M-Project – Weaponized Soul 1.5 – Remixes & Reworks (2018)

Van Martin van Zeelandt

Last year M-Project released the album ‘Weaponized Soul’, and it was an immediate success. On this album he worked alongside names such as Scott Brown, Synthwulf, Mitomoro, Relect and many more, but we all know that M-Project can’t sit still: he’s always busy. And you might have seen on Facebook or Twitter the announcement of his new album, which is called ‘Weaponized Soul 1.5’. This follow up album contains reworks and remixes, and the records are big. 11 tracks for only ¥ 1500. Let me see how much that is in pounds…. 9.95 pounds. And like the previous album you can get it via Guhroovy’s Bandcamp page.

It’s not out yet, don’t get too hyped up! You can pre-order it via Bandcamp, and the album will come your way on the 28th of April. But what can you expect from this album? Well, 11 amazing tracks being remixed or reworked by Powerstomp’s finest producer M-Project. On this you find classics such as ‘Neckbreaker’, ‘Freefall’, ‘This Is How We Do It’, ‘Checkin’ Da Cutz’ and more being remixed, and a few records by M-Project himself. This is not a boring album, or an album you want to miss.

You obviously want to know what you can find on the album, and I’m showing you it right now!

tracklist TCD

01. M-Project – Hardcore Power (Redux) 
02. Blunted – Freedom (M-Project & Muzik Servant Remix) 
03. Scott Brown – Neckbreaker (M-Project & Mitomoro Remix) 
04. Al Storm & M-Project – Distorted Chaos
05. Joey Riot vs It-Man – Can’t Hold Back (M-Project Remix) 
06. Sash Dee & Daniel Seven feat Zoe VanWest – Over & Over (M-Project Remix) 
07. Sy & Al Storm – Haunted (M-Project Remix) 
08. Brisk & Vinylgroover – Checkin’ Da Cutz (M-Project & Liqo Remix) 
09. Plus System – This Is How We Do It (M-Project Remix) 
10. Daniel Seven & M-Project feat Blue Eyes – Climbing (Redux) 
11. UFO – Freefall (M-Project Remix) 

A short but very exciting tracklist. This makes me happy. I do know the originals (and secretly heard a few records here and there), but now to find them all on one album is always great!

This man keeps on providing us with awesome music, and his latest album is no exception. He’s an unstoppable force, and with this album he shows that he can make all time classics sound great, or sometimes even better than the original. Or show his own skills as a producer. He’s already worked with big names in the past, and on this album he does the same.

Is this album better, worst, or equal to the first ‘Weaponized Soul’? Now that’s tricky. The first album’s focus was M-Project’s producing skills, and this second is focussed on his remix ability, so you really can’t compare the two albums. They are as different as they are unique.

Which record does the most damage to my eardrums? ‘Can’t Hold Back’. The vocals are just brilliant! And with the legendary M-Project stomp underneath it, it all comes together beautifully.

M-Project has delivered yet another awesome album. And I think you should pre-order it right now (if you haven’t already). Have I told you that you get 11 brilliant records on one disc? All DJ friendly, by the best Powerstomp producer out there?


Artist: M-Project & Various Artists
Genre/Style: UK Hardcore, Powerstomp, Happy Hardcore
Release Year: 2018
CD Info: M-Project – Weaponized Soul 1.5 – Remixes & Reworks
CDs: 1 (one)
Length CD: 00:52:08
Tracks: 11 (eleven)
Label: Terraform Music
Product Number: TFCD-014
Buy Here: Weaponized Soul 1.5 – Guhroovy Website
More Information: M-Project – Facebook Fanpage

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