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Chosen Few Records – This Is Your Pressure (2016)

Chosen Few Records - This Is Your Pressure (2016)

Chosen Few Records – This Is Your Pressure (2016)

Artists: Various Artists
Genre/Style: Hardcore Techno, Hardcore, Hardstyle
EP Info: This Is Your Pressure EP
Length EP: 00:21:24
Tracks: 4 (four)
Download/Listen (via Hardtunes): DOWNLOAD/LISTEN
File Size: 221 MB
File Type: mp3
Bitspeed: 320kbps
Label: Chosen Few Records
Product Number: CFR023
More Information: Under Pressure – Facebook Event Page

Yesterday an event took place somewhere I’ve never been before: Moscow. The event was called ‘Under Pressure’, and the line up had a few amazing DJs on it: Paul Elstak, Partyrasiser, Evil Activities, and Furyan. The other artists who played there I’ve never heard of before, but that’s not why people went to this rave: they went to get their Hardcore and Hardstyle kicks. And they probably did. And not only did they have superstar DJs, but also an anthem. Not one, but 4! All named the same, but still focussed on the same event, and all 4 sounding different. Released this week, and even though the event already took place, it’s worth to listen to these anthems.

Chosen Few Records is the label responsible for the release, and you can find this on Hardtunes. As usual you can get it in three forms: 192/320kbps MP3s or WAVs.

The artists involved in this EP are all unknown to me (besides the MC who’s responsible for the vocals: MC Syco). The artists were Encoder, Andy Wolf & Nitrous, and Dezperado. All worked with the vocals of MC Syco to create this wonderful EP. I recon that these tunes were played constantly throughout the night!

Check this out!


01. Andy Wolf & Nitrous feat MC Syco – This Is Your Pressure
02. Andy Wolf & Nitrous feat MC Syco – This Is Your Pressure (Guitar Mix)  
03. Encoder feat MC Syco – This Is Your Pressure
04. Dezperado feat MC Syco – This Is Your Pressure

Well, as I said before the titles do not differ from another: they are all the same. All for one cause, for one event. But the artists involved were different. Don’t get me wrong, don’t think they all sound the same, because they don’t! 3 Hardcore tracks and 1 Hardstyle track. Have you checked them out on Hardtunes yet?

The tunes are fresh, and in all fairness I do love anthems. They make the event even more special. Since the early 90s when anthems became manditory, I fell in love with anthems. And even though I have not heard of any of these artists before, these anthems are truly anthems that cross borders! The event took place in Moscow, Russia, but these anthems are not limited to only Moscow nor Russia: I am listening to these tunes here in London, and they are making me loose my mind (in a good way).

A very good EP. 4 outstanding tracks. I can’t pick one track, because I like all 4 of them! Even the Hardstyle track suits this EP. This is a wonderful EP that will be needed in your DJ wallet or your music collection in general. Spread the madness, and put yourself under pressure: get this right now!


IYF & Nobody Free EP (2016)

IYF & Nobody Free EP (2016)

IYF & Nobody Free EP (2016)

DJs: Nobody & IYF
Genre/Style: UK Hardcore, Happy Hardcore, Powerstomp
EP Info: Free 4 Track EP
Length EP: 00:16:09
Tracks: 4 (four)
Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): DOWNLOAD/LISTEN
File Size: 163 MB
File Type: wav.
Bitspeed: 1411kbps
More Information: Justice Hardcore – Facebook Fanpage

There are many things for free in this world: the sun, the weather, freeview, hours of good music on Soundcloud/Mixcloud, dogshit in your garden, etc. But not often do you find free EPs on Soundcloud. It’s rare, mainly mixes can be found on it. But to be honest, I don’t mind receiving mixes too, but sometimes I want treat myself to someone unusual and wicked. Yesterday I found this free EP, made by the two legends behind Justice Hardcore IYF and Nobody.

Why do they do it, give 4 tracks for free? Because they are awesome. And generous. Also they want to say thank you to the fans who stood by them from the start (and those who joined in later). Those who purchased the albums, singles and more. It’s them being nice to us, and we should embrace their kindness. It’s not often artists give free tracks! Yes, a mix, that’s a common thing, but free tracks?

IYF and Nobody do not need an introduction. So I won’t do it. It’s time to see this short tracklist (yes, only four tracks, but you have to remember and pray on your knees that you are getting these for free, DJ friendly tracks!).


01. Go Gadget (IYF & Nobody Hardcore Edit) 
02. Da Tweekaz – Twerkout Revolution (IYF & Nobody Bootleg) 
03. DABS (IYF & Nobody Bootleg) 
04. Alice DeeJay – Better Off Alone (IYF & Nobody Remix) 

Short but sexy. It’s not the length that matters, it’s the power behind it that matters.

The tracks are all DJ friendly and good quality, and awesome! The tracks are bouncy, uplifting, filthy, raw, catchy, and most of all, interesting. These tracks would demolish dancefloors. Don’t know if anyone already had the honour to use these tracks in their set, but the first one who will use one of these tracks will experience a earthquake on the dancefloor: this will get the people moving, even those who went to the bathroom or those who are standing at the bar being boring.

These are all remixes/bootlegs, and to be honest, I have only heard one original, which is the Alice DeeJay track. Haven’t heard any of the other tracks (original versions), but what I’m hearing so far these tracks are good, maybe better than the originals.

Loving this EP a lot. Maybe a bit quirky, but it’s something I’m getting into at the moment. The best track? Oh, that’s not easy. I can’t pick. Maybe you can, pick your favourite whilst waiting for it to download!

Thank you IYF & Nobody for this awesome free EP! Keep it Justice, keep it Hardcore!


AoS – HTID USA EP (2015)

AoS - HTID USA EP (2015)

AoS – HTID USA EP (2015)

Artist: AoS
Genre/Style: UK Hardcore, Happy Hardcore
Tracks: 2 (two)
Length EP: 00:08:56
Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): LISTEN HERE
File Size: 135 MB
File Type: .wav
Bitspeed: 2116kbps
More Information: AoS – Facebook Page

As a reviewer you get sent a lot of free music, sometimes worth reviewing, sometimes worth throwing in the bin and never taking it out of it ever again. Many people have become rather exciting because it’s that time of the year again, and no, I’m not talking about Christmas, it’s HTID USA I’m talking about. Many are excited and some artists have already uploaded mixes like M-Project and Scott Brown (if there are more, I haven’t seen them yet), but one has made an EP especially for the upcoming HTID event.

The artist I’m talking about is AoS, or mostly known as Ace of Spades. This 21 years old American producer/DJ became so excited, that he made tracks especially for HTID’s next event, and if you are going to be there, he’s going to hand out a lot of copies of his latest EP for free. You are in for a treat I would say. But for those (like myself) who aren’t going, there’s no need to worry: you can get this free EP if you purchase his latest track, which is called ‘Alleviate’. If you have bought it, he will send you a link to a page where you can get this EP from. Well, isn’t he nice?

The EP has two tracks on it, both made by AoS, and it’s a nice and fresh sound you should listen to. Tracklist if you are excited yet:


01. Ace Of Spades – PHX
02. Ace Of Spades – Trump

A short but nice looking tracklist. If I’m brutally honest, I haven’t heard of AoS before, but please forgive me for not knowing each and every artist on Gods given Earth.

The tracks are all happy to the bone, really a nice combination of UK Hardcore and the oldskool Happy Hardcore sound. Cheerful and bouncy, and good sounding too. There’s a fresh sound coming out of America these days, and I’m liking it a lot.

The size of the two tracks is tremendous, so make sure you get some space on your computer before you download these. But they are worth it, serious stuff. I’m loving the happy vibes coming from them, and the length is good, but a bigger climactic moment in each track would have made them even better.

A good first EP to listen to, if you haven’t heard from this artist before. This has sparked my enthusiasm even more, so if I were you, go on a hunt for these two badboys, and give the artist a like on Facebook. Hopefully this will make everyone at HTID USA have an even better night!



Brainpower – Nothing (2015)


Artist: Brainpower
Genre/Style: Hip Hop, Rap
Single Info: Brainpower – Nothing
Length Track: 00:03:14
Tracks: 1 (one)
Download/Listen (via iTunes): DOWNLOAD HERE
Label: LYRIC Recordings
More Information: Brainpower – Official Website

I reckon most of you lot won’t have a clue who MC Brianpower is. I think you’ve got to be Dutch or Belgian to know who he is. A famous MC/rapper, who had several hits in the Dutch top 40, like ‘Dansplaat’, ‘Non Stop’, ‘Boks Ouwe’, ‘Voel De Vibe’, and the list goes on and on. Back in the 90s/early 00s I bought his singles, and after a quick look in my closet, I found them again. Time to go mad, time to ‘boks’ everyone and dance on ‘Dansplaat’. This man is a Dutch legend, and with this new single and album he’s reaching out for the rest of the world. So when I was given this single, I was a very happy Dutchman. There’s a short story I shall reveil right now.

As most of you know, I do work at a service station. My shift was over, and what I normally do, is chat with my colleague. I did exactly that, and all of a sudden 2 men walked into our shop. At first I didn’t knew who they were, seeing as my celebrity radar never works (seen many celebrities, but never recognise them at all), but when the first bloke walked towards the till, the alarm went off. I couldn’t place his face, seeing as they don’t appear in gossip magazines, but his face was familiar. Turned out this man was TLM! My colleague didn’t have a clue, but all of a sudden the second man turned around, and it hit me: this was Brainpower himself! My colleague still didn’t have a clue, so I showed him a picture, and it was him. After they left the shop (I never ask for an autograph or a picture, seeing as I see these people as humans too, and they must get annoyed by thousands of people asking it daily), Brianpower walked back into the shop, with a present: 2 singles, one for my colleague and one for me. And it’s the single I’m talking about: ‘Nothing’. I’m going to use a ‘gangsta’ term, which I normally don’t use at all, but ‘that was dope!’

The single was and still is awesome! But there’s a darker side to this all: at work we talked about our colleague who commited suicide, and guess what this song is about?! Yes, exactly that. Quite dark, and coincidental, isn’t it? We talked about suicide, and the single we had in our hands was about that.

There’s only one track on the single, which you can get right now from iTunes. Or purchase his whole album. Buy everything if necessary, but if you are not Dutch, you will not have a clue when he rhyhmes in Dutch.


01. Brianpower – Nothing

See, that’s a short list. But the track is quite powerful, quite moving and touching.

The track starts quite unusual: during the first couple of seconds I thought I was in an elevator. Calm and relaxing music. You know what kind of music I’m referring to. Posh companies always have elevator music, and during the first 10 seconds I thought I was going to the top of a sky scraper. But quickly I was woken up by MC Brainpower’s lyrics.

Suicide isn’t one of the easiest things to talk about. And even though Brainpower makes it sound easy, it’s not. Very touching to hear him talk about a friend, who’s amongst the stars right now. If you want to hear beautiful lyrics (and also elevator music), I would urge you to get this right now.

The only sad bit about this track is its length. But Brainpower does exactly that what he’s famous for: rhyhme as fast as only he can, and he delivers. If you have never heard of this man before, and you are Dutch, shame on you. If you are not Dutch, I can understand, but it’s never too late to be introduced. Check this man out, he has made so many English tracks, so check him out. A living legend.

The reason why he was at the service station was the fact that he performed in Maastricht.

Want to know how succesful this man is? He has won so many awards, including TMF Awards for ‘Best Rap National’, ‘Best Urban National’. Also an MTV award for being ‘Best Dutch Act’. And also a ‘Lifetime Achievement Award’. Now it’s time for you to indulge yourself into a world filled with Brainpower music.

Thanks Brainpower and TLM. This single will go in my collection, amongst the single section. It will be up front, the shitty singles will be in the back. Yours will be up front, seeing as it’s the coolest single I ever received. And the only single I received from the artist himself!

Check out the Youtube video. Wicked track. Seriously one of the dopest tracks of 2015. I’m too white to be cool and to fully understand Hip Hop, but this track goes way beyond everything. This music is universal, and can be understood by every living soul.