• BMH Freeform… the day after….

    London, United Kingdom As you’ve seen it in many blogs, on the 23rd of July (which was yesterday), the only place you needed to be at, was Eden Club in Bournemouth. I was there, and I had a wonderful time. For me it was one of the coolest nights out in a very long time,

  • Next Generation Podcast Episode 31? True or not?

    Are the rumours true? After the last episode of the Next Generation podcast aired nearly 2 1/2 years ago people were talking about the return of the two legends Brisk and Fracus. Sadly year after year we were waiting in patience for the Next Generation podcast to return, only if it was for a one off.

  • HU, HTID USA & Lethal Theory Kickstarter Campaign (2015)

    Hardcore Underground, Lethal Theory and HTID USA need your help! But why, you might wonder?! Well, if you haven’t been online for a couple of days you have missed one of the most shared Kickstarter campaigns in UK Hardcore history. Joey Riot and Fracus’ video took over Facebook and Twitter, in which they explain their

  • The wonderful world of music…. (2014)

    We are all music lovers, and we all want to share one particular message, a message that should symbolise the current state of all EDM related music style, and that message is P.L.U.R. (peace, love, unity and respect), but things are slowely changing. Certain scenes are growing, and some are dying slowely. What has happened

  • New Website!!

    Welcome to the Crazy Dutchman’s newest website. Currently we are working on improving everything, and if you were looking for a review I’ve done in the past, please be patient, they will emerge very soon. Also all the old interviews will be posted on here very soon, we just need to make sure this site

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