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Enemy & Outforce Present Relentless 2 – The Biggest Hardcore Mix Tape Returns (2017)

Enemy & Outforce Present Relentless 2 - The Biggest Hardcore Mix Tape Returns (2017)

Enemy & Outforce Present Relentless 2 – The Biggest Hardcore Mix Tape Returns (2017)

DJ: Outforce
MC: Enemy
Genre/Style: UK Hardcore, Happy Hardcore
Mixtape Info: Relentless 2 – The Biggest Hardcore Mix Tape Returns
Length Mixtape: 01:04:13
Tracks: 29 (twenty-nine)
Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): SECRET
File Size: 73.5 MB
File Type: mp3
Bitspeed: 160kbps
More Information: MC Enemy / Outforce – Facebook Fanpage

Remember back in 2014 one mixtape shook the whole scene? Yes, you remember the mixtape and you remember the promotion. It got hyped up so high, no one could compete with the mixtape. It might have taken a while for them to release a new one, but it’s worth it! Relentless 2 is nearly out, and TCD has the honour to listen to it, way before most of you lot do. Yes, I’ve got it in my possession, and before you start asking for me to share it with you all: f*** no. Wait a couple of days, you must be able to stay sane for a couple of days. Once its released you will go ape, but for now you’ve got to bite your nails…

As you all know I’m a fan of MC Enemy, and reviewed as much as I could (and everything that had a tracklist ofcourse). He’s one of those MCs who keep the scene alive, and bubbling. He’s fresh, unique, and uplifting. Alongside his producing friend Outforce they’ve decided to make Relentless 2. Yes, it was long overdue, but it was worth the wait. Sometimes things which takes the longest to make are the best.

There’s one other thing I need to mention though: this will be a physical thing. Yes, this will be out on CD very soon from Hardcore Underground’s webstore, one disc being this mix and the other being an unmixed CD. So if you are digging the actual mix you could support the people behind it by spending a few quid on the album. Remember: this will have unmixed records, so if you want to be awesome (as awesome as Enemy and Outforce) you know what to do!

Let me show you the tracklist. Don’t know if anyone has actually seen this before, I could be the first. Are you ready?


01. Intro 
02. Outforce – Lion (Outforce & Enemy Intro Mix) 
03. Outforce & Enemy – Your Eyes
04. Outforce – Knock The House Down
05. Tranz-Linquants – Do My Thing (Outforce Remix) 
06. Outforce – Droppin’ Bombs
07. Stu Infinity – See The Light
08. Da Tweekaz feat Elke Diels – Letting Go (Outforce & Macks Wolf Hardcore Edit) 
09. Relect – Let’s Go (Good In Me Mash) 
10. 3LAU – Good In Me (Outforce Remix) 
11. Outforce – Disco Weapon
12. Garmiani – Voodoo (Relect Bootleg) 
13. Armin van Buuren – In And Out Of Love (Outforce & Stu Infinity Remix) 
14. Ratty – Sunrise (Outforce & Nanook Remix) 
15. Outforce & Hartshorn – Put Yo Hood Up (Relentless Edit) 
16. Wilkinson – Brand New
17. That Matters – Bamba (Olly P Edit) 
18. Outforce & Starkiss – Break It Down (Relentless Edit) 
19. One Republic – Apologize (Outforce Remix) 
20. Stu Infinity – Rave Shake (Original Mix) 
21. Outforce – Face In The Dark
22. Scott Brown – Pilgrim (Outforce & Enemy Remix) 
23. Outforce & Stu Infinity – Guide Me Home (Original Mix) 
24. Outforce – When I’m Gone
25. Jason Bouse feat Amy Kress – Kiss Me In The Rain (Outforce Remix) 
26. Outforce & Age-O – Silver Lining
27. Eyeopener – Open Your Eyes (Outforce & Nanook Remix) 
28. Bang! – Shooting Star (Outforce & Starkiss Remix) 
29. Outforce – Goosebumps (Outforce’s Xtra Hrd Remix) 

So many new tunes in this mix! Outforce is a anthem maker! One of the names in the industry who you go to if you want to hear dancefloor anthems.

The tunes are bouncy as hell, and it’s an hour of madness from Outforce and friends. The tunes are made or remixed by him, and they are really good. Pure UK Hardcore anthems. An underrated producer, and you know I am not lying.

Together with MC Enemy they’ve produced yet another wonderful mixtape! MC Enemy delivers his skills through the microphone, and your ears will appreciate it. I can say in all honesty that MC Enemy is one of the hottest MCs in the industry. He’s unique, and honest. He says it as it is, he ain’t mucking about. He might come across as a bit hard, but that’s just what appeals to me. He’s not one to MC about my little ponies.

I am honoured to have heard this mix before anyone else has. This mix will cause internet mayhem, this will blow up the internet. If this doesn’t, I will leave this planet. Outforce and Enemy’s latest mixtape is fire. The tunes are good, the mixing is good, MC Enemy’s vocal skills are good… basically everything is good! Can’t hear anything wrong with this!

You just have to wait a few more days. But trust me, it’s worth the ultimate score:


Ps. don’t ask me for this for free. I ain’t no snitch, you wait for the mixtape like everyone else. .
Pps. please don’t let it be 2 1/2 years again!

Future_Proof Sounds Mix Series 001 – Crash (2017)

Future_Proof Sounds Mix Series 001 - Crash (2017)

Future_Proof Sounds Mix Series 001 – Crash (2017)

DJ: Crash
Genre/Style: UK Hardcore, Freeform, Trancecore, Hard House
Mix Info: Future_Proof Sounds Mix Series 001
Length Mix: 01:01:42
Tracks: 16 (sixteen)
Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): DOWNLOAD/LISTEN
File Size: 141 MB
File Type: mp3
Bitspeed: 320kbps
More Information: Future_Proof Sounds – Facebook Fanpage

You all know my website is a platform for new talent, or new podcasts, or anything new. And have I got something new for you all: a brand new mix by DJ Crash for Future_Proof Sounds. And as this is the first mix in this compilation, expect to see more mixes in the future. Don’t know who’s going to be involved (DJ-wise), but let’s focus on the present: the future will explain itself soon.

I went to their first event, and now I’m hooked. It sparked the fire for ‘darker’ and ‘edgy’ Freeform again. Is that what you can expect in this mix? Well, yes and no. It’s nicely balanced between the well known Freeform tunes, some being light and some being dark-ish, and the unknown tracks (well, to me they were unknown). But there are some big names in here: Transcend, Cube::Hard,  Cyrax, Darwin, Kevin Energy, JD-KiD, and more. And also a track by DJ Crash himself. Sadly I haven’t seen his name before, so this mix is some sort of introduction to what he does as a DJ and producer.

Let’s see the tracklist.


01. Atmix & Ritmo – Agate (Intro) 
02. Crash – Wash Away
03. Kevin Energy – Voice Of Carme (Transcend Remix) 
04. Veracocha – Carte Blanche (Darwin Remix) 
05. Transcend – Eons
06. Transcend & Cyrax – Forever
07. JD-KiD – Excelsior
08. Transcend – Extraordinary
09. Orbit1 – Tabla
10. Cube::Hard & Douglas – Codex (Darwin Remix) 
11. Zman & Ted-E – Hong Kong
12. Reece Kane – Fatal Attraction (Crash Remix) 
13. Transcend & Cyrax – Unleashed (Substanced Remix) 
14. Quadrant, Kid Hops & Iris – Microsleep
15. Darwin & Entity – I Know Where I Stand
16. Simon Patterson – Smack (Waio Remix) 

I like new music, new mixes always excite me. Especially when they are filled with new tunes I haven’t heard before. Yes, a few were known, but not the majority. And even Crash’s own record is really good! Liking the track a lot, quite catchy.

Truth be told, Transcend can’t do anything wrong. He makes music so good, it’s underrated. And this could have easily been a dedication mix to one of Freeform’s finest producers. The reason why I am saying this is because the two best tracks in this mix were made by him: ‘Eons’ and ‘Extraordinary’. They rock so hard, really hard. Freeform might be exclusive music, but it’s so well made, many EDM producers can learn from it. And especially from Transcend they can learn a lot!

A few tiny errors when it comes to the mixing, but that’s okay. This is still a good introduction mix to DJ Crash and what he’s capable off. But one question: the last track, why the drop before? The first time I heard the mix, I thought that after ‘I Know Where I Stand’ the mix was done, so I press ‘replay’ again, not knowing it wasn’t the last lol. I only found out on Soundcloud that it wasn’t the last.

A good mix. Loving the vibes. If Crash improves his cross-fading skills he will be one DJ to follow. And I reckon his name will appear in more mixes in the near future. If you make a track like ‘Wash Away’ and TCD likes it, you know you are hot. Not yet there, but give it time!


M@rt!n-J – The Next Generation Mix (2017)

M@rt!n-J - The Next Generation Mix (2017

M@rt!n-J – The Next Generation Mix (2017

DJ: M@rt!n-J
Genre/Style: UK Hardcore, Happy Hardcore, Gabber, Euphoric Hardcore
Mix Info: The Next Generation Mix
Length Mix: 01:10:00
Tracks: 14 (fourteen)
Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): DOWNLOAD/LISTEN
File Size: 160 MB
File Type: mp3
Bitspeed: 320kbps
More Information: Next Generation Records – Official Website

I don’t need to explain what the Next Generation Records label has done for the UK Hardcore scene. If the label is unknown to you, you are too young and unexperienced. That’s okay, you can still learn, young grasshopper, but it ain’t me who’s going to teach you. Learn it for yourself, and appreciate what the label has done for us all. Sadly, the label isn’t really doing anything at the moment. When it was run by Brisk and Ham, the label was an unstoppable force. One of the top labels in the scene, and even today they are still respected by many. The tunes they released were amazing, ground breaking!

M@rt!n-J has made yet another promo mix, showcasing his passion and dedication to one of the biggest labels ever to have excisted in the UK Hardcore scene. Like Stamina Records’ mix this has got a lot of the biggest anthems from the label, carefully selected and mixed together. If I show you the tracklist you will have a shock: you will realise that you know each and every song, and you’ve danced to each tunes from the early hours of the evening until the early hours the next morning!

Tracklist time!


01. Eclipse – Be Happy
02. Brisk & Ham – Getting Down
03. DJ Ham – Working Up A Sweat
04. Brisk & Vagabond – Hardcore Virus
05. Fracus – Mirage
06. Frisky & Hujib – Get Away (Gammer Remix) 
07. Vagabond – Sweet Love
08. Eclipse – Things You Do (Gammer Remix) 
09. Brisk & Vagabond – Mental Mission
10. Brisk & Ham feat Lisa Marie – Into Your Arms (Eclipse Mix) 
11. Brisk & Vagabond vs Uraken – Tokyo Rush
12. Brisk & Vagabond – Innocent
13. Brisk & Vagabond – Night & Dayz
14. Brisk & Vagabond – Black Mamba

I told you this tracklist would blow your mind away! What a wonderful mix, and the tracks are good. Seriously amazing stuff. So different compared to the stuff released now!

M@rt!n-J has picked awesome tunes: who doesn’t like ‘Get Away’, ‘Things You Do’, ‘Tokyo Rush’, ‘Getting Down’…. the list goes on. Impressive stuff. Why isn’t the label active anymore? It could be because Brisk lives 3456465 miles away, and Ham is doing Drum and Bass. But they should come back maybe for a one off, spend a weekend in a studio and compose a new album. It’s about time.

I love M@rt!n-J’s enthousiasme for labels and the music being released on them.It does have errors here and there, but it’s really enjoyable. Finally someone who lets tunes play out loud as long as he can. Some tweaking here and there and the mix could be the best Next Generation fan mix.

It could be me, but I don’t like ‘Sweet Love’. Sorry about that.

A dope mix, and so many quality tunes, but the one tune that still blows me away everytime I hear it is ‘Black Mamba’. The blend between Gabber and UK Hardcore sounded so good. This could have been a good set closing tune in the UK and the Netherlands. Sadly it didn’t catch on, but when I’m driving, I make sure the people around me know about this epic tune!

M@rt!n-J, keep those mixes coming. Really enjoy them!


Skinny – HU 10 Years Event Mix 2016

Skinny - HU 10 Years Event Mix 2016

Skinny – HU 10 Years Event Mix 2016

DJ: Skinny
Genre/Style: UK Hardcore, Happy Hardcore, Hardstyle
Liveset Info: Recorded @ HU 10 Years Event Mix 2016
Length Liveset: 00:59:43
Tracks: 16 (sixteen)
Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): DOWNLOAD/LISTEN
File Size: 136 MB
File Type: mp3
Bitspeed: 320kbps
More Information: Skinny – Facebook Fanpage

Last year marked the anniversary of Hardcore Undergound as a label and party organiser. 10 years in the game, still upfront and unique. They threw a party in London, and the line-up was great: Brisk, MOB, Cube::Hard, Entity, Scoot, Clarkey & Jekyll, Fracus & Darwin vs Daniel Seven, and as MCs they had Obie, Keyes, Energy and Korkie. And ofcourse the man who uploaded his set onto Soundcloud: Skinny. The line-up was immense, and sadly I couldn’t be there. But I can re-live the moment. With Skinny you can’t go wrong, you simply can’t.

His set contains a lot of his own records, and they are good! Come on, let’s agree with one thing: he’s an underrated UK Hardcore producer. He knows a thing or two how to make a good record, and in this you can find a lot of his stuff. And some he made with Darwin. This mix stays true to the music that Hardcore Underground pushes forward, the music we all love. And another thing: looking at the amount of his own records in this set, isn’t it about time he releases his own album?

Let’s see the tracks. It’s worth a glance.


01. Stu Infinity – I Found You (Original Mix) 
02. Borgeous & Shaun Frank feat Delaney Jane – This Could Be Love (Stu Infinity Remix) 
03. Skinny – Yes Oh Yes
04. Skinny & 3Star – Retro Feelings
05. Skinny – Drop This
06. Skinny – Pressure Rockin’
07. Outforce & Stu Infinity – About To Go Down (Original Mix) 
08. Skinny feat Cecilia Walker – Only Enough
09. Stu Infinity – Walking Away (Original Mix) 
10. Skinny & Darwin – Ways Of The Underground
11. Stu Infinity – Rave Shake (Original Mix) 
12. Skinny & Darwin – I Can’t Get You
13. Skinny & Darwin – Just Fly
14. Skinny – Cut It Up
15. Deeper Territory & Skinny feat Poison Rain – Comes From Within
16. Simon Says We Nicked – Hello

Skinny stays true to what the label represents, and his music is always cheerful and uplifting. Just like the way UK Hardcore should be. I’m digging the records a lot! And Skinny, when can we see your own artist album? It’s about time, the fans are screaming for it (well, I am).

If you were there, you must have had a wonderful time. I had a wonderful time listening to Skinny’s set. Really happy, and cheerful. Which track made me bounce/rave the hardest? Well, sadly not a Skinny records, but a track by Outforce and Stu Infinity, called ‘About To Go Down’. Sweet Lord, this is so happy and cheerful, this stayed in my head for hours!!!!

He starts with ‘softer’ records and ends with a few bangers. Just the way a set should be played. Nice and easy start, and towards the end you start to generate blisters underneath your feet, and that’s because you already raved too hard. The BPMs go up, and so does the pain. But it’s worth it!

Skinny, you delivered yet another amazing mix. If you are reading this, you should check this mix out right now! It doesn’t matter if anything and anyone around you disappoints you, this won’t. Trust me. This won’t!