Para Italia – Live At Pumpkin BKJN Ballroom 2017

Para Italia - Live At Pumpkin BKJN Ballroom 2017
Van Martin van Zeelandt

Pumpkin? Is that really a name for a party? Turns out that it is, and on the 31st of October this year they destroyed the Turbinehalle in Oberhausen, Germany. Completely sold out, and if you look at the DJs which performed there, it’s obvious why it got sold out, and why the responds was very good. People seemed to like it a lot, and who would disagree (let me name a few DJs from all areas):  The Prophet, Wildstylez, Brennan Heart, Zatox, Meccano Twins, Korsakoff, Miss K8, Noize Suppressor, Kronos, Frequencerz, E-Force, Warface, Dr. Peacock, The Sickest Squad, Rooler, Malice, and many, many more. And all this for only 35 euros.  Unless you went VIP, which made the ticket price go up to 85 euros. A lot for your money.

I’ve reviewed a Para Italia mix before, can’t remember which one it was, but it was a very long time ago. This liveset turned up on my timeline about 2 days ago, and once I’ve pressed play, I knew it was going to be a hectic set. He did the opening set at the BKJN Ballroom area, which is always the most difficult time. The crowds are slowely walking in, settling, going to the bar, whilst you try to persuade them to get onto the dancefloor. That’s why Para Italia went in, and he went in hard.

This is not your standard Hardcore, this is rougher and tougher, and from time to time quirkier. You will understand it when you see the tracklist. You will know immediately what I’m talking about!

tracklist TCD

01. Para – Intro
02. Para Italia & Addicted – Suck My MF Dick
03. Hoeppie – One Of These Darkfallus (Mashup) 
04. The Unfamous & Bloody Vaya – Bad Boys
05. Para Italia – What Ya Wanna Do
06. Repix – Don’t Touch That Rockin’ Fire (Mash-up) 
07. Crime Scene & F.Noize – Extinction
08. Deadly Guns & Remzcore – Fckd-Up Nation
09. Partyraiser & Para Italia – Jailhouse Fck
10. Para Italia & Addiction – Me Against The World (Teaser)
11. Para Italia – Attack De Moeder (Mashup) 
12. Stampede – The 3 Legends (Mashup) 
13. Maotai & Bassfacker – Turn Me On
14. Dr. Peacock & Sefa – Trip 2 Turkey
15. Hardbouncer – Killed By My Kickdrum
16. Cryogenic – Madness
17. Hard Effectz – That’s My Style
18. Para Italia & Wars Industry – Mingus
19. F.Noize – Cold As Ice (Bootleg) 
20. Angerfist – Criminally Insane (Para Italia & Dr. Peacock Remix) 
21. Mad Dog vs Tieum – Harder Attack (Chaotic Hostility Mashup) 
22. F.Noize vs Crime Scene – Ready For Destruction
23. Hoeppie – Pulse Of The Maggots
24. Grigio – Gang Of Noise (Hardbouncer Remix) 

Yep, you are reading this correctly. There’s a Hardcore record with the lyrics from Elvis Presley’s ‘Jailhouse Rock’. Yep, that’s the level we are at, quirky from the start to the finish.

Para Italia has put down a really intriguing set. Quirky, but that’s just part of it. He has added a few wicked records by himself, or remixed by himself, or mashed up. There are too many fantastic records to mention, so I won’t do that. But what I can say is that this opening set for the BKJN Ballroom area is a very good one. If you walk into this area and Para Italia is playing a set this rough and raw, you are going to have a good time.

There’s no time for you to relax. The beats, basses and melodies are flying towards you at an unbelievable speed. I wasn’t there, but I’m already knackered. Sweat dripping off my face.

Best record? ‘Don’t Touch That Rockin’ Fire’. Why? Just listen to it and you will know why.

Even though Para Italia has used quirky records, the end result is a blinding set. I’ve loved it from the start. A very good opening set!


DJ: Para Italia
Genre/Style: Hardcore Techno, Gabber, Terror
Liveset Info: Recorded @ Pumpkin BKJN Ballroom 2017
Length Liveset: 01:00:39
Tracks: 24 (twenty-four)
Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): DOWNLOAD/LISTEN
File Size: 612 MB
File Type: wav.
Bitspeed: 1411kbps
More Information: Para Italia – Facebook Fanpage

 Categorie: Hardcore LIVESET REVIEW

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