Future State Hardcore Vol. 1 (2015)

Future State Vol 1
Van Martin van Zeelandt

It has finally been released: Future State Hardcore Volume 1! The long awaited and anticipated compilation was planned to be released around Christmas 2014, but a couple of things took a bit longer to achieve, but now we can finally say that it’s been released, and it was worth the wait! A 5 disc compilation, with 3 of the discs being mixed and 2 containing unmixed tracks, who will say no to that? Future State (a.k.a. Ken Masters) asked a couple of DJs to fabricate a mix, and they aren’t the next best thing: already they’ve achieved a status many up and coming artists dream off. The DJs in question handed in their mix, and the result is an astonishing compilation!

Sc@r B2B Reflux (Scarred Digital showcase), Ken Masters B2B Skinny (Future State showcase), Kyle WytchWood (Hardcore Rapture Digital showcase), Cruze (Trackmaster Music showcase), Bridson (Rave Essentials showcase) and Miss Special K (Totally ‘Ardcore showcase). Names we all know, and all love! Every DJ was given the task to come up with a 40 minute mix, showcasing their strength as a DJ and producer, and also as a label owner/promoter, and every artist made a mix worth listening to. From Powerstomp to Breakbeat Hardcore, from UK Hardcore to Happy Hardcore, expect only the best tracks you can get.

The good thing about this compilation, is that each DJ has a different approach to UK Hardcore, their perspective is completely different compared to all the other DJs. One is more focussed on the happier side of it all, and the other likes to play bouncier Hardcore. And that’s one good thing about this compilation, it’s pleases every raver. FSH volume 1 is one you don’t want to miss, because not only do you get 6 DJ mixes, but also 2 discs filled with unmixed, DJ friendly tracks by artists such as Darwin, Bridson, Skinny, Andy Wilson, Sc@r, Cruze, and many more.

Oh, and another thing why this compilation is different compared to the rest: the website is awesome! Simple but effective. Also, if you download the compilation, you get a pdf file added, with a tracklist in it and also a word document, containing details regarding the labels and DJs, and it looks professional, especially their website. A feast for our eyes. Check it out, I would urge you. Well, if you want to download this, you have to go to their website.

Let’s see the tracklist.


Sc@r B2B Reflux (Scarred Digital  Showcase Mix) 
01. Andy Wilson feat Carole Cassidy – Back To You
02. Reflux & Defective – Tidal Wave (Alex Prospect Remix) 
03. Deverstate & Inspiration vs Mob – All I Know
04. Reflux & Vibrance – End Of The Day
05. Klubfiller – Last Forever (Klubfiller & Sc@r Remix) 
06. Deverstate, Inspiration & Doug Horizon – It’s Like That
07. Sc@r – Hold Back
08. Sc@r & Jakka-B feat Keileigh – Do You Remember
09. Uniqform & S.I.D.R. – Play Girl
10. DJ Humid – Trek
11. M-Project feat MC Steal – Crazy Motherf##ker

Ken Masters B2B Skinny (Future State Showcase Mix) 
01. Dys7 – Starface
02. Daniel Seven vs Jonathan Carey – Goin’ In Heavy
03. Olly P – Affected Asylum
04. Skinny – Ruffer & Tuffer
05. Darwin – This Is 4 Ever
06. Fracus – Fixx
07. DBL – Euro Stomp
08. Jioyi – Seize On
09. Ken Masters – Mass NRG (Audio Warfare Remix) 

Kyle WytchWood (Hardcore Rapture Digital Showcase Mix) 
01. Geoff Mull (from Xfactor) – Better Man (Kyle WytchWood & Eufeion Official Remix) 
02. Kyle WytchWood feat Deanne – Fool For Your Love
03. Raving Donkey – Aria
04. Kyle WytchWood – Frozen
05. Kyle WytchWood – I Hear You Calling
06. Kyle WytchWood & D.M. Tonka – Your Ghost
07. Kyle WytchWood & Dan Edge feat Gemma MacLeod – Reality
08. Punch – Rock 2 The Rhythm
09. Eufeion – Keep On Trying
10. Ryan Kore – Shine 4 U
11. Kyle WytchWood, Hyperforce & IYF feat Jennifer T – Calling You
12. Eufeion – Crystal Blue
13. Wytchwood & Cruze feat Gemma MacLeod – Holding On
14. Eufeion & Konekshon – Disco Flash
15. Wytchwood & Cruze – Born To Love You

Cruze (Trackmaster Music Showcase Mix) 
01. Cruze & Breaks – Trackmasters
02. Cruze, Breaks & Donna Grassie – You Should Know
03. Kickback & Ineffect – Breathe Into Me
04. Andy Vilo – Bring The Beat Back
05. Cruze & Stompin Tom – Mortal Beatz
06. WytchWood & Cruze vs Tom Revolution – Bass Kick
07. Darts feat MC Smokin’ – Rave Addict
08. Billy Jump – Lost In Space
09. Cruze & J@mie – Check This Out
10. Dan Edge – Torn Apart
11. Billy Jump feat Rachel Robson – I’ll Always Come Back To Your Love

Bridson (Rave Essentials Showcase Mix) 
01. Snipes – Love Me Too
02. Bridson – Just A Sign
03. Bridson – Make The Floor Burn
04. Bridson – I’m Still Waiting (Snipes Remix) 
05. Sharp E feat Bridson – I Can Breathe
06. Andy Wilson – I Need Your Touch
07. Andy Wilson – Forever Loved
08. Darren G & Bridson – Puppet Master

Miss Special K (Totally ‘Ardcore Showcase Mix) 
01. Miss Special K feat MC 3Man – Our Passion Our Way
02. Miss Special K – Come Together
03. Miss Special K feat Deanne – Colours
04. Miss Special K feat Dionne – I Missed You
05. Shax feat Age O – Mike Tyson
06. Wain Johnstone – Ounce Of Bounce (Miss Special K Remix) 
07. Miss Special K & Discore – Nothing But
08. Miss Special K & Cruze feat MC 3Man Special – Certain Someone
09. Miss Special K & Nocturnal Disorder – Find The Time
10. Shax feat Age O – I Miss You
11. Miss Special K feat Dionne – Friends Forever
12. Miss Special K – My Territory
13. Miss Special K feat Dionne – Stand By You
14. Miss Special K feat Deanne – Hypnotized
15. Helix – U R Everything (Klubfiller & Miss Special K Remix) 
16. Miss Special K feat Dionne – Rave All Night

Future State Unmixed Tracks 
01. Dys7 – Starface
02. Darwin – This Is 4 Ever
03. Daniel Seven vs Jonathan Carey – Goin’ In Heavy
04. Bridson – I’m Still Waiting (Snipes Remix) 
05. Olly P – Affected Asylum
06. Skinny – Ruffer & Tuffer
07. Bridson – Just A Sign
08. Andy Wilson – Need Your Touch
09. Elipton & Dys7 – Just For You
10. Jioyi – Seize On
11. Ken Masters – Mass NRG (Audio Warfare Remix) 

01. Sharp-E feat Bridson – I Can Breathe
02. Andy Wilson – Forever Loved
03. Bridson – Punk Mo Fo
04. Sc@r – Acid Porn Monkey (Ranzor Remix) 
05. Wain Johnstone – Ounce Of Bounce (Miss Special K Remix) 
06. Cruze & J@mie – Check This Out
07. Kyle WytchWood & D.M. Tonka – Your Ghost
08. Sp!ke – The New Age
09. DJ Square – Lift Off
10. Kevskii – That Vibe
11. Bridson & Killian – Fresh Cut Grass

You are one click away from getting all this! All this, for free? Sweet Lord, this is insane! So many tunes to listen to, so many great tracks are in this compilation! Future State have delivered an awesome album, with excellent and exquisite mixes by well established DJs. This is really interesting, to find such an awesome compilation, it does cause goosebumps to appear all over your body!

Every DJ mix is awesome. No errors, just pure music. Awesome stuff. The first mix has got a wicked start, and the flow continues throughout the whole compilation. It was really hard to pick a favourite track, so I just simply pick one track per mix, and one track per unmixed CD. There are simply too many great anthems to choose from, and it wouldn’t be fair to just pick one. There are 92 tracks to choose from..

DJSc@r and Reflux’s mix has got 2 amazing tracks that stand out compared to the others, and the two are ‘Back To You’ and ‘All I Know’. But I have to pick the first one, seeing as it’s a good track to start the mix with, and the vocals are a blessing. Ken Masters B2B Skinny also has 2 amazing tracks, Skinny’s own ‘Ruffer & Tuffer’ and ‘Fixx’, by Fracus. Skinny always has released tracks which sounded a lot like Scott Brown’s earlier stuff, and to this day I’m not sure if Skinny is actually another person, or a Scott Brown alias. His track is really amazing, but Fracus’ is slightely better.

Damn, Kyle WytchWood’s mix also has got some slammers in it, two I really dig. One is ‘Aria’ and the other is ‘I Hear You Calling’. Between these two tracks I can’t pick my favourite, they are both amazing. ‘Frozen’ is also a nice track, but I’ve heard the original and this version already a million times, so it’s my third favourite. Cruze’s mix has got it, everything I wanted to hear. His mix takes me back to the good ol’ days of UK Hardcore, the tracks he selected do have the sound we all love and miss. Best track? ‘You Should Know’. Why? Listen and hear Donna Grassie’s voice. SEXY. And sexy always wins.

Bridson’s mix is a good one, and the track that stands out, is ‘I Need Your Touch’. I’ve heard this track somewhere else before, and it took my breathe away. Probably one of the greatest tracks ever written. Miss Special K’s finest track has got to be ‘Friends Forever’. So happy and cheerful track, brought a smile on my face.

The unmixed discs contain a few outstanding tracks, but I can only pick 2, and one of them is ‘Need Your Touch’ by Andy Wilson. As I said earlier, probably the greatest track ever written, everything is perfect, the ultimate track. And the second? Close call between two tracks. DJ Square’s track is awesome, but seeing as I’m a Gabberhead, I do pick ‘Fresh Cut Grass’, it does have gabber sounding bits in it.

The compilation is a good one. Never a dull moment, and the DJs have given us their best mixes so far. Future State have done it, created the ultimate compilation. A compilation they should be proud off, and every DJ involved should be proud of their involvement. Their hard work has paid off, the result is astonishing. This is the, and I’m going to say it, the ultimate compilation. Who needs anything else, when you’ve got FSH volume 1? The best no-money can buy!

Look out for FSH volume 2, it will appear on your timeline in the near future. But in the meantime, check this out, and give each and everyone involved credit for what they’ve created. One amazing album.


DJs: Sc@r B2B Reflux, Ken Masters B2B Skinny, Kyle WytchWood, Cruze, Bridson, Miss Special K
Genre/Style: UK Hardcore, Breakbeat Hardcore, Powerstomp, Happy Hardcore
CD Info: Future State Hardcore Vol. 1
Length CD: Hours…
Tracks: 92 (ninety-two) (mixed+unmixed)
Download/Listen (via Official Website): DOWNLOAD HERE
File Size: 753 MB (mp3) / 1.77 GB (wav)
File Type: mp3/wav
Bitspeed: 320kbps
More Information: Future State – Facebook Fanpage

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