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innercity 2001
Van Martin van Zeelandt

The other day I was talking about Sensation, and now a forgotten event: Innercity. Started back in 1999 at the Rai in Amsterdam, this new concept quickly came to life. Two events during the first year, and quickly moving abroad in 2000: visiting Belgium, Israel, Germany and Spain. I discovered Innercity back in 2000, when this event was held again in Amsterdam, and it blew my mind away. I fell in love, and remember the chaotic atmosphere at the Rai: one way traffic only. It took hours to get back to the mainstage, or wherever you needed to be. And I got chewing gum stuck to my jeans. Ruined my evening. But the actual event was ace.

The line-up in 2000 was so damn good, but the temperatures were so cold: when me and my good friend arrived there, and stood outside of the entrance, it started to bloody snow. And the only thing I was wearing was a t-shirt and extremely thin trousers. I was freezing my bollocks off. But that was just the thing: going in the freezing temperatures to an event which would cause you to heat up the second you walk in. A night to remember. And only a handful of days ago I found the actual VHS on Youtube, which got me in the mood for some good ol’ Innercity liveset.

They are rare. Really rare. But I found one, from one of the biggest superstar DJs from Italy: Mauro Picotto. Don’t know what he does nowadays, he vanished of my radar, but during the early noughties his music touched my soul. His commercial music was also succesful all over the world, with the three hits reaching the Dutch charts (Komodo, Proximus, and Like This Like That). But the darker Techno side always attracted me more and more, and to find this jewel of a set will not only bring a smile on my face, but also on yours!

tracklist TCD

01. Fabio MC – Klaude
02. Mauro Picotto – Like A Dog
03. Secret Cinema – Acid Come
04. Speedy J – Krekc
05. Tomaz vs Filterheadz – Mi Casa Es Su Casa
06. Intergalactic Phonk – The Source (Devilfish Remake) 
07. Sharpside – Space Cruising
08. Mauro Picotto – Verdi
09. Dariush – Ira
10. Ricky Le Roy – One Day (Big Bass Mix) 
11. Mauro Picotto – Pulsar (Picotto Verdi Mix)
12. Ricky Effe – Rectifier
13. Square – Unknown Synthetic
14. Marco Zaffarano – Re-Take (Tedesco Mix) 
15. Chris Liebling – Stigmata 8 (A1)
16. Gabry Fasano – Reaktor
17. Innerdrive feat Dhakela – Absolutely Necessary
18. 1st Bass – Slam Me Down
19. Umek – Gatex
20. Max Walder – God’s Creation (Picotto Remix) 
21. Marco Zaffarano & Sascha Barth – Insane
22. Livio Tracks – Perpetue
23. Joy Kittikonti – Joyenergizer (Mauro Picotto Remix) 
24. Fabio MC – Percutor M
25. Mauro Picotto – Hong Kong

This actual event wasn’t really the best one they had. The line-up was alright, but not brilliant. And the people at the Rai were lunatics. And the bloody one way traffic was a nuisance. But this set made the whole night worth while. And many people agree with that. And so should you, if you look at the tracklist! Bloody Nora, where did the quality go over the years? Where has this kind of music gone to?

Mauro’s set was taken from ID&T radio, which was broadcasted live. So don’t expect any great quality. And during the show you hear someone stating who’s set it is, but that shouldn’t bother you. Neither does the picture I used for this: this has been taken from the inside booklet of the CD. The original flyer/poster can not be found in a decent quality online, so I had to pick something good. Well, it looks funky, doesn’it?

The set is a blinding set. This has put a smile on my big ass face. Mauro knew exactly what he was doing, and the set is amazing. He got the crowd moving, at the Rai or at home. I even love the tracklist: I completely forgotten these tracks. I think I had some Mauro Picotto LPs, but due to moving house and country they disappeared. Mauro’s CDs are also gone, but I think I gave it to someone, never to be given back. Mauro was a true hero, and he increased my personal interest in Techno even more.

There are some glitches, but let’s take them for granted. Remember, this was during the days of early CDJs and vinyl, so it was more pure than now. And the record that still grabs my attention is ‘Verdi’. Brilliantly and balanced record. Dancefloor destroyer.

I will find out what happened to Mauro. But it’s time for you to find out what he did in 2001 at Innercity!


DJ: Mauro Picotto
Genre/Style: Techno
Liveset Info: Recorded @ Innercity 2001
Length Liveset: 01:57:08
Tracks: 25 (twenty-five)
Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): LISTEN HERE
File Size: unknown
File Type: unknown
Bitspeed: unknown
More Information: Mauro Picotto – Official Website 

 Categorie: LIVESET REVIEW Techno

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