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Yorkshire Ripper – 3 Deck UK Hardcore Vol.1 (2017)

Yorkshire Ripper - 3 Deck UK Hardcore Vol.1 (2017)

Yorkshire Ripper – 3 Deck UK Hardcore Vol.1 (2017)

DJ: Yorkshire Ripper
Genre/Style: UK Hardcore, Happy Hardcore, EDMCore
Mix Info: 3 Deck UK Hardcore Vol.1
Length Mix: 00:28:59
Tracks: 25 (twenty-five)
Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): DOWNLOAD/LISTEN
File Size: 66.3 MB
File Type: mp3
Bitspeed: 320kbps
More Information: Yorkshire Ripper – Facebook Fanpage

When you are a blogger, you do get mixes sent to you. Every so often you’ve got to say ‘no’ to a mix, because it’s so bad, you feel embarrassed to share it with anyone. But sometimes you get sent something unusual, you just simply can’t say no to it. This happened when the Yorkshire Ripper contacted me, and no, I’m not talking about the serial killer. I would be scared stiff if he contacted me, because there’s no reason why he should contact me. I’m talking about the DJ, whos mix I’ve recently reviewed. I think it was the 90s Hardcore mix. Correct me if I’m wrong.

What he did was a bit unique. It’s been done before, but I haven’t seen a mix recently made with 3 decks. The result is a mashup of 25 records within a 29 minute long mix. And the reason for doing it this way? Don’t know, it’s irrelevant. Let’s talk about the music, shall we?

He crammed in as much records as he could, and the result is a mega mashup of fine records by Stonebank, Reflux, Nuton, Callum Higby, Klubfiller, Mob, and more. And it’s also for free! Yes, you can download this from Soundcloud, and play it out loud wherever you want to. Even when you want to make sweet love to your other half.

Want to see the tracklist?


01. Stonebank feat Emel – Be Alright
02. MOB – I’ll Be Good (2016 VIP Mix) 
03. Klubfiller – Universe
04. Stonebank – Who’s Got Your Love
05. Styles & Breeze – Into Your Eyes (MOB & Callum Higby Remix) 
06. Diplo & GTA – Boy Oh Boy (Gammer Edit) 
07. Callum Higby – Headshot
08. Tough Love – Freakin’ Tight (Alex Prospect Remix) 
09. Mizel & Wilson – Let It Bang
10. Streex – Alive (Relect Rave Edit) 
11. Macks Wolf – Vampires (Callum Higby Remix) 
12. S-Worx – Click Clack
13. Code Black – Predator (Wilson 170 Edit) 
14. Nuton – Way Back Home
15. Modulate & Whizzkid – Bitch Slap
16. Reflux & Stu Infinity – Gotta Know
17. Prospect & Pinnacle – Zombie Nightclub (Mizel & Wilson Remix) 
18. We’re Not Friends – Ain’t No
19. Spyro – How Deep Is Your Love
20. S3RL – Bass Slut (S-Worx Remix) 
21. Kayzo – Born Again (Darren Styles & Gammer Remix) 
22. Gammer – Red Drink Foam Party (Yorkshire Ripper & Stu Woods Edit) 
23. NERVO feat Timmy Trumpet – Anywhere You Go (KO3 & Relect Remix) 
24. Stonebank – The Only One (Darren Styles Remix) 
25. Major Lazer & Bad Royale – My Number (Callum Higby Edit) 

See, I told you that this tracklist was going to be amazing, didn’t I? Oh, I didn’t. Well, it’s amazing, look at the tracks that Yorkshire Ripper has selected for this mix. They all look absolutely beautiful! And as I said, this is a mashup mix, so you jump from one record to the next in seconds, and the actual track might only be played a minute or two.

It does contain so many great records, but the one that still stands out is ‘Way Back Home’. That’s still my favourite record, maybe of all time. I love the vocals (is that Sia?), and the whole build up is just perfect. The perfect record to play when you are on your way home after a day of hard labour. It will make the time you spend at home even better!

Yorkshire Ripper has made a really entertaining 3 decks mix. The result is a mix which is on fire from the first to the last second. There are a few moments where he’s too eager to mix into the next record, but hey, it’s not that bad.

Even though it’s just 29 minutes long, it’s been 12 amazing minutes. Can’t wait for the second instalment of this mix series. The first one was really good. Check it out now!


Miguel Kore – Summer 2017 Minimix

Miguel Kore - Summer 2017 Minimix

Miguel Kore – Summer 2017 Minimix

DJ: Miguel Kore
Genre/Style: UK Hardcore, Happy Hardcore, EDMCore
Mix Info: Miguel Kore #Summermix 2017
Length Mix: 00:30:40
Tracks: 15 (fifteen)
Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): DOWNLOAD/LISTEN
File Size: 68.8 MB
File Type: mp3
Bitspeed: 320kbps
More Information: Miguel Kore – Facebook Fanpage

The Summer of 2017, it was a well deserved one day of extreme weather. It has happened, and now we can focus on the Winter. For the rest of the world the Summer time is about to start, and for our French ravers it’s time to get out and start raving. With a fine mix from Miguel Kore they will get through the Summer of 2017, and it will become a really good one. Hope you all have an amazing one, we’ll be shivering. But we’ll catch some of the sunshine via this mix. A Summer mix is exactly what we are needing right now.

Miguel Kore, I’ve seen his name before, but never knew he was French. And I never knew UK Hardcore/Happy Hardcore was alive and kicking in France. I always thought the French would like Frenchcore (hence the name), but they do like a bit of Happy Hardcore. And Miguel Kore pushes the sound forward in this huge country. To make sure that everyone in France has an epic Summer (and also everywhere on this big planet) he uploaded a fresh and uplifting mix a few days ago. Already reaching nearly 1000 plays, it’s time for it go up, way up the amount of plays. Happy Hardcore, or whatever you call it, should get a bigger platform. Let’s make it bigger around the world, and let the Summer of 2017 be the right time to do so.

The tracklist, well, he didn’t waste time. He uploaded it, and it’s packed with serious dancefloor smashers. Check it out!


01. Darren Styles & Re-Con – Lonely Planet
02. Darren Styles – Us Against The World
03. Seven Lions & Echos – Cold Skin (Stonebank Remix) 
04. Code Black – Predator (Wilson 170 Flip) 
05. Starx & RAWPVCK – Okay (Original Mix) 
06. Lil Jon & Skellism feat Terror Bass – In The Pit (Franco Bootleg) 
07. Dougal & Gammer, Vini Vici – The Tribe World (Olly P Mashup) 
08. Kryder, Cajmere – Percolator (Olly P Bootleg) 
09. Ganar – The Way You Move
10. Spyro – Put Your Hands Up 4 Detroit
11. Hardwell feat Jake Reese – Mad World (Ganar Remix) 
12. Ryan Kore & Stu Infinity – We Can Dance
13. MOB & Tekfreq – Bring Your House Down
14. Sander van Doorn, Martin Garrix, DVBBS – Gold Skies (Darren Styles & Dougal Remix) 
15. Darren Styles – Save Me (Ganar Edit) 

Wow, this French DJ knows exactly which tunes to pick to make a mix sound really good! Even though I can’t remember if I actually reviewed a mix by Miguel before, this new mix really suits my mood, and I reckon he’s one of France’s finest Happy Hardcore DJs. Just look at the tracklist, and disagree then? No, you can’t. This is really a good looking tracklist, and an added bonus is the fact that this is really good mixed together.

This contains a few dancefloor slammers, and most of them I’ve already heard before, but a few are new, and contenders for this year’s best record. ‘Mad World’ and ‘We Can Dance’ are both seriously epic tunes! One has got an EDM bits in it, and made much better, and the other is just epic. The vocals in both are amazing, and it’s a good choice by Miguel Kore, to add these in his mix.

There are 2 tracks I don’t like, one of them being a track with the world’s least talented ‘musician’, Lil Jon. What a useless ‘vocalist’, his voice is as annoying as hearing your boss at work defecating next to you in the cubicals. And ‘The Tribe World’, I just don’t feel it yet. Maybe I need to give this a few listens.

I will listen to this mix again and again. A very good and exciting mix by this French DJ. This should be on your iPod or whatever device you’ve got. Download this, burn this on a disc and play it in your car (or put it on a USB stick, whatever floats your boat). This is a very good mix. Thanks Miguel, for making the Summer of 2017 a bit more special!


History Of Happy Hardcore: DJ Ham – 100 (2017)

History Of Happy Hardcore: DJ Ham - 100 (2017)

History Of Happy Hardcore: DJ Ham – 100 (2017)

DJ: History Of Happy Hardcore
Genre/Style: UK Hardcore, Happy Hardcore, Breakbeat Hardcore
Mix Info: DJ Ham – 100
Length Mix: 00:48:04
Tracks: 12 (twelve)
Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): LISTEN HERE
File Size: unknown
File Type: unknown
Bitspeed: unknown
More Information: DJ Ham – Facebook Fanpage

The last couple of months my timeline was filled with messages regarding DJ Ham’s upcoming album, and now it’s filled with another DJ, doing basically the same (DJ Vibes). But Ham was one of the first (maybe the first), and if you don’t know what it involved: 100 pounds for an album so unique, only 100 people would be able to buy it. Hence the ‘100’ in the title of the album. Well, that’s basically the whole title of the album. But it’s rare, extremely rare. DJ Ham is now full on DnB, and with this album he went back to his roots, and I don’t think he’ll ever do another album.

With this unique album he went back to his roots, the early Hardcore sounds people love and miss. The stuff he released on his label Next Generation Records (which he and Brisk ran). You know what I’m talking about, right? Yeah, one of the most succesful labels in UK Hardcore history. This album goes back to those days, and Ham spent several months in his studio fabricating this masterpiece. A one off, you won’t find this anywhere. The albums are sold out completely. No chance for us to get a copy, but thankfully we’ve got people who make dedication mixes, such as the one behind the Soundcloud channel ‘History Of Happy Hardcore’. He made a mix, filled with 12 of Ham’s records. And yes, it’s what you were hoping for.

And now I’m bloody jealous of those people who actually got the album. I’m jealous. Look at the bloody tracklist, and after that you should press play. You know what we are missing, and you might need a tissue. To wipe the tears away.


01. Ham – Bring It Back
02. Ham – Let’s Get This Thing Started
03. Ham – Yeah Yeah Yeah
04. Ham – Bounce 2 Dis Beat
05. Ham – Forever
06. Ham – Anything For You
07. Ham & Robbie Long – Ready
08. Ham – Searching For The Feeling
09. Brisk & Ham – Fresh Beats
10. Ham – Shutdown
11. Ham – One And Only
12. Ham – Want You

Quite clean this tracklist. No swear words, or anything nasty in general. Quite deep titles. Maybe a tad romantic? These titles could be titles of romance novels. Am I the only one who notices that?

Another thing I’ve noticed is that he did most of the tracks on his own, only two tracks were made with friends (Robbie Long and Brisk). So the majority of these tracks were made by Ham, and he used his knowledge of the early stuff he gained over the years. And you can immediately tell that he hasn’t lost his touch or passion for UK Hardcore. This is exactly what the scene has been missing.

I’ve heard a few tracks before, or seen them on compilations. One of them is ‘One And Only’. When I heard it for the first time it literally blew me away. And now it’s been released. Boy what a record that is! To me that’s still the best Ham record by mile. The other ones get close, but not as close as this one. The build up is tremendous, the actual drop… well, everything is perfect!

Sorry for mentioning this, but I don’t know what to think of Brisk & Ham’s record ‘Fresh Beats’. Don’t know which way it’s going, and I think I need to listen to it at least 10 times before I might understand the record. To me it’s still vague. It’s quirky, unusual, and not Brisk nor Ham-ish.

A wonderful dedication mix by whoever made this. The album is quite good, judging this mix. Let this mix guide you through this weekend. It will dominate my weekend, I can tell you that!


Dark Elementz Vol. 1 w/ Jekyll x Mista Domer x MC B (2017)

Dark Elementz Vol. 1 w/ Jekyll x Mista Domer x MC B (2017)

Dark Elementz Vol. 1 w/ Jekyll x Mista Domer x MC B (2017)

DJ: Jekyll
MCs: B & Mista Domer
Genre/Style: Various Styles
Mix Info: Dark Elementz Vol 1
Length Mix: 00:29:32
Tracks: 14 (fourteen)
Download/Listen (via Podomatic): DOWNLOAD/LISTEN
File Size: 41.0 MB
File Type: mp3
Bitspeed: unknown
More Information: Broken Records – Facebook Fanpage

A brand new mix tape landed in the UK Hardcore scene! A brand new one, you probably weren’t ready for it. It contains 3 of the biggest names, and they are pushing not only their own skills forward, but also the label Broken Records UK, and of course their love for music in general. Not only does this mix contain a few Hardcore anthems, but other EDM smashers. Not your standard mix, but who likes standard nowadays anyway? You are so oldskool, that’s so 2014! Welcome to 2017, and it’s the year of diversity. This mixtape contains diversity, it has to be said.

2 MCs and 1 DJ on this mixtape: MC B and MC Mista Domer, and DJ Jekyll. All together on one mix, sadly only 30 minutes long, but within those 30 minutes you get 14 anthems, carefully mixed and selected by Jekyll, and you hear Mista Domer and B doing their thing, and they do it extremely well. Quality over quantity, and diversity. What else were you expecting?

The tracklist is a big one, and it’s worth showing you. Here you will see what I mean when I say diversity. You will love this tracklist so much.


01. Zomboy – Like A Bitch (Kill The Noise Remix) 
02. DJ Snake – Propaganda (Jauz Remix) 
03. Zero Hero – Back Again
04. Jekyll & StudioSlave – Turn Up
05. Diskord – Anything U Want
06. Botnek & I See Monstas – Deeper Love (Stonebank Remix) 
07. Starkillerz – Discoteka (Jekyll & StudioSlave Remix) 
08. Jauz & Ephwurd – Rock The Party
09. MNEK & Zara Larsson – Never Forget You (Phantasy & Dextone Bootleg) 
10. Da Tweekaz – Hewwego (Darren Styles Remix) 
11. Flux Pavilion x NGHTMRE – Feel Your Love (Late Remix)(170 Edit/Normal Mix) 
12. Joyryde – Give My Love
13. Kayzo – Kill It (Getty Remix) 
14. Metrik feat Ragga Twins – Worldwide

How about that for a tracklist? It’s so damn good, so diverse. I’m digging this really. It’s so diverse, and with MC B and Mista Domer’s voices it makes the mix even more better, if that’s even possible.

Within 2 days people have gone mental, already 652 plays! And I’m personally responsible for 100 plays, kept pressing play today. I really liked Jekyll’s style and MC B and Mista Domer’s voices, it’s nicely balanced.

These three know exactly what they are doing! Crowd pleasing tunes, crowd pleasing vocals. Everything is just perfect, it’s Summery, it’s fresh, and extremely bouncy! Jekyll is always on fire, very dangerous behind the decks. But let’s not underestimate the two MCs: the mix was good, but was made better with their bars spitting through the records!

I liked this mix a lot. Couldn’t find anything wrong, besides its length. But let’s forget about that, seeing as it’s too damn hot to focus on that.

Best record in this mix? ‘Give My Love’. The vocal is just perfect!

A very good mix! Can’t wait to hear more mixes like this, let the world know how we celebrate it in the UK, and how big the UK Hardcore scene is at the moment. Let’s make it bigger!