Dr. Peacock At Masters Of Hardcore – The Skull Dynasty (2017)

moh 2017
Van Martin van Zeelandt

Masters of Hardcore, who hasn’t heard of this masterful event? It’s at the top of everyone’s list, of events you need to go to. Masters Of Hardcore and Thunderdome. If you, as an artist, get the opportunity to play at both, you’ve basically made it in the world of Hardcore music. One of the artists who played at both events was Dr. Peacock. You’ve probably seen this mix before, seeing as it’s been listened to 141k+ times already. And you might know his way of mixing, or his liveset, or his legendary bowler hat. Is that what it’s called? Not an expert in naming hats, because I never wear one (my head is too damn big). Whatever he wears, it doesn’t interfere with him playing the filthiest, roughest, toughest, bloodiest, and hardest records out there.

It’s Sunday morning and all I wanted to hear was a calm set. But quickly that was thrown out of the building, because I couldn’t find one with a proper tracklist. I went on the hunt, and found this mix by Dr. Peacock with a tracklist. That’s a bonus. As I said before, he played at Masters Of Hardcore this year (the event title was ‘The Skull Dynasty’) and he played in the Shinjuku area, alongside acts such as Bloodcage, Negative Warz, Andy The Core B2B F.Noize, Tieum & Unexist, Dolphin, and more. You can already guess that the set isn’t for those who aren’t hard as a rock. You need to have a bloodpressure over a billion, and not facing a heart attack, because this might push you over the edge. You need to love Dr. Peacock’s music, but I guess you do, otherwise you wouldn’t be on my site, eh?

Let me show you the tracklist. It’s filth. That’s what it is.

tracklist TCD

01. Viva La Volta (Original Intro)
02. JKLL – Cocktail Mazel Tov
03. Dr. Peacock feat Hyrule War – Trip To Fairyland
04. The Speed Freak – Boombox (Mat Weasel Remix)(Sickcore Edit) 
05. Harry Potar – Whiskycat
06. ID – ID
07. Dr. Peacock & Fant4stik – Tekkila
08. Fant4stik & Dr. Peacock – Mambo
09. ID – ID
10. Harry Potar – Boomblastoc
11. Para Italia – Mad World
12. Hyrule War & Cyclon – Too Dramatic
13. Sirio – Smoking Zone
14. D-Frek & Dr. Peacock – Shambala
15. Maissouille & Dr. Peacock – Breaking Bass (Peacock’s Re-Fix) 
16. Dr. Peacock & Frenzy – Number One
17. Sefa – Lost In Thoughts
18. Dr. Peacock – Trip To Ireland (Live Edit) 
19. Angry Beardz – Bird Is The Word
20. Dr. Peacock & Kyome – Trip To Middle Earth (VIP Edit) 
21. Dr. Peacock & Vertex – Trip To Spain
22. Sprinky – Play The Keytar
23. Dr. Peacock feat Nosferatu – Trip To Hell
24. Sefa – Travelling
25. Dr. Peacock & Marcus Decks – Shuttlerun
26. Dr. Peacock & Marcus Decks – Game Over
27. The Braindrillerz – Intro (Unreleased)
28. Dr. Peacock & Deathroar – This Is Our World
29. Dr. Peacock feat Remzcore – Trip To The Moon
30. Sefa & Crypton – Nobody Knows
31. Dr. Peacock & Crypton – Limitless
32. Vertex – Square One
33. Programers & Dr. Peacock – Gadjo
34. Skoza – Sikgorgiamus
35. Dr. Peacock – Wake The Fuck Up!
36. Angerfist – Criminally Insane (Para Italia & Dr. Peacock Remix) 
37. Dr. Peacock – How Do You Do
38. Dr. Peacock & Repix – Destroy Everything (Sprinky Remix) 
39. Chrono & Lano – Really Late
40. ID – ID
41. Hungry Beats & Dr. Peacock – On Your Own (Unfinished)
42. Dam – Hardcority
43. Hyrule War & La Ravage – Chinese Taxi Driver
44. Dr. Peacock feat Angernoizer – Trip To Colombia
45. Noisekick – Reaching For The Sky
46. Mr. Ivex & Dr. Peacock – Frenchtastic

I’m not a full on fan of Frenchore, but it is tasty to hear when everyone else around you is still vast asleep. I can tolerate this kind of Hardcore music, but not something like Speedcore. That’s the kind of music which is played at 2964329BPM. How can you rave to that? Bloody Nora. Well, at least Dr. Peacock at your party means a proper party.

The fans all over the world love Dr. Peacock, because he does his best to make the night a memorable one. He gets good ratings, even though sometimes the set is too f**king brutal. But he knows how to throw a party. And at MoH he did exactly that. What I did notice whilst typing the tracklist is the fact that in a lot of titles the two words ‘trip to’ can be seen a lot. We go to Ireland, Spain, the Moon, Hell, Middle Earth… is that a thing? Sounds like he makes a lot of trips, on this Earth and beyond.

I love the quirkiness. I love it’s uniqueness. This Frenchcore set is just what you sometimes need to hear. Not too brutal, and not taking itself serious from time to time. But that’s just perfect for now, seeing as we are going into the season of joy (oh, what a f**king joy). His set is a beautiful one, and even though certain records aren’t my cup of tea (too ridicilous), they still made me dance around in my living room.

He has used his own records a lot in this set, which also shows that this is a very busy DJ and producer. Am I wrong in saying that he dominates the Frenchcore scene? Look at his Soundcloud page and see the amount of plays. Dr. Peacock rules the scene. And at the moment he’s ruling the street I live in!


DJ: Dr. Peacock
Genre/Style: Frenchcore, Hardcore, Terror
Liveset Info: Recorded @ Masters Of Hardcore – The Skull Dynasty (2017)
Length Liveset: 01:00:12
Tracks: 46 (fourty-six)
Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): LISTEN HERE
File Size: unknown
File Type: unknown
Bitspeed: unknown
More Information: Dr. Peacock – Facebook Fanpage 

 Categorie: Hardcore LIVESET REVIEW

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