Hardcore 2017

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Hardcore 2017

It’s still Christmas, and most of us have lived through these two days with a lot of food, a lot of drinks, and a lot of Christmas music on the radio. And you go out with thousands of presents, and come back with thousands more. One of those presents was a Hardcore CD, titled Hardcore 2017, which I got from a family member. Obviously she had no clue what kind of music I listened to, and the first thing she did was to search for anything Hardcore related. The result? Well, this album (pay attention, I’d already said that). This is quite a personal present, so I would like to say ‘thank you’. Not often do I get CDs from others besides the missus (she knows me a bit more). So to see this CD amongst the presents brought a smile on my face.

I had a quick look, and saw a few big names on this unmixed compilation: Delta 9, Tripped, Dione, Meccano Twins, Neophyte, Evil Activities, Rob Gee, Kasparov, and more. Never seen an album like this one before, don’t even know if it’s a compilation which happens yearly. Don’t see many of this label ZYX music at all. But maybe I’m looking far enough? Anyway, the album contains 19 records, and they start off with a smashing record, and the tracklist is quite promising.

Let me show you the tracklist. It will bring you happiness, especially on 2017’s Boxing Day. Get the stupid Christmas stuff off the radio and let’s get back to the Hardcore tunes!

tracklist TCD

01. Angerfist & Radical Redemption – Order Of Hostility (Official Airforce 2016 Anthem) 
02. Dr. Peacock & Mr. Ivex – Vive La Frenchcore Anthem 2016
03. Art Of Fighters – The Scream Of Eva (Neon Genesis Evangelion Tribute)(Edit) 
04. Kasparov – Back 2 Reality (Edit) 
05. Noize Suppressor & Tha Playah feat MC Nolz – Headshot (Edit)
06. Korsakoff & Decipher – Affected By Sound (Radio Edit) 
07. Brutale & Rob Gee – No Compromise (Edit) 
08. Amnesys & Tommyknocker – Blackout (Official Ground Zero Hardcore 2016 Anthem – Edit) 
09. Minupren & The Belgian Stallion – 20.000db (Stormtrooper Remix) 
10. Meccano Twins – Forever More (Edit) 
11. Dione – Rewinder (Original Mix) 
12. Epyleptika – Dragoncore Z
13. Neophyte & Evil Activities – Alles Kapot (D-Fence Remix) 
14. Drokz & The Unfamous – Bring Some Beer (Drokz Version) 
15. Predator & Catscan – Original (Radio Edit) 
16. Furyan & Nosferatu – Killswitch (Edit) 
17. Unexist & OGM909 – Y.O.D.O.
18. Minupren & Epyleptika – Drompeyte (Terror Mix) 
19. Delta 9 & Tripped – Join Us

It’s still impressive that my family knows me a bit better than I thought. I’m known as the crazy Dutchman who listens to Hardcore. They still don’t have a clue what the difference is between Hardcore, Gabber, Millennium Hardcore, Terror, Industrial, Speedcore… but that’s something for the future, eh?

For now, let’s focus on the album. It looked promising. I only had the chance to listen to this CD whilst being on my own at home, couldn’t listen it whilst driving home: it would give the other family members permanent brain damage. But I sat down, turned the computer on, put the disc in, and let the music come towards me. And there were a few good slammers on this. But, there’s a huge but….

I don’t know who compose this album, but the length of these records are seriously disappointing. For example: ‘Killswitch’ is my favourite on this album, and this one is only 2 minutes and 25 seconds long. By the time the build up starts, it’s already 2 minutes in, and the full force behind this record can not be heard, or felt. It’s a shame that they’ve cut records short. What I don’t get, is that they made them radio edits, which radio station plays Hardcore music (besides the underground and online radio stations?)?

This could have been a great album, the music is still good, but some records are too short. This could have been something, but instead is something not there yet. It’s still a nice present, don’t get me wrong. And I will listen to this whilst travelling to work tomorrow, but I will download the full extended versions of these records, they are much better. How can you shorten Killswitch? That’s blasphemy!


Artist: Various Artists
Genre/Style: Hardcore, Gabber, Terror
Release Year: 2016
Album Info: Hardcore 2017
CDs: 1 (one)
Length CD: 01:11:33
Tracks: 19 (nineteen)
Label: ZYX Music
Product Number: 55818-2
More Information: —————

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