Amada @ Project Hardcore 2013

Van Martin van Zeelandt

Amada, she’s the finest and roughest female Hardcore DJ out there. She’s rough, tough, and she likes her Hardcore to be bad to the bone. Being a personal favourite for TCD, two mixes have already been reviewed, and today I wanted to hear some Hardcore. Her previous Thunderdome set was good, and also her Thunderdome Air Max day something something mix was excellent. But now we are stepping away from Thunderdome, and listen to a Project Hardcore set she did back in 2013. And it’s hard, very hard.

Her enthusiasm was clearly visible during the live broadcast at Thunderdome, and I can picture her doing the same back in 2013. Who wouldn’t be happy playing at the same event with artists such as Tha Playah, Mad Dog & Anime, Re-Style, Partyraiser, Ophidian, System Shock, Noize Suppressor, and the list goes on. And what she delivers is an amazing set, with seriously ear destroying records. The tracklist should persuade you enough to give this liveset a go!

tracklist TCD

01. DJ Neophyte vs Tha Playah feat MC Alee – The Ultimate Project
02. Furyan – The Music
03. DJ Mad Dog – Here Comes The Madness
04. Mr Sinister – Heart Of Darkness
05. Dione – Fuck The World
06. Wasted Mind – Paradox
07. Nosferatu – Leave Me Forever In The Dark (Project Hardcore Anthem 2010) 
08. Kasparov – Around The World
09. Ruffneck – The Enemy (Nosferatu Remix) 
10. Dyprax – Dead President
11. The Beatkrusher – Hatred In Man
12. State Of Emergency – Addiction
13. Unexist – Refuse
14. Para Italia – Ragga Trip
15. Dione – Work Ya Body
16. Andy The Core vs F.Noize – Sentenced
17. Paul Elstak feat Scott Brown & Darrien Kelly – Here We Go Again Jellyhead

Amada is a bad ass. So many wicked anthems in here, wowsers. She destroyed the stage she played at (don’t know which one that was, but if it wasn’t the mainstage, I am disappointed). She killed it.

She loves the melodic Hardcore. Be it rough, but it needs to have a nice melody. And what she used to compose this set, are mainly melodic Hardcore tunes. And some even tunes which will stick in your head because they are bloody catchy. Like Kasparov’s ‘Around The World’ or ‘Here We Go Again Jellyhead’. Tracks like that are kind of annoying, but great at the same time, because they won’t leave your big skull. And don’t we all wish every Hardcore tune does that?

To me this set contains a forgotten gem, which is ‘Leave Me Forever In The Dark’, the anthem of 2010. If you disagree, I won’t mind. But don’t underestimate this record. This makes you ‘hak’ even harder than before. Well, I made sure my foothprint was seen on the floor earlier today.

There are a few mistakes. And the recording level can be a bit distorted. Maybe her hair got in the way during mixing, or just her enthusiasm? Doesn’t mean the set is crap. Not at all.

In the end you simply get a fucking hard set. A set to listen to when you need to hear some rough, raw, but melodic Hardcore, by the Hardcore Queen herself!


DJ: Amada
Genre/Style: Hardcore
Liveset Info: Recorded @ Project Hardcore 2013
Length Liveset: 00:54:16
Tracks: 17 (seventeen)
Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): LISTEN HERE
File Size: unknown
File Type: unknown
Bitspeed: unknown
More Information: DJ Amada – Facebook Fanpage

 Categorie: Hardcore LIVESET REVIEW

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