Bluum – Proton Radio VS Guest Mix (2018)

Van Martin van Zeelandt

When you wake up on a lovely Sunday morning, and the weather forecast is good. You obviously want to hear some good music, and even though my computer is filled with excellent music, I always want to hear and see new music. So when I witnessed a brand new mix, I had to give it a go. Both the DJ and the radio station this guestmix was for are unknown to me, but don’t you worry: I’m not picky. I just listen to anything with a tracklist, and this mix by Bluum has got one. So, let’s give this a go!

This mix was made by DJ Bluum for Proton Radio VS. Never heard or seen either of these names, so the focus should be at what Bluum has to offer to the listeners. And as you all know, I am a huge music lover, and I love literally everything (besides commercial pop-shite and Dutch music). This mix contains Progressive House/Trance, and melodic EDM music. That’s a promising start, and if it’s executed well, this could be the perfect mix on this wonderful Sunday morning. Let’s see the tracklist.

tracklist TCD

01. ATTLAS – You (Close)
02. Lane 8 feat Patrick Baker – Skin & Bones (Enamour Remix) 
03. Jeremy Olander – Andkoln
04. Ziger & Blusoul – Delta (Jerome Isma-Ae Remix) 
05. Cid Inc – Abyss
06. D-Formation – Anbar
07. Mike Tohr – The Last Zebra
08. Bluum – Kepler
09. Bluum – Glide
10. Bluum – Rodea
11. Darko De Jan & Esphyr – Clairvoyant (Matter Remix) 
12. Dosem – Not A Coincidence
13. Stan Kolev – Sequence 1.168
14. Danny Oliveira presents DNYO – Cypher (Original Mix) 
15. Fehrplay – Malnati

This is a … well, I can’t say a good looking tracklist, because I only know one name, which is ATTLAS. All the other names are new to me, including the DJ who has made this mix. But he’s done a terrific job in making an hour fly by really quickly. I have had this one for at least 3 hours, and still it hasn’t annoyed me, or made me want to skip it.

An hour of blis. Absolute bliss. I have really enjoyed myself, and this introduction into Bluum’s world has been a good one. As I already said, this mix has not been boring or a nuisance at all. I’ve had the pleasure to hear this mix, and loose myself completely. This nicely balanced mix does exactly what I wanted a mix to do on a lovely day: take me away to a different place. Close your eyes and let yourself go, that’s what the message is behind this mix. So beautiful, breathtakingly beautiful.

I liked each record. I can’t pick a favourite. And I can’t point out a flaw or an error. This has been extremely satisfying.

Bluum, a name I am following now. This guest mix has been astonishingly good! More of this, please!


DJ: Bluum
Genre/Style: Progressive House, Progressive Trance, Melodic EDM
Mix Info: Proton Radio VS Guest Mix
Length Mix: 01:02:17
Tracks: 15 (fifteen)
Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): DOWNLOAD/LISTEN
File Size: 142kbps
File Type: mp3
Bitspeed: 320kbps
More Information: Bluum – Soundcloud Page

 Categorie: House Music MIX REVIEW

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