage

I know, I know. Many people will look at the picture above and think ‘that’s not the picture that Mark Neenan added to his mix’?! That’s true, but the reason why I can’t add it, is because Soundcloud is being a knob. So there you go, I had to add a picture, and I found one on his Facebook page. I have been trying to find the original picture on my good ol’ friend Google, but after 30 minutes, I got bored. At least I’m sharing the mix, don’t be picky!

Mark Neenan, one-third of Filth Infatuated and one-half of Naked Van Mirk (what a name!?) knows a thing or two when it comes to Techno music. I have listened to many of his mixes in the past, being part of Filth Infatuated, but recently he uploaded this new mix, which features tracks which he played using only two turntables and a mixer. Vinyl is what he used, hence the name of the mix. A beautiful Techno/Acid Techno mix was the result. If you love that, you might want to follow this man on Soundcloud, seeing as he’s going to upload more of these mixes onto it.

The first mix he has uploaded contains a few classic tunes. Some forgotten tunes, and they take me right back to the wonderful years of Techno, when I went to Techno parties, and raved the night away. It’s wonderful to hear these classic anthems, and it’s good to hear that there are still people out there who share their passion for vinyl, and keep the vinyl scene alive. Doesn’t this mix make you want to go through your own collection, blow off the dust of those memorable tunes, and dance the night away?

Mark’s mix is a good one, unless you don’t appreciate Techno/Acid Techno. If you don’t, leave this page right now!


01. Holy Ghost – Hand Of God (Live In Amsterdam)
02. Throb – Torsk
03. Shaft Punk – Squat Rock (D.A.V.E. The Drummer’s Tonal Shift Remix) 
04. Jel Ford – Cynical Part 2
05. Adam Beyer & Henrik B – Sound Identification (Par Grindvik Remix) 
07. Robert Natus – Packhucke
08. Vince Matson – Mutator
09. Magnum Force – Unlucky Punk
10. The Trapeze Artists – Barstow
11. Rozzer’s Dog – This Old World Is In A Helluva Fix
12. Fabulous 23s – Over The Limit
13. Rozzer’s Dog – World War 303
14. Immersion – Fat Acid
15. K-Tec 001 

What a splendid mix! This really brings back some memories! The good ol’ days, eh? Makes you feel old.

The mix starts off with an immense track, and track after track Mark Neenan impresses us with the tunes he has selected. His crate must be magical, seeing as he found these tunes in it! I think I ment to say record box, but you know what I mean.

A very powerful mix, never dull, from the start to the end this mix has got everything you want. It can be quite dark and edgy, but a second later it’s quite bright and emotional. Surprising, to say the least. Is it as good as Mark Neenan/Filth Infatuated’s previous mixes? It’s as good as! Even though they played much more recent stuff, the quality of it all is splendid.

Sadly, I wish I could say that I would go through my vinyl collection, but I can’t. I was a CD boy, but I can’t still play a couple of ol’ CDs.

Mark Neenan has done it yet again, a wonderful mix. This is quite impressive, and should encourage others to ditch the CDs and play those round black discs called LPs. They are quite cool, you know (if you are under 18 years of age, you might want to ask your grandad what these things are).


Mark EG Presents ‘Techno Futurism’ (2014)


DJ: Mark EG
Genre/Style: Techno, Acid Techno
Mix Info: Mark EG presents: Techno Futurism
Length Mix: 00:45:17
Tracks: 9 (nine) + intro/outro
Download/Listen (via Mark EG’s Soundcloud): DOWNLOAD/LISTEN HERE
File Size: 103 MB
File Type: mp3
Bitspeed: unknown
More Information: Mark EG – Official Website

Normally, I would complain about DJs and producers realising music after a long period of time, and I would always mentions the words ‘finally’ or ‘he/she’s back’. Not in this case. You are reading a new review of a brand new mix, a new mix made by the legendary Mark EG. In this specific case, there’s no need for me to complain, because Mark EG is one of the few DJs/producers who keeps on uploading everything, and I do mean everything. From his ‘normal’ alias to his dark alter ego Mark Anxious, he keeps on giving. Not many DJs do upload stuff regularly, but he does. And everything he touches, turns into gold. Or at least silver. I could, if I wanted to, change my whole website into a Mark EG fanbased website, because there are so many mixes for me to review…

Mark EG. A legend. A hero. A fruitcake. And we all love him for that. But don’t get me wrong, he’s the good type of fruitcake, not the one with nasty bits of fruit in it, from countries we can not prenounce and we can not tell which type of fruit it’s made from, because it’s horrible. No, Mark is a good fruitcake. A man who has been in the scene for many years, and without him, you can not imagine a scene at all. He’s a pioneer, someone who has given music a face, and also, due to his presence and his enthusiasm, gave us hours of good and solid mixes. And if you have seen him live, you have seen the craziest DJ who has ever lived on God’s given Earth. Wish I could see the man live, he’s a legend, and he keeps on teasing us all with these great mixes, like the one you are about to listen to, or secretly already are playing….

This new compilation, which is called ‘Mark EG presents….’, is a showcase of  what the underground has got to offer. The music is good, dark and edgy, but not as dark as you would imagine. He keeps the darker stuff to his alter ego, Mark Anxious. This is quite light, but goddamn cool. The tunes he has picked, are all good, and have a certain air over them, a certain atmosphere immediately comes to mind. This, to me, takes me back to the end of the 90s, when I was still a little man, but raving away at a couple of big raves in the Netherlands. One of them was Innercity, a Techno heaven for everyone. If I close my eyes, I’m right there, on the dancefloor, dancing until the snow melted outside (it was held in December) and until my body couldn’t take any abuse anymore. Damn, this mix is good.



01. Intro 
02. Exium – Nucleoid (Jonas Kopp Remix) 
03. Reeko & Exium – Circuit
04. Developer – In Pure Form
05. Monya – Verweht (Perc_Remix) 
06. Reeko & Exium – Circuit 1
07. Hans Bouffmyhre – Bring It Back (Oscar Mulero Remix) 
08. 1.3 System Mix 
09. Energun – Resolution
10. Ritzi Lee – Code 754
11. Outro 

A rather short but interesting mix. This, to me, is yet another excellent mix. A flawless, and errorless mix. Only achievable by the greatest DJs of all time, and Mark EG is one of them.

There’s a proper intro, and if you are like me, you grew up back in the 90s, listening to many compilations, which always started with an intro. Intro’s were cool, and still are. It says that it has an outro, but to be brutally honest, I don’t there is one? The music fades away, and nothing happens. Or maybe I’m deaf, after hearing 45 minutes of Techno heaven, and my brain could not handle anything anymore? Anyway, who cares?

The build up is tremendous, as usual. Many DJs just mix, but Mark EG has turned it into an art form. It’s like art, but more beautiful, and you can actually dance to it. Not like the Mona Lisa, which is great, but it’s boring. Mark EG’s mix is much better, and it will leave a huge smile on your face. Only the greatest can do that, and Mark.. well, you get the picture. He’s the Muhammed Ali of the Techno world.

Yet another gorgeous mix. If you are an up and coming DJ, make sure you notice Mark EG’s skills, and if you listen closely and only absorb 10% of his talents, you are already a winner: you could become the next best thing in the DJ Mag Top 100 (this is an inside joke, we all know Mark’s feelings about this competition). 10% of Mark’s skills, and you are great. 100% of his skills, no man on this Earth could handle that. Mark is unique. And so is this mix. Give it a go, it won’t disappoint you!

Solid as a rock.