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Strobe FM Podcast 118 – TAFKAMP (2016)

Strobe FM Podcast 118 - TAFKAMP (2016)

Strobe FM Podcast 118 – TAFKAMP (2016)

Genre/Style: Techno, Rave
Mix Info: Strobe FM Podcast 118
Length Mix: 01:03:23
Tracks: 27 (twenty-seven)
Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): DOWNLOAD/LISTEN
File Size: 101 MB
File Type: mp3
Bitspeed: 224kbps
More Information: TAFKAMP – Facebook Fanpage

First and foremost, the next mix you are about to listen to is the weirdest and quirkiest one you’ve ever listened to! And another thing, if anyone has a clue who the hell TAFKAMP is, please let me know, because I am intrigued. Only recently discovered a mix by this man on Soundcloud (think it’s a man), and the introduction to this mix was amazing. If you want to know what it stands for, it means: the artist formally known as minister president. No joke, this is true. How amazing and insane it might sound, this is a name that will stick in your head for a very long time, the same applies to this mix.

Don’t ask me how I got to listen to this mix, found it by mistake. But what a mistake it was! It lead me to the dopest mix of the year. This mix is all about Techno, and it’s so diverse, it finally makes you wonder how big the Techno scene actually is, and what the music actually stands for. Normally a mix would be properly divided, but with this mix it ain’t so. TAFKAMP played whatever appeared on a disc in front of him. I can say that this quirkiness is quite appealing, and even though I have never heard of this man before, it’s a name which will be written down in my ‘Hello Kitty’ diary.

I asked for a tracklist on Soundcloud, turned out it was already uploaded onto another page. So it’s time for me share it with you, because your mouth will drop, and you will dribble like Homer J. Simpson.


01. Overcast – Cyst Sandwich
02. Schmerzlabor – Car Audio Test Track
03. Kraftwerk – It’s More Fun To Compute
04. Unit Moebius – Beat That Percolator
05. T-Bone Castro – Hilltop Hustler (I’m The One & Only)
06. Altern-8 – Move My Body (Hard Hardcore Mix) 
07.  The Mover – Waves Of Life
08. TAFKAMP – Nothingness
09. The Mover – The Emperor Takes Place
10. TAFKAMP – Trauner
11. Fast Money – One $
12. Terrace – Untitled (83)
13. The Horrorist – Mission Ecstacy
14. TAFKAMP – Fictief
15. Terrace – Trance Xpress
16. Fallbeil – Brutal Ignorant
17. Muslimgauze – Untitled 1985
18. Hibbem Soundsystem – High Coos (Alternate Studio Mix) 
19. Kraftwerk – Numbers
20. Bierkoerier – High Have It
21. Legowelt – Electro Race
22. LFO – Whistle While You Jerk
23. Synthadelic – I’m A Secretary
24. DJ Pierre – Box Energy (AFX 2 Remix) 
25. Unknown Artist – Countdown FFM V
26. Bald Terror – Rotterdam
27. Signs Of Chaos – Killout 3

From oldskool to the new skool. This is a masterful mix by one of the weirdest artists in the industry. But he’s worth it, TAFKAMP is one amazing DJ. This set should prove it why he’s a name you have to follow.

The mix is tight, not standard, but different. The build up is different, the intro is weird, but come on, isn’t this what we all want to hear? Those standard mixes can be quite annoying, and for once we have found a mix we can all go nuts to. TAFKAMP has selected and mixed together a few brilliant tracks. From Rave to Techno, you will find everything and anything you want to hear in this mix.

I am quickly amazed by mixes, but this one caught my attention, but only after I’ve heard this mix I had a moment for myself and sat behind my computer, staring at the screen, thinking about what I’ve just witnessed. This is truly astonishing, breathtakingly beautiful.

I need more Techno mixes like this one, and I am on a quest now to find more mixes like this one.

What’s my favourite track? Bald Terror – Rotterdam. I’m not from Rotterdam, but I’m liking this as much as someone from Rotterdam.

TAFKAMP, whoever or whatever you are, you are a hero. Never become dull, stay the way you are!


Filth Infatuated DJs – No Mans Land Promo 2 (2016)

Filth Infatuated DJs - No Mans Land Promo 2 (2016)

Filth Infatuated DJs – No Mans Land Promo 2 (2016)

Act: Filth Infatuated DJs
Genre/Style: Techno, Acid House
Mix Info: No Mans Land Promo 2
Length Mix: 01:02:21
Tracks: 16 (sixteen)
Download/Listen (via DOWNLOAD/LISTEN HERE
File Size: 142.69 MB
File Type: mp3
More Information: No Man’s Land – Facebook Event Page

It’s a known fact that I do love a wide variety of music, and you can not call yourself a music lover if you do not like and love Techno music. It’s the Grandfather of every style, it’s the sound that generated new generations. It created dreams and memories which will last us mankind for a lifetime. Techno is our past, present and future, and if you find a mix made by the Filth Infatuated DJs, you are in for a treat. They know how to play Techno, and play it well.

Time does fly by after you’ve pressed play. This is yet another outstanding mix by the Filth Infatuated DJs, but to be honest, I wasn’t expecting anything less than extraordinary. They have produced some extraordinary mixes in the past, which are still on my phone to this day (can’t take them off, my journey would become so dull if I can’t listen to Techno music). It’s obvious that I had to share this slamming promo mix they’ve made for No Man’s Land the Festival. To be honest, if it ain’t on Soundcloud, it will be difficult to find. But eh, you’ve got me, the music lover, blogger, sharer, etc.

In 8 days time the festival takes place, and the line-up is crazy to say the least: not a standard line-up if I’m honest, but diversity is what counts. 2 Bad Mice, Ace Ventura, A*S*Y*S, Aries, Far Too Loud, Cassetteboy, and more. I have never been, but I reckon the event is all about harmony and peace and tranquility. But also about bringing diversity into people’s lives, and to play at such an event is always a nice gesture towards mankind: sharing your love and passion with others. Filth Infatuated DJs will be there too, and because they are, they made a stunning promo mix!


01. Brolax Bones – The Next Place
02. Smith & King – Sperc
03. Steel Grooves – Prong
04. Tawa Girl – Manipulation
05. Planet Of Drums – Acid Over LA (Trax-X vs Sinesweeper Mix) 
06. DJ Link – Kom 2 Papi
07. Kev D – Every Sort Of Filth (Rydel Remix) 
08. Taigo Onez – Fade To Black
09. Chinaski – Primary
10. Wetworks – Heartrate (Patrick DSP Mix) 
11. OB1 – This Is Why
12. John Rowe – Come Get Some!
13. Gayle San – Mirage (Oliver Kucera 706 Mix) 
14. Auto Sound City – Titled 3
15. Dario Dep & LasaWers – Unexpected Blow
16. Hell Driver – Troublemaker

A fantastic tracklist, if you do appreciate Techno music. If you do, welcome to the club, and join the madness. This is absolutely mind blowing, the sheer power behind each track is outstanding! This is really a  good promo mix to showcase what people should expect at No Man’s Land. Hurry up and get tickets, just to see these guys!

A proper Techno/Acid House mix. Loving it, got no other words for it. The tone has been set, from the first to the last second it’s just amazing beats, basses and melodies (well….) flying towards you. I’ve immediately downloaded this, just to make sure that my car journey tomorrow will be a pleasant one. Christ, this is filth, but in a good way!

One of the finest mixes of the year, and I haven’t heard many Techno mixes so far. Time to hear more Techno/Acid House mixes, you can never have too much of it! Filth Infactuated DJs, you’ve done it again! Thank you!

Catch them at No Man’s Land! You should!


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Green Velvet – Relief Podcast 02/03/2016

Green Velvet - Relief Podcast 02/03/2016

Green Velvet – Relief Podcast 02/03/2016

DJ: Green Velvet
Genre/Style: Techno
Mix Info: Relief Podcast 02/03/2016
Length Mix: 00:30:00
Tracks: 8 (eight)
Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): LISTEN HERE
File Size: unknown
File Type: unknown
Bitspeed: unknown
More Information: Green Velvet – Facebook Fanpage

Many years ago I had the chance to see Green Velvet play, and I did. But it has been many years ago, time has flown by since. I think it was Innercity 2000, which happened 16 years ago?! What the actual fuck? I can remember the event like it was yesterday, it took place at the Amsterdam Rai, and the music in each area was excellent, but it was like walking around in a big maze! Christ, the location was immense. But memorable it was indeed. I remember Green Velvet well, seeing as he shouted so loud through the microphone, and he had what looked like pegs/clothespins on his head.  16 years ago, time has flown by.

On Soundcloud you can follow the man, and I did when I discovered he was on there. And his Soundcloud is filled with awesome music, a lot of podcasts, and each of them has had thousands of plays, which is obvious: who doesn’t like Techno? Eminem was wrong, everyone listens to Techno! His latest podcast was only uploaded 3 days ago and already 11.9k+ plays, that’s impressive. During this podcast he doesn’t scream of say a single word, he just lets the music talk. And the music is good.

Someone uploaded a tracklist, seeing as this mix didn’t have one. I reckon it’s correct, and if it isn’t, it ain’t my fault!


01. Get Real – Snuggaluffagas
02. Bas Ibellini – Elef Be
03. Oscar L – Output
04. Summer & Swift – Coulees (Green Version) 
05. Genghis Clan – Crave Me
06. Marc B – Trois
07. Hervey McKay – The Mad Drummer
08. Get Real – Mind Yo Bizness

The tracklist is short, the mix is short but it’s very powerful. Techno still rules the world, and that’s a fact!

Green Velvet (with or without pegs) still has the power to get people moving. 16 years ago I danced the night away, and witnessed a lot of awesome things, but I also got lost several times at the Rai. Today I was lost too, lost in the music. Each and every track Green Velvet has selected is awesome, and is a mood changer. The weather might be crap outside and we are all inside with the heating on, but for once you do not need the heater on: you will start dancing and raving, and your body temperature will go up, way up.

30 minutes of madness, and I’m loving it. Techno the way it should be. Dark and edgy, no mucking about. Lovely sounding Techno, which proves to the world that Techno ain’t going nowhere, it’s here and it will stay. Wonderful mix by the Green Velvet, and worth checking out. Unless you like Eminem, but who listens to Eminem? No one, we all listen to Techno!

Awesome mix. Only good music. Only one score:


Olivier Abbeloos – Early Techno Mix (86-88) (2016)

Olivier Abbeloos - Early Techno Mix (86-88) (2016)

Olivier Abbeloos – Early Techno Mix (86-88) (2016)

DJ: Olivier Abbeloos (a.k.a. T99)
Genre/Style: Techno, Acid House, Tech House, Detroit Techno, Chicago House
Mix Info: Early Techno Mix 86-88
Length Mix: 01:00:00
Tracks: 15 (fifteen)
Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): LISTEN HERE
File Size: unknown
File Type: unknown
Bitspeed: unknown
More Information: Olivier Abbeloos – Facebook Fanpage

A couple of months ago I found a mix on Soundcloud which was made by the same man who made this brand new mix: Olivier Abbeloos. The man who was responsible for shaping the 90s into this beautiful thing, who lives and breathes oldskool music. His previous mix was focussed on his own productions, from 1988 to 1996, but this mix isn’t, it’s more focussed on the early Techno tracks from 86-88, mainly from Detroit and Chicago, and we all know that Detroit is the city in which Techno was born. A dedication mix you might call this, and if you love that kind of music, sit back and relax: press play and let yourself go!

Not many oldskool sets can be found on Soundcloud, most mixes are filled with brand new tracks, so when you do find a proper oldskool one, it can make your day even better. This mix has, and according to Soundcloud I was the first one listening to it (which I highly doubt), and I think it’s time for you to indulge yourself into this wonderful world we all grew up with. These oldskool tunes made this decade unique and refreshing, and shaped the future. They were unaware of what they started when they came up with Techno, and in all honesty if they haven’t pushed this sound forward, the Dance scene would be completely different, or would not have existed. We owe everything to Techno music, and with this mix we can listen to those wonderful productions which shaped the scene into this force people should watch out for.

Olivier’s mix is tight, really tight, and the tracks he has selected are amazing! Worth checking out!


01. Model 500 – No Ufo’s
02. Rhythim Is Rhythim – Move It
03. Reese & Santonio – How To Play Our Music
04. Intercity – Groovin’ Without A Doubt
05. Da Posse – Strings
06. Model 500 – Off To Battle
07. Seperate Minds – First Bass
08. X-Ray – Let’s Go
09. Reese & Santonio – Force Field
10. Blake Baxter – Forever And A Day
11. Paradise Inc – House Music Control
12. The Children – Work The Box
13. Phuture – Spank Spank
14. Neal Howard – Perpetual Motion
15. L.n.r. – Kream

The mix is tight, I told you. The tracks are all amazing, even thought I haven’t heard most of them. You have to remember I was only 3 years old in 1986, and the only thing I listened to, were cassettes filled with Abba and Barry White music, nothing Techno-ish at all. Never too late to learn, never too late to hallucinate, eh?

There are so many dope tracks in this mix, quite intoxicating! Once you’ve pressed play there’s no stopping it, the music keeps on coming. An hour will fly by with ease, and after it has finished, the first thing you do is press play again. Olivier has made a very interesting and groovy mix, worth checking out.

Best track? Gosh, that was difficult. I like them all, but ‘Perpetual Motion’ deserves my full attention, seeing as it’s such a dope track. You don’t hear tracks like this one anymore, so powerful and real dancefloor material. This is what got ravers onto the dancefloor and rave the night away!

Olivier is a hero. Why? Well, many reasons, but to me the main reason is him posting mixes every so often onto his Soundcloud page, keeping the oldskool alive. Where would we be without early Techno/House? Exactly, nowhere!!!