Rave Collision (1995)

Van Martin van Zeelandt

Last week I went through my whole music collection, and did the unthinkable: I made sure everything was where it should have been, and threw away CDs I didn’t play for years, or cases which didn’t have anything in it. Empty cases, what a nightmare. And a shame. Whilst doing that, I found a CD so unique, you probably have never seen it before. Or maybe you have, but since 1995 never seen it again.

This Happy Hardcore CD is 22 years old, and it still plays! How about that? It was released by a label I’ve never heard of before, and never seen since. But on the cover it said ‘cool price’, and I reckon in the time we still had Guilders in the Netherlands, it must have been cheap? Don’t actually know the price, that’s always the first thing I got off albums.

It does look extremely cheap. Not an album which stands out from compilations such as ‘Happy Hardcore’ by Arcade. But why did I buy it? It was in the haydays of Happy Hardcore, and I was (and still am) a fan of compilations. I must have only had a few quid in my pocket and couldn’t afford the real deal, so I bought this. Still happy enough for me. But was it worth it?

Let me show you the tracklist, and you will immediately see if it was worth it. Oh yeah, let me remind you, not only does it look cheap, the tracklist on the back of the album isn’t 100% accurate.

tracklist TCD

01. Rodd-Yler feat Clinique Team – Mission Fulfilled (Classique Version) 
02. Bass D & Mathew – Heart Beat
03. DJ Waxweazle – Going Down Again
04. Jean Sibart & Joel Tramb – Right Is Wrong (Right Mix) 
05. DJ Jorg & Rico – It Started With A Bass
06. DJ Weirdo & DJ Sim – Kick This Muthaf#@ka
07. Duo Pennotti – The Beat Goes…
08. Buzz Fuzz – Mind Moves
09. DJ Timo Maas – Final XS (Rave Version) 
10. DJ Waxweazle – It’s About Time
11. Re-Charge – Xperience
12. Bertolucci Freanzano – XTC Love (Buzz Mix) 
13. Bass D & King Matthew feat XD – Stick ‘em Up
14. Buzz Fuzz – Mind Moves

Have you noticed they used twice Buzz Fuzz’s record ‘Mind Moves’? The last record on the cover states ‘The Prophet – Allright Now, Here We Go’, but is it bollocks? How stupid is that? Well, the album was cheap, so cheap, they re-used a record. And some titles are off.

This might have been one of those albums so cheap, you rather used it as a coaster. But at least they weren’t as cheap as those stupid Mecado CDs (those who are Dutch, you should know about them). But let’s not forget the album does look cheap, it has some cheap things/wrongdoings, but what counts are the records. 13 + 1. Are they good? Are they worth the pennies?

The answer is yes and no. Some records are not worth it at all, like ‘Final XS’or ‘Mind Moves’. But then other the other hand there are some records on here are blinding, like Buzz’s mix of ‘XTC Love’ and ‘Stick ‘em Up’, ‘The Beat Goes…’, etc. In a way this cheapskate album made sure that the music spoke for itself, and keeps itself out of my bin. Even though it’s the cheapest looking album ever, it’s still not worth being thrown away.

I like the records. Happy Hardcore fun at a cool price? That’s such a 90s advertisment slang. But it worked for me. I bought it, and still play it 22 years later.

Sadly no review online, not on Soundcloud or Youtube. You must be able to find this album somewhere…


Artists: Various Artists
Genre/Style: Happy Hardcore, Hardcore, Gabber, Hard Trance
Release Year: 1995
CD Info: ‘Over 60 mins of HappyHardcoreFun at a COOL PRICE’
CDs: 1 (one)
Length CD: 01:17:27
Tracks: 14 (fourteen)
Label: Broken Beats Records
Product Number: EWM41782
More Information: ———————–

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