Darkraver @ Club X – 01.09.1995

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If you are a raver who was born in the 70s or the 80s, you were old enough during the 90s, and you have probably been to the coolest clubs out there. I wish I was born a few years earlier than 1983. I did miss out on so many great things, mainly the rise of Hardcore. I was too young to understand, and once it grabbed a nation of youngsters and they got their clubs, one of those clubs was Club X in Belgium. That’s the only club I have not been to, but really wanted to go to. I always bought the Club X compilations, and every magazine I purchased had something written about it. Once I was old enough, the Hardcore balloon was already bursting into a million pieces, and the hype died down.

So glad that we’ve got Soundcloud and Mixcloud. One regular poster of awesome things is Magpie303. He’s got thousands of mixes and livesets, and the latest one I encountered, was a set done by the legendary ‘clown’ of the scene, DJ Darkraver, and it was recorded back in 1995 at the club I spoke about earlier: Club X. As you can imagine, it contains the coolest records from the golden years of Early Hardcore. Don’t know how Magpie303 got this, don’t know where you can find these jewels. Especially from 1995. Maybe from a mixtape?

Wherever he got it from, it’s a blessing. This takes me right back to 1995, when I was 12 years old, and finally understanding the meaning behind Hardcore, but still too damn young to go out and have fun. So you can imagine that seeing the tracklist nearly brought a tear to my eye, because they contain the best of the best (with a few ID-less records). I think you definately need to check out this tracklist!

tracklist TCD

01. Myrmidon – No Response
02. Dummy – More Hardcore
03. Davie Forbes – Apocalypse Now
04. General Noise – Dance Till I Drop
05. Davie Forbes – De Kay Rate
06. General Noise – Pump This Groove
07. Nasty Django – Hardcore Motherfucker
08. Scott Brown – To The Beat
09. Stingray – Dance Your Ass Off
10. ID – ID
11. Stingray – Let The Bass Be Louder
12. Baba Nation – Jesus Words
13. Gizmo & Delirium – What House?
14. DJ Skorp & DJ Pila – Mindcontroller
15. Hard Creation – Start
16. ID – ID
17. Defenders – Stronger Then Steel
18. DJ Paul – Power Of The Darkside
19. Wasting Program – Flavour Shop
20. Phoenix – Dominate
21. Phoenix – (Now) Who’s In Control?!
22. Phantasia – Violet Skies (Acapella)
23. Club X – The Sequel (Lalala)
24. The Beatsquad – Miles Of Smiles
25. Bountyhunter – Demilitarized Zone
26. The Beatsquad – Roll The Drum
27. DJ Skorp & DJ Pila – Oohh God Damned I’m Great
28. ID – ID
29. Public Energy – Three ‘O’ Three
30. Masters Of Rave – Pump It (Like A Master)
31. Pilldriver – Pitch-Hiker
32. Rave Creator & The Mover – Atmos-Fear
33. Wasting Program – Bring That Shit Back

Wow. How cool is this, to hear those forgotten anthems again? Yes, it does also include the most well known and played out records from 1995-ish, and a handful of annoying shit records, like ‘The Sequel’. That record is so bad, you can only appreciate it when you have gone far over the edge and know nothing any more. Basically saying, you must be extremely high or drunk to find that record cool.

Anyway, the Darkraver was playing the finest records, and made sure the people at this Belgian club had a wonderful time. You can tell he had fun, and maybe a few Bacardi’s too many, because the flow isn’t really there. It does contain a lot of errors, and sometimes transition where you think ‘why have you done it like that?’. But these were the golden days, Technics everywhere. No fancy stuff, and maybe that’s the reason why this set is good, but not excellent.

Also, halfway throughout the set, the recording quality goes down the drain. Nothing that the Darkraver can do about, but it ruins it slightly. I’ve got a feeling this was taken from a cassette, and after so many years of playing the actual tape has lost its strength. A buzz killer.

There’s a good thing about this mix: it does contain a few Beatsquad records. I really liked the Beatsquad when they were doing their thing. Where has this sound gone too? I miss it.

I’ve enjoyed it, but it’s not the best set I’ve ever heard. I reckon you had to be at Club X in 1995 to experience it, and to feel it. Maybe I’m too focussed on the ‘new generation’, meaning I like my mixes to be picture perfect. Maybe. Whatever floats your boat, you can still appreciate this set.


DJ: The Darkraver
Genre/Style: Hardcore Techno, Gabber, Early Hardcore
Liveset Info: Recorded @ Club X 01.09.1995
Length Liveset: 01:42:03
Tracks: 33 (thirty-three)
Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): LISTEN HERE
File Size: unknown
File Type: unknown
Bitspeed: unknown
More Information: The Darkraver – Facebook Fanpage

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