Chris Blaylock – Rebirth Takeover 3 (2018)


It’s the Sunday after the victory on Sweden, and the majority of English people are literally still in shock of reaching the semi-finals. I’m not, but maybe that’s because I’m not English (yet). And I’m not bothered about the football, or fussball as I would like to call it. I’m more into music, and get excited about everything music related. Yesterday was a pretty hard day for me: music wise only the harder styles were on my timeline, but towards the end of my day I found a nice mix by Chris Blaylock,  a Rebirth Takeover guestmix. And it contains Trance music. Should I say any more?

I first came across this DJ a few weeks ago, when I discovered a dedication mix. A Robert Nickson dedication mix, or was it an appreciation mix? Whatever it was, it was excellent. Hence why I started to follow Chris on Soundcloud, and the result is hours of fun. Check out his Soundcloud page if you want to hear more Trance music.

He made a guestmix for Gary McPhail’s ‘Rebirth’ show on Afterhours.FM. Many of you will know that I never listen to online radio shows, never have the time nor the patience to do that. I always come across these shows on Soundcloud, which is much better for me: gives me the opportunity to listen to them whenever and wherever I want to. Like today.

The tracklist contains records of artists I’ve never heard of before. But the music is good. Oh so good. Fingerlicking good.

tracklist TCD

01. Simon McCann – Exposure
02. Madwave – Sea Of Ink
03. Abstract Vision & Andrey Pashkov – The Chasers
04. F.G. Noise – Lunar Station
05. Will Rees – Blurred
06. Andres Sanchez, Nabil & Hamdy – Sahar
07. Latex Zebra – Eclipse
08. Tilt – Miracle (Chris Porter Remix) 
09. Vincent De Moor – Fly Away (Danny Eaton Rework) 
10. Activa – Labyrinth
11. Amir Hussain – Emboscada
12. John Askew – Black Coffee (Ucast Remix) 
13. Casey Rasch – Stimulants

Now this is a good looking tracklist, I think? Only know two names on this list, which are Vincent De Moor and John Askew. But don’t ask me about all the others, never heard or seen them before (or if I have, I have not paid attention). But for what it’s worth, the focus is all about the music, so let’s focus on that!

The music is good throughout the hour. It’s really an interesting hour. At no point during this mix does it become boring, or less interesting. Chris Blaylock has picked really good anthems, and they keep us in heavenly atmospheres throughout. The names of the artists might be unknown to me, but the music they made is truly astonishing. An hour worth listening to.

Chris Blaylock’s name is on my list of people I should be looking out for. And with this new mix he’s high on that list.

The best record in this mix? There are simply too many. One of the best is ‘The Chasers’. But that could mean the others are less than this record, which is not true. Why not figure it out yourself? Press play right now!


DJ: Chris Blaylock
Genre/Style: Trance, Uplifting Trance
Mix Info: Rebirth Takeover 3
Length Mix: 00:59:07
Tracks: 13 (thirteen)
Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): DOWNLOAD/LISTEN
File Size: 135 MB
File Type: mp3
Bitspeed: 320kbps
More Information: Chris Blaylock – Soundcloud Page

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