CLSM – Breakbeat Revolution Mixed By Faz (2011)

CLSM - Breakbeat Revolution Mixed By Faz
Van Martin van Zeelandt

The other day I was on Facebook, and DJ Entity played a CLSM tune. Well, that woke me up completely. I haven’t heard ‘I Will Wait’ in a while, and it made my craving for Breakbeat Hardcore rise to an unknown level. I needed Breakbeat Hardcore so badly, I went onto Soundcloud and searched for CLSM. It didn’t take me very long to find something which includes music from this underrated producer/label owner/DJ.

But I quickly realised that I have reviewed a mix compilation many moons ago, which was called ‘Breakbeat Revolution’. For a strange reason I only reviewed the second and third instalment, but never the first. Well, now is the time to listen to the first instalment, which was mixed by DJ Faz (also the second was mixed by him/her, and the third by CLSM himself).

These were limited, and I reckon you won’t be able to find a copy anywhere anymore.  Maybe if you message Jon Doe himself, but he posted 2 years ago he had a few copies left, I reckon they are all sold out. 3 years ago the last instalment was released, so maybe, if Jon Doe is reading this, maybe it’s time for the fourth instalment, seeing as we don’t get a lot of Breakbeat music nowadays?

Let me show you the tracklist, and it’s a beauty! It’s Breakbeat heaven!

tracklist TCD

01. CLSM feat Stefan B – Drifting Away
02. Nu Foundation – Liberation (Reese Mix) 
03. Virus & Milo – Not The Only
04. CLSM – Free Your Mind
05. Cube::Hard – Micro N2
06. CLSM feat Bello B – Roof On Fire (Something Inside)
07. Abeyance, Shauny C & Gammer – Have You Ever (Cube::Hard Remix) 
08. Top Cat – Walking On The Moon
09. CLSM feat Lisa Abbott – Timebomb (Cube::Hard Remix) 
10. Buzzmasta – Shoreline (Orbit1 Remix) 
11. Virus & Milo – Searching
12. CLSM feat Bello B – Transmission To Mars
13. CLSM vs Vinyl Junkie – Jump & Twist (Remix) 
14. Cube::Hard – Dark & Light (Setting Sun)
15. Entity – Fallout
16. CLSM – Sensory Vision (Part II)

This is the tracklist I was looking for. Faz has selected a shitload of awesome records. Most of them obviously made by CLSM, but also a few by Cube::Hard (whatever happened to him? Haven’t heard any music from him for years?).

A different kind of CD, compared to the majority of music being released nowadays. This album stands out on many levels. And many have not seen or heard this before. So underrated. Not only the style (Breakbeat Hardcore) but also CLSM and those who make Breakbeat Hardcore. It’s strange, because the music is so damn good. Powerful. It gets the people dancing at raves, that’s for sure.

I can only give credit to those who made this CDr happen. Faz and CLSM. this is such a dope CD. The mix is tight, and the records are all good. And when I say all, I do mean ALL. Especially the CLSM stuff. Does he ever make shite tunes? I don’t think so. From ‘Drifting Away’ to ‘Roof On Fire’ to ‘Transmission To Mars’, he just seems to be the best producer out there, and he knows exactly what the music scene needs.

Best record? Well, that’s easy: ‘Transmission To Mars’. I remember listening to this tune with my headset on, and immediately I went into a state of euphoria. Pure beast of an anthem! Following this tune is ‘Have You Ever’. The first Gammer record I have not heard before, but it’s also a beast.

Check it out right now on Soundcloud. And ask Jon Doe if there are any copies left. Don’t think so, but he who dares, could win!


DJ: Faz
Genre/Style: Breakbeat Hardcore
Mix Info: Breakbeat Revolution 1 Mixed By Faz
Length Mix: 01:11:03
Tracks: 16 (sixteen)
Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): LISTEN HERE
File Size: unknown
File Type: unknown
Bitspeed: unknown
More Information: CLSM – Official Website

 Categorie: MIX REVIEW Other Genres

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