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SMD – SMD #5 (2014)


Artist: SMD / Slipmatt
Genre/Style: Rave, Breakbeat, Happy Hardcore
Track/EP Info: SMD #5
Length EP: 00:14:34
Tracks: 3 (three)
Download/Listen (via PRE-ORDER/LISTEN HERE
More Information: Slipmatt – Official Website

It’s been a few exciting weeks for Slipmatt fans all over the world, because we were told that the legendary SMD #5 is going to be released. 20 years it took to get released, and when people were told that this was going to be a very exclusive EP, many retweeted/shared the message, and the EP became a global phenomena. This doesn’t happen every day, but we are talking about a tune the Godfather of Hardcore made back in 1996 and 1998! The legendary SMD EPs have sold extremely well, but the fifth instalment never did, even though people adored it a lot. Don’t ask me why it took 20 years, but you should ask me what you can do, to purchase this EP.

Just go to Slipmatt’s ‘World Of Rave’ website, and it will give you the option to pre-order this bad boy right now. Only 9.99 Pounds Sterling + P&P. A bargain, if I’m brutally honest. You get three tracks, two made back in the much loved and appreciated 90s, and one made recently. Three tracks, but not only can you get these amazing and excellent tracks, every EP is signed by the Godfather himself! But if you are a huge Slipmatt fan, and I can’t disagree, there’s more! Much more you can get (not for a tenner, you have to open up your wallet a bit more).

To celebrate its release, you can also get the EP and a t-shirt, or the EP and a t-shirt and a hoodie! On the hoodie/t-shirt there’s a special print, one you won’t find anywhere else on Gods given planet. The EP is exclusive, and so is/are the item(s) you also purchase. I know for sure that you are already packing your bags, and getting ready to sleep in front of your local HMV store, waiting for its release, but let me warn you before you get too excited: you don’t need to sleep anywhere other than your own bed, with only one mouse-click you can pre-order it, and it will be delivered on your doorstep!

The tracklist isn’t a surprise, I told you that you get three tracks, and in SMD style they are named the same as the previous SMD releases.


01. SMD – SMD#5 AA1
02. SMD – SMD#5 AA2
03. SMD – SMD#5 A

The tracklist looks gorgeous, and sexy, and everything you want it to be. For those who are a Slipmatt fan, and still don’t know what SMD means, it means SlipMatt Dubs. Now you know, and you can spread your knowledge with the rest of the world.

Every SMD release in the past has been praised by both ravers and critics. The releases have been sold very well, and still to this day, DJs who love EPs play SMDs as much as they can, because they are solid, solid as a rock. Never a dull moment when you play an SMD track, the dancefloor always explodes when they hear the legendary sounds. Slipmatt knew back then that he had something special, and finally after 20 years waiting, you can get the last SMD EP.

Did I mention the fact that you can get this EP signed by the Godfather/Grandad of Hardcore himself?

They are all golden. I don’t know if Slipmatt ever knew that he made timeless classic which inspired many to become DJs/producers?! These are exclusive and well inspiring tracks, we can all learn from the grandad of Hardcore. These tunes were made on really oldschool material, equipment you won’t find anywhere anymore. The Atari ST1040 was responsible for the unique sounds that shaped the UK Hardcore/Rave scene, and all because of Slipmatt. We owe him our lives and everything in it.

The first track is more focussed on the Happy Hardcore side of it all, but not as Happy Hardcore as AA2. To me, AA2 is the best track ever written by Slipmatt, much better than ‘On A Ragga Tip’. This all-time classic has changed the whole scene for good, and if you have ever heard this track before, you know its strength and capacity to do damage on the dancefloor. The A track is an unusual one, reminds me a lot of Josh Wink’s track, with a bit of Underworld. A bit of this and a bit of that. Oldschool with a twist.

You get three amazing tracks, and a lot more. You should pre-order it right now, don’t be a fool, and wait until it’s too late. This will never be re-released at all, 500 copies are the maximum, and 300 have already been ‘sold’. Don’t hesitate, you are buying Rave history if you do. Be proud of being a raver, and support the legend that made the scene as we know it. Slipmatt is the unsung hero of the Hardcore scene, we should appreciate him more, and thank him for creating monster anthems such as SMD#5 AA2. Probably Happy Hardcore’s finest track ever made!