Mark With A K – Bassleader 2015 Hard Classics Set

bassleader 2015
Van Martin van Zeelandt

Sometimes you want to go back to your youth, and today I was hunting. Not in a forrest, but on Soundcloud. I wanted to hear a Jumpstyle mix, and there were so many online, and sadly the majority of them aren’t that great. They try, and some are good, but not extraordinary, and that’s what I was after. I wanted to be amazed, dazzled, and basically it being so good, it would take me back to the golden days of Jumpstyle. And I have found one. An extraordinary mix indeed!

It’s a liveset by Mark With A K from Bassleader, recorded back in 2015. It’s for free, and it’s got a tracklist. Now how’s that, eh? And you and I all know Mark With A K, and his passion and dedication for Jumpstyle. He’s also known for mixing together ridicilous amount of records in a short period, and that’s exactly what he did. He only had a 45 minute slot at Bassleader, but within those 45 minutes he demolished the dancefloor, and he also demolished my car speakers! More about that in a minute, but for now let’s focus on the ridicilous amount of records he used for this set!

tracklist TCD

01. Mad Traxx – In The Future
02. DJ Drops – Look Like Money (Davoodi Remix) 
03. The Darkman – Illegale (Pat B & Francois Mix) 
04. Showtek – Puta Madre
05. Rudy Sunders – Pump Up My Pussy (Lethal MG Remix) 
06. Bestien – Memories (DJ Tool) 
07. Polycarpus – Fuck You!
08. Prodigy – No Good (Q-ic Remix) 
09. Chicago Zone – Story Of R2
10. Panik-X-Trem – Cyberphonic
11. DJ Duro – Cocaine MF
12. Davoodi – King Kong
13. Neophyte – Braincracking
14. Coone – Doggystyle
15. Binum – Infinity
16. Marshall Masters – Stereo Murder (Q-ic Remix) 
17. Poogie Bear – Happy Together (Teka B Remix) 
18. Bestien – Bootyman
19. Antonio & Cristiano – I Sampled Marissa
20. Demoniak – This Is Porno
21. Dr Rude – Babyboom In The Room
22. Magnetik People – Technical Life (Q-ic Remix) 
23. DJ Bam Bam – Bam’s Workout (Acapella)
24. Massiv vs The Rebel – Like This
25. Dune – Hardcore Vibes (Coone Edit) 
26. The Prophet – H3y Twisted World (Pat B & Miss Puss Mash Up) 
27. Bestien – What We Breathe
28. Lethal MG – You Eternal
29. Davoodi & Mark With A K – Can’t Stop Raving
30. DJ Ghost & Trent Easton – Roll It
31. Mark With A K – Flying High
32. Binum – Chapter One (DJ Greg C Remix) 
33. Coone – The Return
34. Lowriderz – Blow Up The Whoops (Mashup) 
35. Coone – Life Is Complex
36. Pinky & The Brain – Boenkers
37. Bestien – Drugs
38. Vorwerk – Vietnam
39. Mark With A K – Lock The Bangin’ Record Out Of Heaven (DJ Tool) 
40. Mark With A K – Narcotic Oasis (DJ Tool) 
41. Fusion – Sky Liquid
42. Mark With A K – Always Hardcore
43. Nitro Man – Techno Prime
44. Trax-X – Gravity (Lethal MG Remix) 
45. Da Bootleggers – Bitches & Ho’s
46. Itraxx & Dr Phunk – Little Jimmy (Lethal MG Remix) 
47. Sybian vs DJ Tony – Krekwakwou
48. Dark System – Space Wide (Boon-T Edit) 
49. Mark With A K – Shake That Speaker
50. Fenix – Mr Ego
51. DJ Furax – Big Orgus (Dr Rude Remix) 
52. R3hab & Swanky Tunes feat Max C – Sending My Love (Afrojack Edit)(Gordon Smith & H4Bitane Bootleg) 
53. New Order – Confusion (Ruthless DJ Tool) 
54. Marshall Masters – I Like It Loud

This is truly amazing! Mark With A K is truly a perfectionist! I don’t know how he’s done it, 54 records in a 45 minute long mix! And without any errors or mistakes! That’s dedication for you! It still is mind blowing to hear this mix, and to hear a perfectionist at work! Wish I was there to experience it myself!

I had to download this when I was at work earlier, and pressed play in the car, whilst the volume was way up… big mistake! Nearly blew my f**king speakers to a million bits! Would I have been a tad annoyed when that would have happened? Yes and no. Yes would be the obvious answer, but no because the speakers would go with a proper bang! And judging the tracklist the records he has selected are ALL amazing, even the cheesy ‘Always Hardcore’ remix.

I can not understand the sheer power behind this set. It’s truly the best Jumpstyle mix I’ve heard in a while! There are absolutely no other sets in the last 10 years which have blew me away the hardest. Mark has done it, the perfect Jumpstyle mix, with so many amazing oldskool and nu-skool Jump records. The best? Pff… I liked ‘Shake That Speaker’, ‘Chapter One’ (that drop is blinding), but ‘Sending My Love’ just fits the bill perfectly!

An amazing set. You need to listen to this before you die! And that’s something from me to say!


DJ: Mark With A K
Genre/Style: Jumpstyle
Liveset Info: Recorded @ Bassleader 2015
Length Liveset: 00:44:18
Tracks: 54 (fifty-four)
Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): DOWNLOAD/LISTEN
File Size: 447 MB
File Type: .wav
Bitspeed: 1411kbps
More Information: Mark With A K – Soundcloud Page

 Categorie: Hard Dance LIVESET REVIEW

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