Al Storm – Projections Of A Fractured Mind (2018)

Al Storm - Projections Of A Fractured Mind (2018)
Van Martin van Zeelandt

The priviliges of being the world’s greatest reviewer/blogger (*ahum*), I could write a book about it. But the main privilige I’ve got is the fact that I get sent music way before the majority of people get to hear it. The other day I received Al Storm’s latest album, and I’ve got to say that it brought a smile on my face. Not like the skull on the cover of the album. I was smiling. Why? Well, it’s an album by probably the greatest producer ever. Al Storm is such a well loved and recognised name, and you know one thing: if he goes into his studio, anthems for a generation are made. Memorable tunes. He’s done it for many years, and will continue to do so for many years to come.

Without looking forward of backwards in time, it’s time to look at the present day and his latest release. This two-disc album (order now from Hardcore Underground’s webstore) contains records which will blow your mind into a million pieces. The first disc (called ‘Projections’) contains all new stuff by himself, or remixes of classic Al Storm records, and the second disc (called ‘Reflections’) contains a few classics by this pioneer.

You’ve got to ask yourself: how come this man has the capabilities to make literally every record a succesful one? What has he got that others don’t have? Some have got the skills, but loose it over time. He keeps on re-inventing himself, and keeps on making music so good, it’s mind blowing. He’s got the gift to make UK Hardcore in 2018 sound like the music from the early noughties, but with a cool twist. And on this album he has worked with a lot of big names.

I think it’s time to show you what’s on the actual album (if you haven’t checked it on HU’s website already)…..

tracklist TCD

CD 1 : Projections 
01. Al Storm feat Mandy Edge – Without A Trace (Raver Baby Mix) 
02. Al Storm & Nick Arnold – Bass, Drums, Pianos & A Remix
03. Scott Brown & Al Storm feat Niki Mak – All My Dreams
04. Al Storm feat Angie Brown – Fever
05. Storm & Euphony – Return To Dust
06. DJ Pulse & Al Storm feat Donna-Marie – Wherever I Go
07. Al Storm & MC Whizzkid – Trigger
08. Al Storm feat Malaya – It’s Over (Bananaman & Gisbo Remix) 
09. Al Storm feat DJ Storm – Hardcore Will Never Die
10. S3RL & Al Storm – Eh!??
11. Al Storm x Deadman – Always Be There
12. Al Storm & Rob IYF feat Taya – Mysterious
13. Al Storm feat Vicky Fee – Thunderground
14. Storm & Euphony feat Mandy Edge – Hasta Manana (Bananaman & Gisbo Remix) 

CD 2 : Reflections
01. Nu Foundation & Al Storm – Going Crazy (Blood, Sweat & Tears Mix) 
02. Dougal & Gammer vs Al Storm – The Essential Mega-Muffin (Use Somebody Mix) 
03. Seduction & Al Storm – Make The Track Spin (Remix) 
04. Al Storm – Dirtbox
05. Black & White feat Taya – Everything You Do
06. Al Storm feat Donna Grassie – Love The Way
07. Al Storm feat Alison Wade – All Over Again
08. Al Storm – Droppin’ Bombz
09. Al Storm feat Taya – Stars Collide (Intro Mix) 
10. Hixxy & Darren Styles – Happiness Happening (Slipmatt & Al Storm Remix) 
11. Al Storm – Never Ever
12. Bang! vs Al Storm – Flower Needs The Rain
13. Storm & Euphony – All I Wanna Do (Darren Styles Remix) 
14. Al Storm feat Katie Jewels – Never Alone
15. Sy & Al Storm – Do You Love Your Hardcore?
16. Al Storm feat Ali – Heartache (Summertime Vibes Mix) 
17. Kutski & Al Storm feat MC Whizzkid – Time 2 Move

That’s a lot of Al Storm you are getting for only £12.99. Now that’s a serious bargain for the amount of music you are getting. From the older stuff to his latest stuff, you get everything. And seeing as you and me are all Al Storm fanatics, it’s just the right thing.

Before we talk about the actual music there’s one thing I want to ask to Al Storm. How many alter egos do you have? And how come it’s possible that he worked with himself at the same time? Al Storm feat DJ Storm? Please explain that to me.

As I said before, the first disc is focussed on his latest stuff, and it contains the best record ever, ‘Thunderground’. There’s also a re-occuring theme, which I’ve seen before on other albums by Al Storm: the use of female vocalists. He likes to work with them, and I’ve got to say that he always picks out the best ones, like Vicky Fee, Angie Brown, Niki Mak, Mandy Edge, Taya, etc. He loves the female vocals on his Hardcore records, and even though this was extremely big back during the early days, Al Storm makes it more acceptable, and we love him for his decision.

Second disc? The older stuff. This shows to me that he was great a few years ago, and if you compare this with the first disc, he’s still on bloody fire. And he creates records which contain the gift that keeps on giving: forever fun! You can never get bored of an Al Storm record, being it an original, or a remix.

Not only is it UK Hardcore which has the forefront when it comes to the music, he also touches the Breakbeat side of music. And he does it so well. What’s the secret formula, Al, tell us all! We want to know.

I love his dedication, and his layered music. The way he composes records is beyond belief. Not your standard stuff: he takes his time to perfect each record, and make it worth while at home and at raves. He uses inspiration from different genres, and puts them all into one record. From Bounce to Drum & Bass to Breakbeat to UK Hardcore to Happy Hardcore. Everything can be found on his latest album.

Any negatives? Well, some remixes aren’t as good as the originals. Like ‘It’s Over’ and ‘Hasta Manana’ and the weird sounding ‘Use Somebody Mix’. The originals just rock harder. I’m sorry.

Best records on this album? Well, I have already mentioned one: ‘Thunderground’, and the other is ‘All I Wanna Do’. Haven’t heard that record for years!

Credit to Al for making yet another succesful album. If you look at my UK Hardcore collection, the amount of Al Storm music I’ve got is impressive. But so is his musical skils. No one, and I do mean no one can come close to what Al has achieved, and will create for us all in the future.

Ps. Al Storm is a boss. That is all.


Artist: Al Storm & Various Artists
Genre/Style: UK Hardcore, Happy Hardcore, Breakbeat Hardcore
Release Year: 2017/2018
Album Info: Al Storm – Projections Of A Fractured Mind
CDs: 2 (two)
Length CDs: +/+ 2 hours
Tracks: 31 (thirty-one)
Label: Hardcore Underground
Product Number: unknown
Buy Here (via HU store): BUY HERE
More Information: Al Storm – Facebook Fanpage

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