1994-1997 Jungle/DnB Mix Part I – 2001

Van Martin van Zeelandt

It’s Saturday, which means the weekend has landed! So what’s going on peeps? What’s happening? If you are NOT like me, you are going out tonight, having a blast, showing the world how it’s done. If you are like me, you are going to sit on your arse all day, doing nothing. Well, that might be a nice thing to do, but also quite boring. So let me introduce to you yet another amazing mix by Selectabwoy. Yep, you’ve seen his name before, and I’ve reviewed a few mixes, and now it’s time for a brand spanking new one, which is actually 17 years old.

Anyway, it doesn’t matter how old the mix is, it’s all about what the mix actually contains. And it’s a beauty. Music from 1994 until 1997, Jungle and Drum & Bass. Heavenly music. And it was originally recorded onto a Mini Disc! The youngsters don’t even know what the hell that was! I know of its excistence, but never actually owned one. According to my friends from school they were nothing but trouble, so I never bought one. I always walked around with my Walkman until 2017 (nah, just kidding).

So he’s re-upped a mix which was already on his Soundcloud but buried away, hidden away from the world. And I’m so happy for it, because it contains Jungle and Drum & Bass, and there’s no one on this planet who dislikes it.

tracklist TCD

01. Sixty Six % – Radiate
>> Mobb Deep – Apostle’s Warning
02. Foul Play – Total Control (Origin Unknown Remix) 
03. Lemon D – Change
04. DJ Die – Live And Direct
05. Droppin’ Science – Volume 6 – Easy
06. Maximum Style – Hard As Hell
07. Marvellous Cain – The Hitman
08. Elements Of Noise feat MC Det – Stick-Up!
09. Potential Bad Boy – The Bomb
10. The Terrorist – The Chopper
11. DJ Krust – Maintain
12. Roni Size – Physical
13. Sedzy – All My Love
14. DJ Gunshot – Wheel n’ Deal (Marble Mix) 
15. Dillinja – Ja Know Ya Big
16. Cybotron feat Dillinja – Go To
17. Doc Scott – Drumz ’95
18. Ganja Kru – Out For Da Loot
19. Gang Related & Mask – Concentration
20. MTS – Brothers And Sisters
21. Trinity – Gangsta (OJ Mix) 
22. Dancemaster – Kan U Feel It?
23. Deadly D – Listen Dis
24. Trace & Nico – Mad Different Methods
>> Adam F – Metropolis

Beautiful, isn’t it? This makes me smile a lot. A nice hour and 20 minute long mix, with some serious dancefloor anthems. Or as the MCs would say: rewind-records.

He never seems to disappoint anyone with his mixes. They are always tight, and always highly entertaining. And bloody catchy too! This contains highly addictive records, and I’ve got to say that the one that stayed in my head the longest has got to be ‘Marvellous Cain – The Hitman’. Just listen to it and you will know exactly what appeals so much to me.

Oh, and let’s not forget ‘Metropolis’. An all time classic.

This deserves to get more plays. This needs to be higher, much higher. Selectabwoy’s mixes are always very intoxicating. Even though this mix is 17 years old, it’s still suitable to listen to. No errors, no f**k ups, absolutely nothing wrong with it at all!

If I could start every weekend with a mix this good, life would be so much better. Maybe next week he’ll upload another one. Let’s hope so!


DJ: Selectabwoy
Genre/Style: Jungle, Drum & Bass
Mix Info: 1994-1997 Jungle/DnB Mix Part 1 – 2001
Length Mix: 01:20:49
Tracks: 24+ (twenty-four)
Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): DOWNLOAD/LISTEN
File Size: 111 MB
File Type: mp3
Bitspeed: 192kbps
More Information: Selectabwoy – Soundcloud Page

 Categorie: Drum & Bass MIX REVIEW

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