Nobody Live @ HTID USA San Francisco 2018

Nobody Live @ HTID USA San Francisco 2018

On the 10th of February the people in America had a brilliant time. You might wonder why? Well, it’s because they had an excellent party called ‘HTID USA’, and the line-up was amazing! Not a humonguous line-up, but those who were on it are big: Darren Styles,  Hixxy, Dougal, S3RL, Nobody, No Left Turn, and one artist which name I can not quite get (by judging the flyer. Is it Jiminrionet? Or something similar?). And it was completely sold out! Now that’s something good to hear, UK Hardcore finally made it in the States. And one of the first sets I’ve found is a re-recorded set by Nobody, Justice Hardcore’s big boss.

As you would expect, he played a lot of his own stuff and a lot of his label. And according to Nobody, this was the highlight of his career thus far. How about that, eh? Well, I think it’s something everyone wants to experience, to play at the mighty HTID. And now it’s gone global, it’s quite good to hear the responses from not only the ravers, but also the DJs. And Nobody’s set sounds amazing, and the records he selected are all amazing! Let me show you the tracklist, it’s a monster!

tracklist TCD

01. Manian – Hold Me Tonight (Rob IYF & Nobody Remix)(HTID Intro Edit feat MC Riddle) 
02. Hoodzie & Undefined feat Marie Louise – Fly With Me (Rob IYF & Nobody Remix) 
03. Rob IYF & Nobody – Turn It Out
04. Ian Van Dahl – Castles In The Sky (Rob IYF & Nobody Remix) 
05. Brisk & Al Storm vs Rob IYF & Nobody – Everybody In The Place (Drowning)
06. Rob IYF & Nobody feat Harri Rush – Like A Rainbow
07. Rob IYF & Nobody – Hero
08. Rob IYF & Nobody – E.O.S.
09. RedMoon & Meron Ryan – Never Let Go (Nobody Remix) 
10. Anna Kendrick  – Cups (Rob IYF & Nobody Remix) 
11. Cyrax – Diving In (Rob IYF & Nobody Remix) 
12. Klubfiller, Nobody & Ciccone – Outta My Mind (Nobody 2017 Mix) 
13. Rob IYF & Nobody – Nangs
14. Rob IYF & Nobody feat V-Star – The Rush
15. V-Star – Brighter Days (Rob IYF & Nobody Remix) 
16. Rob IYF x Nobody – I Need You
17. Nobody feat MC Riddle – Be Water
18. D-Code – Like I Feel (Rob IYF Remix) 
19. Inspiration, Devastate & MOB – Survive (Rob IYF & Nobody Remix) 
20. Alan Walker – Faded (Nobody Remix) 
21. Al Storm feat Amy – Surrender (Rob IYF & Nobody Remix) 

If you were looking for a proper Nobody mix, you don’t need to look any further: this contains so much of his own stuff (including his best friend Rob IYF). A lot of remixes. They’ve made a shitload of remixes! Due to me being quite busy I’ve missed out of a lot of US Hardcore, but they’ve been quite busy.

This is not the actual recording, this is re-recorded. Maybe someone didn’t press the record button at HTID, but a mistake is easily made when you are at an amazing event.

This contains so many wicked anthems. And one of the dopest remixes from an original done by Cosmic Gate, E.O.S. They’ve got a gift of making UK Hardcore fit in well with other styles. Or, let me rephrase that, they make records from other styles fit in beautifully with UK/US Hardcore’s demanding sound. And they are up to date when it comes to the EDM sound. It works well!

A few records are literally way up there amongst the greatests, and some not. My favourite records are ‘E.O.S.’, ‘Never Let Go’, ‘Everybody In The Place (Drowning)’, ‘Like I Feel’.

Nobody’s set is wicked. I wish I was there, experiencing a memorable night. But at least we’ve got Soundcloud and we’ve got the power to listen to this over and over again!


DJ: Nobody
Genre/Style: UK Hardcore, US Hardcore, EDMCore
Liveset Info: (Re)-Recorded @ HTID USA 2018
Length Liveset: 00:56:58
Tracks: 21 (twenty-one)
Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): DOWNLOAD/LISTEN
File Size: 130 MB
File Type: mp3
Bitspeed: 320kbps
More Information: DJ Nobody – Soundcloud Page

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