Resonant Squad – Live @ Decade – The Halloween Edition (29-10-2016)

resonant squad
Van Martin van Zeelandt

Today I discovered yet another new artist, or in this case, a trio of Early Hardcore/Terror DJs called Resonant Squad. And when you mention the words ‘Early’ and ‘Hardcore’ in one sentence, I am aroused. Sexually unstable. I can not controle my enthusiasm at all. Well, basically that’s what they’ve done: they’ve played at 2016th Halloween Edition of Decade. And to play your first ever trio gig at an event where also Skorp, MD&A, The Masochist, The Stunned Guys, Ruffneck and more play, that’s a big thing.

And the set was big! They have the same enthusiasm for the early sound, like another TCD favourite, DJ CasketKrusher. Like him they keep the oldschool sound alive, by producing new records, with that destinctive sound from the early 90s. When Hardcore was so damn cool. But seeing as I know absolutely nothing about these DJs, I had to rely on what I found on Soundcloud. And credits to one of the DJs to upload a tracklist. And second of all the hour long set. Who doesn’t want to hear an early Hardcore set, with fresh and brand spanking new records?

tracklist TCD

01. Undunn – Pink Noise
02. Speedy Lô – Fucking Stupid
03. Speedy Lô – The Creator
04. Undunn – Escaping The Dreamworld
05. Lenz – Analog Torture
06. Resonant Squad – Mutilated
07. The CTRL – The Shit We Want
08. Resonant Squad – Resonance
09. Resonant Squad – ID
10. Speedy Lô – ID
11. X-Factor – The Underground (Maarten Remix/Refix) 
12. Maarten & Kidd Carnage – Draw Blood
13. Lenz – Hard Rewind
14. Undunn – Second Amendement
15. Undunn feat Biodyne – I’m The Devil

They’ve just been together not that long, and they are already playing at the big events, such as Decade, Pandemonium and more. And this Decade Halloween edition was their first, and what an impression they left behind! I’m seriously impressed.

The records do have this distinctive sound we all love and embrace (read: true Hardcore fanatics). I wasn’t expecting it to be this dope, but it turned out to be right up my street. This is the kind of music/sound I love, and miss. But thanks to acts such as Resonant Squad they keep it alive and kicking.

It was only an hour, but within the hour they threw amazing records at us. I wish I was there, witnessing this. Amazing stuff. Serious guys, this should get all the credits.

The actual recording volume is a let down, goes up and down every bloody second. That’s a nuisance, but not their fault. Still ruins it a bit though. And there are a few tiny errors, but manageable.

Music wise it’s a rollercoaster ride. It’s non stop Hardcore. And I’m digging this a lot! Another name I should look out for.


Act: Resonant Squad
Genre/Style: Early Hardcore, Gabber, Terror
Liveset Info: Recorded @ Decade – Halloween Special (29.10.2016)
Length Liveset: 00:57:44
Tracks: 15 (fifteen)
Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): LISTEN HERE
File Size: unknown
File Type: unknown
Bitspeed: unknown
More Information: Resonant Squad – Facebook Fanpage

 Categorie: Hardcore LIVESET REVIEW

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